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Diagnosis of The Heart
* * *
Toys and books were strewn about the lamp lit room, forts constructed of chairs and bed sheets stood tall, harboring the shadows of a young woman and a boy, their laughter sounding in what seemed was supposed to be a quiet night.
The young woman, about 21 years of age, was knelt in front of one of the makeshift forts. Toys were nestled at her sides, as she was walking a pair of figurines along the floor; a story to go along with their movements. “There were bombs and goblins left and right as we raced up the path to the castle! I'm fairly certain a couple canon blasts flew right above my head!”
The boy, who was about 6 yeas old, sat in wonder. His eyes were wide as they could possibly be with joy and interest. “So you all made it into the castle all right, right Sarah?”
Sarah Williams, now a grown woman yet not to old to entertain her brother with “fairytales”, smiled, “Yeah Tobes, we all did as a matter of fact,” she let out a small chuckle, “although, poor Ambs probably still has some issues after being chased around by all those goblins.”
Toby let out a giggle too, before falling back into his wide-eyed trance, “But what happened after you made it in the castle Sarah?”
The smile that she had had on her face faltered, for a fraction of a second, “Well… since I was at the castle, I figured that it was all almost over and I that I'd have to face the Goblin King by myself to save you.” she let out a large sigh, “So I left Ludo, Didymus and Hoggle and followed the steps into the Escher Room.”
A stuffed bear was hanging onto the last strings of it's life in Toby's vice grip, “So you fought him? Jareth?”
Feeling her heart clench at the Goblin King's name, she forced a smile and continued, “Well, for the most part I was running around and calling you! `Toby! Toby!' It was such a pain!” she was joking of course, but it riled her brother.
Sending her a glare, he crossed his arms, “I was a baby Sarah.” The serious tone in Toby's voice only made it more amusing.
“A hard of hearing baby, that's for sure.” She pretended to appear as though she were muttering under her breath as she said this, and received the desired effect. Quickly, she caught the stuff bear that was chucked at her face in aggravation.
Toby bounced on his knees, “Just keep telling the story! What about Jareth?”
Turning her head a slight, Sarah prevented Toby from noticing the frown creeping onto her face, “Well, after I had found you at last, Jareth got desperate,” she held Toby's stuffed bear close, “he begged me to forget you, to let you go and for me to stay… with him.”
Her audience of one sits in a thoughtful silence for a moment, “But you didn't give up, right Sarah?”
Smiling, she reached over to grab her brothers small shoulders, “No, of course not Toby. You're my little brother, and how could I stay with a goblin king when-“ I was only fifteen “-y-you're more important.” Shaking the unspoken thought from her head she continued, “So to finish the “game” I recited the words I knew I needed to defeat him.”
“What words Sarah?”
Not noticing her voice drop to almost a whisper, she uttered the words that had set her free from the Labyrinth, “You have no power over me.”
Toby believed that his sister did not even notice that they both sat there in almost several minutes of silence before he spoke up again, “Hm… Did it break his heart?”
Turning her head sharply to Toby, she asked him to repeat himself, she couldn't have heard him right.
This time he rose his head and seemingly stared Sarah down with genuine curiosity, “Did it break his heart?”
Sarah's fingers twitched, twirling around the stuffed bears soft, small curls of fur. “Silly… why would it break his heart? He's a goblin king, I was a teenage girl.”
Shaking his head, much like a teacher trying to explain a math problem to hopelessly number challenged student, Toby corrected her, “You said he was in love with you, that he took me away because you told him to, and he did that because, “what no one knew was that the king of the goblins was in love with the girl” right? If you left him, I bet it hurt his feeling.”
“Oh Toby, in the original Play it says that the Goblin King is supposed to be in love with the heroin. We were both just playing a part, he didn't really … love me.”
He was unconvinced, “What did he say before you beat him? When you tried to leave? If it was over already, why would he still fight, if he was “pretending”?”
Her brother's words genuinely startled Sarah, why on earth did it matter? Though despite her disbelief doubt bloomed in her heart. She thought back to her last moment with the Goblin King.
* * *
Sarah approached the goblin king slowly as she recited the lines that she somehow knew would set her free. With each step her words became stronger and with each step his eyes became more wrought with fear. Suddenly he waved a hand in a motion to silence Sarah, “Stop. Wait. Look, Sarah. Look what I'm offering you. Your dreams.” His eyes bore into her own with hope, searching for something that would reveal interest, consent.
* * *
`He offered me everything… my dreams were in the palm of his hand.' Sarah cringed and was about to feel guilty when another memory struck her.
* * *
The Goblin King's anger and desperation steadily grew as he began to speak in riddles to Sarah, “I ask for so little. Just let me rule you, and you can have everything that you want. Just fear me, love me, do as I say and I will be your slave.” These words tempted Sarah with every bit of her being, but she would not let herelf be tricked.
“You have no power over me.”
* * *
The bear in Sarah's arms was held tightly over her heart as she pulled herself out of those memories. Quickly she gained he wits and ruffled Toby's hair affectionately, “All you have to know is that he didn't say anything that would make a difference now. Anyways, it's getting late, go say goodnight to Karen and Dad then wait in your room, I'll clean up then tuck you in.”
Nodding his head grudgingly, Toby stood and left the room.
A moment after, Sarah turned her attention to the vanity mirror standing tall next to her bedroom window, “He's such a silly boy isn't he?” standing slowly and taking worn out steps to lean on the vanity table. “Jareht? Heart-broken?”
As the question was asked , three strange figures appeared from within the mirror. Friends Sarah had made in the Labyrinth whom are very near and dear to her looked out into her room. The gentle giant: Ludo, the small and gallant: Sir didymus, and the squat and trustworthy: Hoggle.
Hoggle shook his large leather-skinned head in disagreement, “The boy ain't far off in `is assumption Sarah; in fact I'd say `ee very much `it the nail on the `ead.”
Next to speak was Sir Didymus, a fox-like creature very much stuck in the times of knights and princess', “Indeed my lady! His majesty went through terribly dark times after being rejected!”
Last to comment was Ludo, keeping it simple in his statement of, “Jaweth SAD!”
Sarah very nearly scoffed, “The Goblin King? Sad? Heart-broken? I don't believe that.” Suddenly Sarah's face flushed and she had noticeably clenched fists, “and I didn't reject him! How could I? I was fifteen for crying out loud!”
“Well all know that o'course Sarah, but things work differently for the king. Time ain't a factor when you're almost an immortal, to `im there wa'nt no complications to it, he loved you, you turned him down, thaz that.” He and the other two friends shuffled nervously as they felt Sarah's agitation grow.
“How could that be love? How is what he did expressing love? He kidnapped my brother! He had me running around his maze like a mouse- with a bunch of monsters!”
Her three friends looked ruffled, and defensive, “Hey!”
Sighing, Sarah sent them an apologetic glance and looked down, deflated, “Besides you guys; you know what I mean.”
Not knowing what else to say, the four of them stood in silence. Ludo, Didymus, and Hoggle knew, of course, that Sarah hadn't meant anything by what she had said, that isn't what kept them silent. Speaking about Jareth, the king, like this after so many years was rather odd feeling. They had been used to speaking ill of him, at least for the first few weeks after Sarah had defeated him in his Labyrinth, but after that, speaking of Jareth had been limited to Sarah asking about him once in a blue moon, and to be speaking of something so close to the heart so suddenly… very strange.
Finally, Sarah stood, bear in hand, “Well… I have to go tuck in Toby. Night guys.”
A Chorus of “Goodnight!” followed her out the room and she closed the door behind her. Suddenly feeling exhausted, she slid to the floor, head tipped back as she let out an aggravated groan. All of this talk of Jareth was wearing her out, she didn't want to deal with this. She was DONE with this.
But without realizing it, without meaning to, Sarah thought back to her brother's question, mulling over whether or not there really was truth to what everyone was saying.
`Did it break his heart?' Shaking her head quickly, Sarah rose the bear in her hands to eye level, “Why? Why is it that it matters so much? Why should this bother me? I know that he didn't care. I know that his heart in perfectly in tact, not shattered broken or even cracked!” she shook the bear angrily, “I don't believe that you would feel anything, let alone love Goblin King.
She wouldn't be sure unless…
Sarah set her hands on either side of her head, `What on earth am I thinking?'
`It only makes sense,' she persuaded herself, `you'll never know until you find out from him-personally.' The fifteen-year-old Sarah almost shrieked at the thought of meeting him again. That conceited smirk on his face… she was terrified to see it, just because she didn't know how she'd react.
`There's only one way you'd know for sure.'
Slowly, Sarah stood, flicking her hair over her shoulder and straightening her back, “There's only one way I'll know for sure.” She reassured herself and anxiety bloomed in her chest. Quickly, she willed it down. “You're not afraid, my will is as strong as his…”
Taking a deep breath, she steadied her resolve, “You better hear me Jareth…” she raised her head and went on, “I wish to see the Goblin King, right now!”
* * *
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