Kuroshitsuji Fan Fiction ❯ Life Unexpected ❯ flying objects and bone-cookies ( Chapter 1 )

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Disclaimer: I do not own any of Kuroshitsuji, not it's plots nor its characters. Gods do I hate disclaimers >_> anyways, hope you readers like this I am working on chapter two right now and it should up soon. If not feel free to kick my ass.

Long slender fingers ran through waist length ruby hair, careful of creating knots, pulling it forward to frame a smooth pale face. Yellow eyes bright against the red, shone with excitement. Lips curved up into a smile, pointed teeth revealed. With a sigh the figure stood, hair falling to reach their waist. They turned to look at themselves fully in the mirror, only clad in small black briefs they studied their reflection, eyes skimming over flawless pale skin. A loud bang interrupted their observations; they jumped slightly at the sudden noise.


Will wants you in his office!"

Grell narrowed his eyes and let out a small huff. Will could be singing naked a top the roofs of London for all he cared, he was busy! Will would wait.

"Don't you know that a lady needs time to look her best? I'll be out when I'm ready, Will can wait!" He turned quickly away from the annoyance outside of his room and pulled open his closets doors. He was reaching for his pants when his bedroom door burst open.

"Aaaaiii!" He shrieked and dashed behind one of the nearby curtains. He peeked out from behind it to find tall light haired man standing in his room. He did a quick once over, his heart may belong to a certain dark haired butler but that wouldn't stop him from checking out a particularly good looking man who happened to be in his room whilst he was changing.

"Grell Sutcliff?" The man asked. He stood tall, around six feet if Grell had to guess. He had light blonde hair, just reaching his shoulders and very dark green eyes.

'He must be new...' Grell thought to himself. Most Shinigami stayed very far away from Grell's room, preferring to keep their limbs intact and leave Will to deal with the fiery red head.

"Yes, and who are you?" he said, still not coming out from behind the curtain. He glared at the blonde man in front of him.

"Mathieu and you, Grell Sutcliff, are late." He answered.

Grell growled and grabbed the nearest thing - a heavy vase- and chucked it at the man in front of him.
"HE CAN WAIT!" He yelled. The vase hit its target right in the chest causing him to stumble backwards. One thing that Grell could say proudly is that he had very, very good aim; despite being a tad bit clumsy he never missed his target when it really mattered. Especially if said target was Will. Grell growled again, seeing that Mathieu had yet to run from the room. He gave up caring if he saw him in his underwear and came out from behind the curtain looking for his chainsaw.

"Damn it! Stop!" Mathieu said quickly backing up.

A wicked smile spread across Grell's features and the chainsaw revved to life. He lifted it quickly and swung it at Mathieu, it caught him in the shoulder a small, bloody gash staining his clothes. He made a quick dash for the door; Grell seeing this turned and threw his chainsaw after him. Mathieu dropped to the ground at the last minute and the chainsaw embedded itself into the door. Grell stalked over and put his hand of the handle, leaning in close to Mathieu.

"Now do you know how rude it is to bother a lady whilst she's getting ready?" He asked sweetly. Mathieu nodded quickly, fearing the temperamental red head in front of him. Grell slowly pulled his chainsaw out of the wood and away from Mathieu. He stepped back allowing him to get up.

"Don't you know all this stress is bad for me and my condition?" The red head said placing a delicate hand on his hip. He made his way over to his coat hanger and pulled of a long deep red robe before wrapping it around himself. Mathieu quirked an eyebrow before asking;

"You're condition?"

"Oh! Em… it's nothing." Grell muttered, blushing bright red. He turned away from Mathieu and placed a hand on his stomach, rubbing it thoughtfully.

"Does Will know?"

Grell turned to face Mathieu quickly, looking shocked.

"Excuse me?"

"I…I asked if Will knew that you we're…unwell" He replied seeming to search for a word that wouldn't set the other man off again. Grell pulled a face and shrugged.

" …He wouldn't care either way, he lives for work and nothing else."

Mathieu watched the other sink down in a large plush chair, a frown gracing his features.
"Not even for friends?" God he hopped he didn't say something wrong…

Grell giggled and said; "Friends? That stiff-butt wouldn't know what a friend was if they came up an bit his-"

"I see." Mathieu said, quickly interrupting the other before continuing; " So this is... a favor to him?"

He quickly realized he'd asked the wrong question when he got a face full of pillow. Grell growled and looked around for something a little more heavy duty than a pillow. Preferably something that would leave the idiot blonde with a bloody nose, or if Grell was lucky it'd knock him unconscious.

" Wait! Wait! That came out wrong!!!" Mathieu said backing up once again. Grell paused in his searches, looking up at the cowering man in front of him, raising his eyebrow in interest.

"W-what I meant was y-you two aren't together or friends I thought you maybe offered or something..." He said flushing slightly.

"Will will never get close enough to me to shake my hand let alone knock me up!" Grell snapped. He grumbled but gave in and sat down once more.

"Mathieu... Don't you have work to do?" He snarked, moodily crossing his arms across his chest. Mathieu slowly walked over to Grell, wary of projectiles, and sat back down across from him.

"I was told to stay with you until you went to see Will."

"Hmph! Well you'll be waiting a long time. I... I have to see someone." with that he stood and made his way to his dresser and once more started to get dressed. Mathieu turned to face the opposite wall, a light blush dusting his face.

' I wonder what happened to him...' he mused. He realized now he shouldn't have assumed the father was Will. It could very well be any of the Shinigami Grell worked with or ,god forbid, evena human.

A large pillow hit him squarely in the back of his head interrupting his thoughts.

"Ah!"Mathieu turned to look at Grell and got a face-full of pillow again. He pulled the pillow off and glared at the laughing man in front of him.

"What the hell was that for?!"

Doubled over laughing, he wiped his eye Grell slowly got control of himself.

" When you get that stick out of your ass your not half bad! Not to mention good looking to!" Grell teased and winked. Mathieu blushed and quickly turned away.

" Can we go see Will now?!"

"Nope!" Grell said sweetly. "I have someone far more important than stuffy old Will to see! My handsome Sebby-chan!" Grell said. He picked up his chainsaw from the floor and raised an eyebrow.

"Ready to leave?"

"Where exactly are we going?"

"The human realm...."


The small street crowded with people shopping, Grell pushed through the various people milling about until he came across the place he was looking for. A wicked grin spread across his face as he and Mathieu stopped in front of a dusty old shop.

“Undertaker....? The father works here?!” Mathieu said in shock after reading the large sign.

Grell smacked him on the back of the head and snapped; “Of course not you idiot! I'm just making a quick stop!” with that said he marched into the store warily looking around.

Mathieu trialled in behind him taking in the various sized coffins spread about, the scattered across tables and a large bowl of what looked like bone shaped cookies neatly set in the middle of a very large desk, the only thing the store seemed to be lacking was its owner. Curious, he picked up one of the odd looking cookies.

“ Careful, Undertaker has a tendency to creep up on people...” Grell muttered while opening and closing several caskets.

“ Sounds like you know him pretty well.... Hey Grell are these dog biscuits or -” A pale hand reached over the blondes shoulder and snatched the cookie from him. Mathieu quickly turned around and let out a rather shrill squeak.

“ Holly Shit!” he said running to hide behind Grell.

“Heh Heh Heh....” The Undertaker grinned and popped the bone cookie into his mouth.

“There you are! Jeeze where were you this time? I thought I knew all your hiding places by now...” Grell said as he approached the Undertaker who was having far too much fun playing with his cookies.

“Whoa whoa whoa Grell keep away from the creeper!” Mathieu saying attempting to pull Grell away from the silverette.

“Let go you idiot!” He said and pulled his arm away from the blonde and promptly delivered a sound smack to his face.

“Don’t try to manhandle me!” He snapped. Mathieu rubbed his stinging cheek looking sheepish, he really needed to start thinking things through... Especially when around temperamental red heads. He sighed and moved to sit on one of the coffins that seemed to act as a bench. Head in hand he watched the Undertaker look Grell up and down, large grin still in place. Not that he didn't trust the man, he did, well okay he was still wary of him if he was being honest with himself. He reached back and pulled his long hair into a loose pony-tail and waited.

“Hm..... What have we here....?” The Undertaker said, pushing into Grell's personal space with clearly no concern for the red head. Grell growled lightly and pushed him a few steps back.

“This” He said pointing at his stomach, “Is why I’m here.”

“Unless it's dead I can't do much for you...”

“....................” A pregnant pause filled the shop.

“...Why is it there?!” Grell asked impatiently.

“hm... I'd say it's because someone wished it so.”

“Wished?” Mathieu asked, butting into the conversation.

“Yes... There are very few beings out there who are capable of granting wishes...” The Undertaker began, he reached for another cookie and took a large crunchy bite before continuing “Angels for one thing but they're far to selective I doubt they would do this. Demons for another can and they will grant any wish as long as they get something tasty in return...”

Wide eyed Mathieu said “I thought they were only out to corrupt humans, make them do bad things that would send them to hell once the died?!”

“Not really, demons are capable of tempting people, dropping thoughts into others heads, but in the end humans have to make their own choices and it's a lot harder than it looks to manipulate people. Where demons really cash in is wish granting.” Grell chimed in leaning against Undertaker.

“B-but why would they do that? Isn't that helping humans?”

“ Heh...heh heh... not exactly. For their services they require something in return, something of great value to any non-human creature. But these humans, blinded by greed, sorrow, envy, anger, and emptiness can't see it for what it really is....” Undertaker popped

“So…. I guess this is the big question; Who would wish for this?”

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