Labyrinth Fan Fiction ❯ Dark Crystals ❯ The promise ( Chapter 2 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Chapter Two: The Promise

Shocked expressions were on the features of the Goblin King and the twenty-year old girl when they reached the Underground. They stood outside the outer walls of the Labyrinth, upon a wind swept small hill.

Chantal’s mouth was open, she was unable to speak as Jareth’s eyes widened, his lips parted.

The sky was grim, purple like streaks colored it. Lightning streaked across the sky, making the dark castle look menacing, including the now foreboding Labyrinth.

Thunder rumbled, yet no rain fell. The eerie silence of the Underground was making the two of them uneasy, you’d swear you could hear a snail blink, or rather, a certain worm. Something was obviously wrong in the Goblin King’s realm.

Chantal gasped. “I didn’t expect it to be like this.”

“It was not like this when I left,” Jareth said, shaking his head. A chill went up Chantal’s spine suddenly, causing her to shiver. Serek chirped uneasily.

“I don’t like this at all,” she said, shaking her head in turn. Serek chirped in agreement. “Do you think she’s all right?”

“I’m sure Stephanie is fine. She can take care of herself,” he reassured Chantal. “We should get going, shouldn’t we?” the Goblin King said, staring at the castle. “Hopefully we can find Stephanie.”

He started towards the Labyrinth and down the small hill, his long, dark coat billowing with the small wind and his movements.

Chantal paused before following him and stared at the castle in the distance. She dreaded the idea of having to cross the Labyrinth again for a third time. If only they had a shortcut.

“A shortcut?” she said aloud to herself.

“What?” Jareth asked, turning around, assuming she had spoken to him.

“Jareth, do you remember that promise you made the last time I was here? About the shortcut?” she asked as she came up beside him, gripping her bag.

He nodded.

“You wouldn’t happen to keep that promise now, did you?”

Jareth gave Chantal a half cold stare and crossed his arms over his chest. “Oh come now Chantal, I am a man of my word,”

“So you did make it?” Chantal said smiling.

“Uh...sort of...” the Goblin King trailed off.

“What do you mean ‘sort of’? You either made it or you didn’t. Which one is it?”

“Well, it is created, it just hasn’t finished,” Jareth told her with an embarrassed grin.

Chantal nearly collapsed to the ground. “Any good news for me?”

“Well, the shortcut started at the castle, it just hasn’t reached the Labyrinth’s outer walls yet,”

Chantal’s eyes lit up. “So how long will it take us to get to the shortcut?”

“About an hour or so,” Jareth replied.

“Well, let’s get moving then!” Chantal said as she grabbed the Goblin King’s arm and pulled him towards the Labyrinth’s tall outer walls.

Jareth stopped a few feet from the entrance as though something prevented him from going any further; or rather he sensed something wrong.

“What is it?” Chantal asked, confusion on her face.

“Nothing,” Jareth replied, his greenish blue eyes searching. “Perhaps I’m just uneasy about the whole situation, the Underground, taken again and Stephanie gone missing,” he finally shrugged.

“It’s nothing,” he gestured for them to continue.

Chantal stared at the Goblin King, her eyes narrowed in thought. She took a step towards the familiar, large black entrance. She remembered her first time to the Labyrinth, Stephanie had reached out to either push the doors or find a way to open them, when they had opened by themselves. As she neared, the doors remained closed.

Chantal struggled to open them. She pushed with all her strenght, as Jareth stood there, waiting. She then tried to find a way to pull but there were no handles to make her task easier.

“Gods! Ever heard of handles?!” she glared at the Goblin King, who only shrugged, a little annoyed that she was blaming him for anything that happens in the Labyrinth.

He let out an irritated sigh and grabbed the doors, since there were no handles as Chantal pointed out; there were carvings, deep enough to grip, that she had not noticed as something useful. He pulled the thick doors open in one swift movement as though the doors were not actually heavy at all.

Nothing seemed out of place, he didn’t sense any danger. He motioned to Chantal to wait before she should enter the Labyrinth. She stopped near the entrance, Serek squeaked as he toyed with her necklaces.

All seemed well as he stepped between the thick, large doors. He took a step forward, into the first corridor of the Labyrinth.

Something stopped him or rather, pushed him away and he was thrown back. He landed on his butt, tumbled backwards and slid across the ground. Dust, sand and any other elements of the Labyrinth that were lying around, swirled around him. He was on his stomach when the dust settled, his right palm at his cheek, the other, tapping his fingers on the ground. His eyes narrowed at the entrance, his face expressionless.

That meant one thing to Chantal; the Goblin King was not pleased.

Jareth’s dark clothes were covered in light brown sand. He got up and brushed the best he can of the realm’s elements off his coat and pants. He shook his head and dust sprinkled around him.

“Are you al–” Chantal started.

“I’m fine!” Jareth snapped as he passed her, his footsteps were deeply imprinted in the sand. Serek chirped as he climbed onto Chantal’s head, he watched as the Goblin King stormed towards the entrance.

Jareth stood before the open entrance and held out a hand. Barely a second passed before a crystal appeared. With one arm over his chest, he tossed the crystal in the air and caught it, contemplating how to pass the force field. He did this several times while he pondered. An idea came to him suddenly. He gripped the crystal he had caught and white lightning emerged inside the crystal.

As soon as Chantal saw the lightning, she took a few steps backwards, backing away from the Goblin King. The lightning crackled and he threw the crystal towards the entrance and it made contact with the invisible force field. Light shimmered, crackled and vanished.

Chantal blinked as she watched the force field shimmer. She turned to Jareth. "Is it safe?"

Jareth stared at the entrance. "I believe it is, yes."

"Just to be sure..." Chantal trailed off as she bent down to pick up a small rock from the ground and she threw it at the entrance. The rock passed through harmlessly. The Goblin King slowly walked passed the two large doors. Chantal quickly followed behind.

Jareth looked both ways of the first corridor; he paused then turned, starting down the right corridor. Jareth stopped and turned around to look at Chantal. “Are you coming?”

Chantal quickened her pace to catch up to him. “Well if you didn’t rush off without me,” Chantal told him as she pulled a leaf off his jacket.

"I did not see what you were waiting for," he replied.

Chantal didn’t answer him, she just continued on down the corridor.

The constant flash of lightning and the dark clouds persisting thunderous roar was making the Goblin King uneasy. Chantal looked up at the dark clouds overhead and a shiver ran down her spine.

"I don't like it here this time at all," she muttered. Serek squeaked in agreement.

"You sense it as well, do you?" he said seriously without facing her. He had placed his hands behind his back.

Chantal nodded. "Yes, I do."

"Have you noticed that it's strangely quiet as well?" he asked. "The goblins have run off further in the Underground or have locked themselves in their homes."

Chantal's eyes grew wide. "This really can't be good if the goblins are hiding," she said worriedly as she gripped the anchor like pendent on her necklace that her boyfriend had given her.

"It's gotten worse now. There was a commotion earlier at the other side of the Labyrinth, and I went to see what the problem was. I handled the situation but I had sensed something was still wrong." he shook his head. "I should have known it sooner. I had woken up with a bad feeling and it did not go away." He was silent for a moment.

Chantal rested a hand on Jareth’s arm. “We’ll get through this, some way, somehow,” Chantal told him.

Jareth nodded, yet he wondered if it was the possibility of a past enemy.

Lightning flashed and was followed by a loud thunderous clap. It broke the Goblin King's thoughts. He glanced up at the dark clouds to see another flash of lightning, lighting the strange colored sky.

Looking up at the sky, Chantal sighed. "Is it just going to tease us, pretending it’s going to rain?"

His eyes searched the sky. "I do not think so, though I could be wrong." Jareth turned to Chantal and smiled.

“I hope not, that is the last thing I need, a trek though the Labyrinth while being soaking wet,” Chantal said with another sigh.

"Oh come now, a little rain never hurt anyone." he smirked as he walked into another corridor. At least not all of Jareth’s humor was gone.

Chantal gave Jareth an evil look and poked him in the ribs.

He winced.

He then passed a group of Lichen that was shuddering against the wall they grew upon. The several eyes blinked curiously at Jareth and proceeded to speak to each other in hushed tones.

Chantal fell behind Jareth as he walked on down the corridor. She crossed her arms over her chest and sighed. Serek let out a low squeak and rubbed his head against her cheek reassuringly. Chantal reached up and petted the little dragon's head.