Kuroshitsuji Fan Fiction / Soul Eater Fan Fiction / Ouran High School Host Club Fan Fiction ❯ The Secret Worlds ❯ The Trouble With Kidnapping ( Chapter 3 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
**Alyssa POV**
I was enjoying watching Sebastian pet my wonderful cat. Next thing I knew, we heard a small sort-of high-pitched scream. Sebastian and I both looked in the direction it was coming from, then I realized what was going on. He was about to stand up when I pulled out my other cat, "Oh! Sebastian look, another cat!" I half-yelled trying to distract him. "I really should go check Ciel, but this cat is so fluffy!" He said and grabbed y other cat. "I got this one from my Grandmother, his name is Midnight." I said as a matter of factually.

**Sakara POV**
"Crap!" I yelled and Alois headed for the window. "I shall make you mine!" He yelled dragging Ciel and I along. "Hey Alois be careful!" I yelled as loud as I could.

**Ciel POV**
What's going on? Am I being kidnapped by Alois again? I opened my eyes slightly only to see another girl at my feet. Well this is different.

**Sakara POV**
"Quickly!" Alois yelled jumping out a window laughing like a mad man. "How did I get stuck in this mess?!" I yelled as Alois dragged both of us out the window. We're gonna die!

**Alyssa POV**
Sebastian was totally focused on the two cats, than we heard a mad laughing out the window. We looked out only to see Alois, Ciel, and Sakara falling from the third floor window. "Eh?!" I yelled. Sebastian handed my cats back to me. "You might want to leave now, I don't want any harm to come to such a sweet lady." He smiled as I shoved my cats into my bag and started out the window after them, "Eh bye!" I yelled. "So she's with them than?" Sebastian said and looked at us running.

"Alois we have trouble!" I heard Sakara yell as I caught up with them. "Sorry guys! I couldn't keep him distracted with you three falling out the window." I said still running as fast as I could. Sakara looked back, "Sebastian's coming!" She yelled and we all ran faster to the door where the portal WAS. "Where did it go?!" Alois yelled as I fiddled with the key to get it into the lock. A portal opened up and we all ran through it.

We ended up back in the apartment, Alois threw Ciel on the couch and I shut the door just as Sebastian came up to it. Sakara held the door shut, "Are we safe?" Alois said sitting next to Ciel. I nodded, "Yup! You need a key to pass through worlds. the only bad part is that I don't know how many keys exist." Sakara sat of a chair relief passing over all of us. "What the hell is going on? Who are you people?!" We looked over and saw a now awoken Ciel. "You know me silly! These are my friends." Alois said reaching a hand up to pet his Bluish-grey hair. Ciel swatted his hand away. "They know you and didn't run away?!" He said obviously shocked.

I crossed my arms, "I happen to like Alois!" I said right in his face. Alois became overjoyed, "You like me too! Right Ciel?" He asked clinging on to Ciel. "Eh no!" He yelled and pushed a now very sad and depressed Alois on the floor. I rolled my eyes, "Where do you guys want to go now?" I asked looking around the room. "Let's go to Space!" Alois yelled jumping up. "Wait, we just captured an anime character who is my-" Sakara stopped mid-sentence. I crossed my arms, "Anime world key not Space key Alois! I yelled in his face. "Go on Sakara what were saying?" I asked a smirk forming on my face. "I-it's nothing!" Sakara yelled her face turning bright red. "Well you're not going to tell me so..." I said sitting on the sofa. "Where are we going?" I asked annoyingly. "We have to find a different world or Sebastian will find us!" Alois yelled. "Right!" I said and went deep into thought.

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