Liberty's Kids Fan Fiction ❯ The Legend of Masked Rider ❯ Mystery Monks ( Chapter 4 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

July 27, 1775
King George had received his mail, “What? Our forces are being attacked and killed by monks?” he sneered at the note.
“What ridiculous nonsense, your majesty.” said the lackey, but King George was not convinced that it was a hoax. “I believe I know exactly what's going on.” he said. He got up from his throne and walked over to the window.
“So… you've finally come out of hiding.” He thought to himself as he referred my grandfather and our people on the island. “I swear… by my most royal majesty, you all will suffer greatly for these attacks.”
He then ordered that he would have to begin siding with German Princes, in an attempt to gain an alliance, and send Hessian soldiers to add his red-coats. “the time has come to fight power with power.”
Little did he realize that one of the monk spies had been spying on him, and was well aware of what was going on. “I must warn the leader.”
A full month had past since Dr. Franklin had been elected as Post Master General, and the series of private mail deliveries began. Now the mail would be able to reach its destination safely, without the risk of Tories intercepting the mail and passing it to the British army.
Sarah felt so happy that her mother would be getting her letters that she sent to London. Still, she was very concerned about what happened at Bunker Hill, and now James was sharing her fear from he saw.
“James, I think you're imagination's running overtime.” said Moses who didn't believe his story.
“But Moses it's true…” James protested. “I saw it with my own eyes. A band of strange monks appeared out of nowhere and attacked the British army. What's more, I saw one of them take on a strange outfit. It was like… like magic.”
Moses rolled his eyes, but surprisingly, Sarah and Henri agreed with James. They didn't see the stranger James was referring to though, but they did see the monks. “They just came of out nowhere and force me off my horse.” said Sarah.
“I remember `earing them talk…” said Henri. “I can't be sure, but I think that they `ave British accents.”
“I think all three of you have flipped your wigs.” Moses said. “From now on--”
“Hold up there Moses…” said Dr. Franklin. “I believe that they are telling the truth.”
Moses' eyes widened, “Dr. Franklin…?”
He showed them a set of newspaper clippings he had found in the streets from rival print-shops, all of them seemed to report the exact same thing.
“Masked Stranger at Bunker Hill.”
“Witch Woman.”
“Monks invade British campsite.”
All the clippings had the same information about those strange monks and the Masked stranger who were battling red-coats. “Masked stranger?” Sarah muttered.
“Sarah…?” James said. “What is it?”
Sarah explained to her friend what Tom had told her before he was destroyed. “He said… Beware the man in the mask.”
Then James suddenly remembered the wound that was seen in Tom's body. “That man…” he said. “I saw him, he pulled out a kind of glowing sword and he struck down Lt. Hampton right before my eyes, just the way Tom was killed.”
“Sacre Bleu'!” cried Henri. “Imagine `aving such incredible power…”
James didn't know much more about the stranger, but “Just before he retreated I heard him say… That'll teach you to mess with the Masked Rider!”
“Hmm… the Masked Rider?” said Dr. Franklin. “It seems that we are obviously dealing with dangerous forces we have never seen before, and cannot hope to understand.”
Moses was starting to believe now. If many eye-witnesses had seen these monks, and what they were capable of, then they surely had to be real. “But wait a minute… if they really are British, then why would they go around hurting their own kind?” he wondered.
“Perhaps they're patriots who also find the ties to the crown ridiculous, and wish to help us achieve independence.” James said sounding cocky.
“James, that's a horrible thing to say.” snapped Sarah. “I believe those good for nothing scoundrels ought to be locked up and have the key tossed away, or even worse for what they've been doing.”
“All right… settle down the both of you.” said Dr. Franklin. “Whatever it is these monks fight for, I believe it is a big mystery that will wonder us all. For now it is best that we all keep clear of them at all costs.”
I and my forces were hard at work…
We were dealing with those ungrateful Tories and red-coats who were intercepting the mail to take it to King George. We waited in hiding for men to gather in one place, and then we leapt out and captured them.
A few of our volunteers offered to carry the mail to their respectful destinations, while the rest of us continued to bring those we had captured to a ship we had hi-jacked on the docks along with all the others we had captured.
Once the ship was full, we cast those ungrateful wretches out to sea where they would be brought to one of our secret islands to serve as slaves for the rest of their crimes.
On few occasions some of the red-coats and Tories refused to come peacefully, and attempted to capture us instead. We saw no choice but to kill them. We could not risk having them escape to warn their comrades of our whereabouts.
Still… life these past months was growing weary. We had taken the lives of many and critically wounded others, yet many more British armies remained. This would not end until America was wiped clean of those vicious red-coats.
We had just captured another Red-Coat. “Hear me, you red-rag.” I snapped. “The day draws nearer when you, you're kind and your crocked Master, King George III will pay for your crimes.”
“It is you who shall pay, Mykan… the King has not forgotten about you and your Grandfather.” The red-coat protested.
I kicked the man in his shoulder. “Silence! You're words have no meaning for a clan that is cloaked under the cape of war.” I growled. “Take him away! If he tries to get away, destroy him!”
Clarissa and I were all that were left as our men walked away, and I powered down my magic-armor. “Masked Rider… Deactivate!”
I felt a little weary. “Mykan, are you alright?” Clarissa asked.
I nodded from within my hood. “Yes… but I fear the red-coats are growing stronger each and every time we face them.” I said. “Now that the towns and lands beyond have heard of our existence, the soldiers are bound to take extreme caution. Some will even try to hunt us down I fear.”
Clarissa fear all those things as well, but she knew that we all had to be brave and continue our battle. “I believe in you, Mykan. I believe.”
I embraced my Fiancée close, “And I you, Clarissa my love.”