Kuroshitsuji Fan Fiction ❯ Tender ❯ Chapter 1

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Title: Tender/Gentle
Author: Theablackthorn
For: DragonsAceSg7
Pairing: Sebastien/Ciel
Warnings: BL
He didn't really understand it, but he couldn't say he didn't like it.
Ciel sat silent, face a mask of indifference as Sebastian ministered to the cuts and abrasions he had gained in the most recent kidnapping attempt. When that scrap of disinfectant soaked cotton touched on a particularly deep and painful cut on his cheek he couldn't manage to hide the momentary twitch of lip or the dilation of his lone visible eye.
And what he got for that surprised him.
He turned his gaze to the kneeling man before him, seeing the slightly cocked head and the arched brow and, just as Ciel was about to make a cutting comment, pristine white gloved hands shifted and withdrew from his skin.
The young man watched in fascination as Sebastian pinched one fingertip between his opposing thumb and forefinger and carefully, slowly tugged upwards, he proceeded to do this with the rest of his gloved fingertips and then stripped the fine cotton glove from one hand before repeating the process on the other.
Ciel watched silently as pale skin was exposed slowly and with purpose, a quiet murmur and a knowing smirk tilting Sebastian's lips and then gone again as warm skin touched his own pale cheek.
The careful pressure against his cheek as his head was turned startled Ciel and he almost made a noise of protest, but halted himself just in time, biting down on the inside of his cheek even as that careful touch ran along the cut that had stung so badly.
His eye slid shut at the tender caress, the skin prickling in awareness at Sebastian's proximity to his wound. But the butler did nothing but gently stroke the pale skin before retrieving the scratchy cloth and carefully, holding his cheek with a warm hand, cleaned the cut with the other.
Whenever Ciel attempted to restrain his flinch at the sharp pain that lanced through his skin as Sebastian cleaned his cheek the older man pressed his palm a little more firmly, holding Ciel in place. It was strange that to Ciel it felt oddly like a caress that unfamiliar touch and careful care wasn't something he would expect from the man before him and it was something he'd never really experienced with his parent's.
Being a son of the nobility didn't allow for genteel reassurance or care. Ciel's eye slid shut, his hands relaxing the grip on the mahogany chair arm's as Sebastian's gentle ministration's lulled him into relaxation, all thoughts of in proprietary touching forgotten as warmth seeped into long chilled flesh.
It was so rare that their skin connected, it felt raw, new and intimate to the younger man.
And he couldn't say he didn't like it.