Liberty's Kids Fan Fiction ❯ The Legend of Masked Rider ❯ The shot heard round the world. ( Chapter 2 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

It felt heartbreaking having to leave the island, my grandfather, and all the remains of our people who were not joining us on our adventure. “Grandfather…” I said as I hugged him warmly. “I will always love you.”
“And I you, Mykan.” He said to me. “Go now… and god-speed to you all.”
Our ship cast off over the sea and I continued to wave on until we were too far out to see anyone. Clarissa felt like crying. “Oh… I feel so afraid.” she sobbed. “To think that we may never again look upon our home again, or see the faces and people we love.”
I held her close. “Fear not, Clarissa.” I said to her soothingly. “I will be here for you, as you will be for me. We are on a mission now, and we must succeed. Our very hope of survival depends on it.”
We kissed each other passionately without even removing our hoods. Our dream to be married would have to wait. For now, we and all our many followers settled in for a long journey to America.
April 19, 1775… (Two months later)
It first began in Lexington. Sarah had met up with her cousin, Tom who was serving under the command of General Gauge. The British men were marching towards the outnumbered Americans armed with their muskets. “This is your last warning!” the Major thundered, “Throw down your weapons or we shall disarm you by force.”
The American's refused to move. “We're not going anywhere!” shouted Captain Parker. The red-coats lost their patience and the Major ordered his men to surround the rebels and disarm them.
While over the hills, where no one could see, a band of strangers dressed in monk's clothing were standing read with muskets and swords of their own. “Listen carefully…” I told my followers, “Whatever you do, do not harm the Americans. It's the British we are after!”
My followers nodded and took their positions, but one of them fired his gun by mistake while trying to position himself properly.
“Oh! Oh no!” he cried.
“Donius…!” I snapped.
The red-coats and the American's heard that gun-shot and assumed that one of their men had opened fire. A spilt-second later, guns were going off faster than you could count. Poor Sarah, who was hiding behind a wall, as told by her cousin to stay out of the way, peeked over the rocks. “Tom…?” she called.
While up on the hills. “Oh Mykan…” cried Clarissa. “Those red-coats… they out number the Americans unfairly.”
I gritted my teeth from underneath my hood. “All right shooters. Fire to kill!” I ordered, “We must stop those red-coats and force them into retreat. If it does not work, we shall charge.”
Our team agreed, and began to open fire, shooting down, and wounding a few of the red-coats. Clarissa and I however had no guns or swords, and we didn't require any either. Clarissa was no ordinary lady… she was extraordinarily gifted.
She gazed carefully while posing her arm ready, and then, she saw her first target. Her peaceful ways were no more; it was time to show the red-coats the mercy that they showed the Americans. She concentrated hard and shouted. “THE HAND OF PYRO!”
Her hand began to flare up with fire. She held back a little and then unleashed several projectiles at once. The fireballs whizzed through the air at an incredible speed and struck the red-coat directly.
“GAAA-AAH!” Sparks and small explosions erupted from his body as his blood flowed forward, and he fell down dead. The red-coats didn't know who shot their soldier, but they already ceased firing, as the Americas began to retreat to Concord.
Sarah leapt over the wall. “Tom…?” she cried as she moved closer to the fallen soldier. “Tom…!”
Her cousin was safe, but the man that was killed was Sergeant Brain, his best friend in the army. Tom was heartbroken. “He was such a good man.” he said trying to hold back his sobs.
Sarah felt sorry for Tom, and angered by the Americans.
As for the Americans… James had reported to Captain Parker “Eight are dead sir, several more are wounded. I don't get it sir, who fired first.”
Captain Parker shook his head, “It doesn't matter now. The red-coats have assaulted us, and as it is now… war has been declared.”
James hated to see all this murder and mayhem. It was making it difficult for him to write down his notes for the gazette. “I just hope you're okay out there, Sarah.” he thought to himself.
A while later… after the red-coats had buried their dead-warriors, the red-coats had decided to take retaliation and destroy the small footbridge over the river. This angered the Americans who charged at the red-coats firing their muskets.
Me, and my forces saw all this commotion, and once Clarissa had cast another one of her spells over us. “SHEILD OF IMMUNITY!” an invisible spell that would protect us for short while against their weapons. Once this was done, I ordered, “CHARGE…!” and we all dashed over the hills down to the battle area.
The red-coats saw us coming, but James and Sarah didn't.
“Who are all these people?” Colonel Smith asked motion to the monks that were now charging forth and attacking more of his men. What frightened him more was the fact that these strange monks seemed to dodge all the gun shots aimed at them, and those who were hit didn't even get wounded.
“Quickly, we must retreat!” replied Colonel Smith.
The red-coats ran for the hills and out of site. The strange monks were also gone, however only one man was left behind. Sarah came running across the bridge. “Tom! Oh Tom!” she sobbed.
Her cousin had been seriously wounded, and it wasn't a gun shot wound; somebody had taken a very powerful blade and gashed him right across the chest, and mysterious small electrical currents could be seen flowing through the wound.
“Tom…?” cried Sarah.
Her cousin weakly looked up at her. “S-S-Sarah…” he peeped. “There was… nothing we could do. It could not have been helped.”
He could barely see Sarah now, as everything was getting dark. “S-S-Sarah… I must warn you…” he peeped, “Beware… the man… in the…. Mask-- Oh…!” he was gone.
Sarah kissed her dead cousin on the head before letting him go. James came rushing over the bridge. “Sarah… Sarah!”
“James…” Sarah sobbed with her tears still falling. “My cousin… Tom.”
James extended his pity for Sarah, but then urged that they hurry and get away before more disaster had occurred, and no sooner had they gotten at least tens of years away from the dead body did Tom began to spark and flare up. Sarah turned just in time to see it happen… “What…?”
KABLAM! Tom's body had exploded in a great big bang. All that was left of him were a few small fires, and a puddle of his blood. “What was that?” James shouted.
Even everyone else was confused how that happened to Tom, and that's when Sarah remembered what Tom had warned her, “Beware the man in the mask.”
The monks and I saw the explosion as we made our escape. Some of our followers were cheering for joy. “HURRAH PRINCE MYKAN!” but I on the other hand was not pleased, and I was not up to celebrating. “How can you all celebrate over something like this?” I snapped. “I just killed a man… horribly and painfully. That is very scary stuff.”
Clarissa calmed down. “I feel just a bad as you do, Mykan, but remember… we did not wish for it to come to this, but we are at war now, and there will be many deaths. As much as we will loathe and despise what we are doing… it's why we do it you must keep in mind.”
My fiancée was right. If King George was to ultimately pay for his dastardly ways, then we would all be forced to do things we never would have approved of. In the mean time, “That'll teach them to mess with Masked Rider.”
In Pennsylvania, Dr. Franklin had returned from England, and his good friend Moses was there, and he was surprised to hear the good doctor say that he no longer thought highly of England the way he used to.
He was unsuccessful to reach a compromise with the government, and when Moses had shown him the story that James and Sarah had printed… “The shot heard round the world”
“Moses my friend… the time has come.” said Dr Franklin. “We must prepare… for war!”