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Chapter Thirteen: Feel the Mystical

"WHAT?!?!?!" the group exclaimed at once. Kolbl repeated his discovery.

"That is preposterous!" Jareth said starting to pace.

"Is it?" Kolbl asked. "It is not uncommon that mortals possess magyks and powers of their own."

"But not if they’re from the other realm, not of this extent. How can this be?" the Goblin King had sharply stopped his pacing.

"Through blood lines perhaps?" Chantal asked.

"Wouldn't I know about it somehow?? Or remember something??" Stephanie said. "Or someone would have noticed sooner??"

"Perhaps it was meant for you to live a 'normal' life; in case something like this would happen." Teh're suggested.

"Please, this sounds more like a fairytale or a book I've read." Stephanie said. "Seriously, my parents are certainly not magical beings and I'm pretty sure that if I 'was' adopted, there would be too much paperwork and made up crap to go through like pictures and stories, memories; my mother had a difficult labor." She felt excited and confused all at once.

"In that case, perhaps a memory is hidden on how this all came to be; either by something that was shocking or the memory was too subtle to remember; even unknown to your parents." Kolbl sat down and steepled his fingers, resting his elbows on the table.

"At least that's more believable. But it doesn't explain the 'how'." Stephanie said.

The group was silent as they thought of the possibilities.

"Is there any way to find out?" Chantal asked, finishing feeding Serek from a bag of cookies.

"Hypnosis is one alternative. We can prod for the hidden memories; although the test I did today was close and that was a bit too compelling. The other is to research for a bloodline crossover or something similar; but if it comes to finding nothing we might have to go with the hypnosis." Kolbl suggested.

"It'll help us get somewhere." Chantal nodded.

"This is just too weird to take in," Stephanie muttered. She had grabbed her loose hair and brought it over her shoulder where she twisted the ends, almost nervously. She had lost her pendants--recently with the change--she usually toyed with when something bothered her or when she was lost in thoughts.

"How long do you suppose these examinations will take?" the Goblin King asked.

"There's no way to really tell; days, weeks, perhaps more."

"Woah!! Weeks??" Stephanie said, stopping her hand in mid twirl. "I hope it's off and on because I can't stay here too long. People might notice even with Jareth re-arranging time."

"Quite right."

"I agree." Jareth said, crossing his arms with another wince and leaned against the nearest wall.

"What about in our realm? Is there a chance that her powers will awaken in our realm?" Chantal asked curiously. Serek chirped.

"I doubt it." Jareth replied. "Although I am able to use my own in your realm but with strange things happening, it could be a possibility."

"However, I believe there is no danger for her powers to be manipulated. They have become dormant." Kolbl said. He rested his chin in his hands and seemed to be lost in his own thoughts.

"So with these tests I'm going to take and these researches, what's going to happen to me??" Stephanie asked, seeming a little worried.

"I'm not quite sure." Jareth replied. "Depending on results and what the Elders have to say."

"We will keep an eye on you during your visits." Kolbl said, rising to his feet. Stephanie gave a worried glance. "Do not worry. We're not going to hound you and watch your every move." he laughed.

"That's a relief. I just know when someone stares at me when I'm not looking." She shivered as though someone had been intensely staring at her for a long period of time.

Teh're smiled. "No need to be concerned. We might just stand aside during the test and the meetings, nothing more."

"All right. That sounds good." Stephanie stood up and brushed a loose strand of hair away from her face. "As much as I love to stay here, we should be heading back. I've too much homework to finish and very little time."

"It's your fault for deciding to attack my castle." Jareth said haughtily.
"I know. I should have done it next week instead." Stephanie smirked. "I had days off then." she laughed.

"I enjoy her sense of humor." Teh're chuckled. Kolbl laughed and seemed to agree.

"Feh." Jareth said but was smirking lightly. He then turned to Kolbl who continued to chuckle. "Are you going to look them over before they are sent home?"

"Yes, quickly. Just to be on the safe side." Kolbl replied seriously.

"Do we get sent home from here or do we have to go back to Jareth's castle?" Chantal said.

"We are unable to send you home," Kolbl explained. "but if Jareth is too weak, we might be able to help him."

"If we're unable to do so, you might have to return to the Labyrinth." Teh're continued. Chantal nodded.

Kolb had looked at the sky momentarily and turned to the group. "I must do an analysis on you as well Shaan' tal before your departure. Afterwards, the day will be free to travel."

"Why me?"

"Not to worry. I just want to be certain." Kolbl smiled. Chantal slowly agreed.

"Teh're," Kolbl started.


"Have preparations for travel ready in case we are unable to carry on." Teh're nodded and quickly left the hut. "Now my dear, please have a seat."

"Nothing." Kolbl announced. He stood up straight and Chantal got up from her chair, a little disappointed. Stephanie replaced her on the chair and went through another series of questions in the trance like state. No wind picked up this time and Kolbl was not thrown back. "Good." he said seeming satisfied with the results. "Very good."

Teh're had already returned from his task and stood silently watching. He lightly elbowed Jareth. "Luckily for you Jareth that not everyone who traverses your Labyrinth becomes endowed with powers." he chuckled.

"I do not even want to imagine that." Jareth shuddered. Teh're was clearly amused by his friend's reaction.

"I don't want to push for memories yet. For now this will do." Kolbl said as he led everyone outside. The other Elders will have to be satisfied for the time being with what he had. He nodded to himself. "Some interesting news, if you will." he said once outside. "It's true that I had found nothing with Shaan' tal--I'm sorry--" he gave the girl, who frowned in her disappointment, a small smile. "--but for Stef' hanee, either it must be some forgotten event in her past or through bloodlines." he then turned to Jareth. "Wouldn't you remember much better than she?"

Jareth snorted and laughed. "You're not serious! Do you not remember several years ago when I've lost count how many travelers and wished children I've had in my Labyrinth? Some all at once? It was pandemonium!" he shook his head and almost shivered at the memory. "How do you expect me to remember 'one' certain encounter in all that mayhem? If there even was one."

"He's right. It must be hard to remember all those people." Chantal countered. Supposing the visitor boost was due to Sarah's tale and encounter known to the mortal world.

"It'll take time." Teh're agreed. "Now then, I do believe it's time to send these girls home."

"Yes." Jareth nodded.

"I'm not able on my own yet." Jareth informed the group after standing in silence for a few moments.

"Then let us try to send them with Teh're and I channeling our strength to you who will concentrate on the girls' locations." All three men took deep breaths and concentrated. Moments passed and Jareth shook his head.

"I am not able. I need a better anchor."

"Then it's settled. You must return to your castle. It is unfortunate we were unable to help." Kolbl said.

"Quite all right. You've helped plenty." Jareth smiled. He then pointed towards their transportation; Jareth's horses--he didn't want to "borrow" one of the village's horses for a one-way trip but he was thankful nevertheless for the suggestion. He quickly got on with a wince as he was informed of the provisions and medicinal supplies that his horses carried. He held out his good arm to Stephanie before Chantal could ask with whom her friend would ride with. The Goblin King helped the girl onto the horse; she put her foot in one stirrup to aid him, so that she was seated behind him; behind the saddle.

"Hold on, but not too tightly." he told her, refreshing her memory of his injuries. She nodded. He turned to Chantal and waited until she was ready. "I must thank you." he turned to Teh're and Kolbl.

"You must remember to visit more often, and when things are not in disorder, hmm?"

"Yes." chuckled Jareth. "Teh're." His friend nodded to the farewell. Jareth clicked his tongue and the horses began to trot.

"Guys?" Chantal said as they passed the main route and out of the forest. The Labyrinth was in full view and the sun was hours away from setting. The horses trotted not quite side-by-side. "I’ve been thinking," she continued before the others asked of what. "about all this. I think that I should stay home from now on."

"What do you mean??" Stephanie said as Jareth raised an eyebrow quizzically.

"Well, with this new adventure starting, I'm not sure I'll be much help."

"That's not true." Stephanie replied.

"What I meant is," Chantal trailed off. "I have no real abilities like Steph--let me finish--I'm all right when it comes to solving problems and riddles but this kind of excitement is too much for me." She paused. "And besides, having double lives is confusing."

"I understand." Jareth slowly replied. "It is your choice, nonetheless you're always welcomed to my realm."

"Thanks." Chantal smiled.

"It's not going to be the same," Stephanie finally said, slowly smiling as well.

"That's for sure. A lot less hectic." Jareth smirked. Stephanie lightly squeezed his sides with her arms, causing him to cough.

Chantal giggled.

"Remember what I said." Jareth said as all three beings stood by a large clear globe within the King's study.

"I will." Chantal nodded. "So it's all okay when I get back home? I won't have worried people?" she asked.

"All arranged. They never knew you were missing. You might feel odd for a bit until you get settled back in."

"Okay. That's good." Serek chirped. "Wait! What about Serek?"

"He belongs with you." the Goblin King scratched Serek under his chin. "I have no problem giving him up." he smiled. Chantal hugged her appreciation. "Yes, well time to end this adventure." he said, lightly hugging her back; mortal emotions he still hasn't gotten used to. Chantal then stood next to Stephanie. "Concentrate on home as before."

Chantal waved goodbye to the Goblin King as she vanished. Serek chirped happily.

"See you on the other side Chan." Stephanie said and turned to Jareth. "Um, about all the damaged I've caused..." she trailed off, the silence between them was still awkward.

"Don't worry about it." Jareth sighed. "Things needed to be...redecorated." he smiled.

"I also meant you."

"I know it was not your intentions to really harm anyone, including me; I hope. You weren't yourself at the time luv."

"I know. But it wasn't like--it was myself, I mean, I was completely aware..." the girl trailed off again and looked down. "I could have seriously hurt you guys, or worse."

Jareth raised an eyebrow. "You mean you could've hurt me more than that?" he asked.

"It felt like I could," Stephanie replied.

"Bloody hell!" the Goblin King said with a chuckle. Seeing how upset she was feeling, he said. "It takes more than a few injuries like that to stop me." he smiled.

"Thanks." the girl smiled. "I should get going then. See you later Jareth." Then she too vanished.

The Goblin King sighed as he wondered how he was going to fix his throne room and the new additions to his Labyrinth. A lot of work indeed. He sighed again and sat down upon a chair. He wondered what events will happen next.

_____________________________________O O O_____________________________________

"'Although my stay at Ke'l, the Elvin village was short, it was quite fascinating and is another wonderful memory of the fantasy world that I'll get to keep. And as much as I'll miss our adventures and Jareth, who has become a friend, I'm rather glad that I can continue with my 'normal' life.'"

"Well, sort of." she laughed, scratching her dragon companion under his chin.

Serek quietly chirped.

Chantal set her pen down and stretched as not to move too far away from her comfy bed to put her notebook she used to write down important messages or events, away. She smiled.

"Crazy adventures indeed." she said. "Eh boy?"

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Okay. I tried my best to give Chantal a good ending. I just hope it was all right with everyone. I made it flow as smoothly as I can. Serek/Bob does not belong to me, so I figured it was only right for her to keep him. So please don't be annoyed by what has happened between Chantal and I. Thank you.
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