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"So that is your result?" one of the members of the Elders said. He was the only one that stood in front of the mirror. "Continue to keep us informed Kolbl. I will relay the message to the others of your progress."

"Of course. As you continue to inform me and the King of your breakthroughs." replied Kolbl.

"Yes." the Elder said. Kolbl's image vanished and he was left to contemplate. "Interesting." the Elder said. "I wonder how far this girl will prosper." he tapped his lips in thought. "And how long before she loses control or be pressured to join a darker force. It will not be long before word reaches to others across the realm."

Movement caught his eye. He turned around with a flow of his red robes. A raven had scattered smaller birds when it took off the window's ledge and was heading towards an unknown destination.

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-- Finished December 23 2004 --
-- Corrected typed version March 2 2005 --

Garm!! Finally finished!! It took a while but hey it's done. ^_^
Please let me know what you think.
I wanted to inform of a few things, like Jareth's language or others, are still wonky but eventually I'll keep track of what words are what in English, but right now I just write what comes to mind. Did anyone had trouble understanding the description of actions, puzzles and things?? Let me know so I can fix the problem.
Part IV and V are slowly in the works. And since I'm generous, I'll give you all a quick summery of Part IV, but I can be cruel. ^_^

Part 4 preview


-- A girl, Danyelle, makes a wish that alters the Labyrinth. To avoid the Goblin King's wrath, she has thirteen hours to set things right. Will she be able to get help and finish in time? --

Thirteen Hours