Liberty's Kids Fan Fiction ❯ The Legend of Masked Rider ❯ Help and Rescue ( Chapter 7 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

A few miles back, it was time for Nathan Hale's hanging. James Sarah and Henri were present, and so were a whole lot of other people. The ruthless man Red-Coat commander, who refused to give Nathan so much as a Bible, or let him pass his final notes off to his family and tore them up… he just wanted have this rebel hanged and be through with it.
“Execution Party, Halt!” he thundered. His two guards stopped Nathan near a tee where the noose was ready for him.
“Nathan!” cried James.
All the town's-people, their poor heats were brimmed with fear and sorrows for poor young Nathan. He was however allowed to speak his last words…
“It is the duty of any good solider to obey any order form his commander in chief. I have obeyed an order and I am here. I am ready.” Then he cast his looks on the red-coats and the cruel commander. “To my foe… you soldiers of Brittan… my brothers… I say, may you be as ready as I am to meet your end in whatever shape it might appear.”
Finally he gazed upon the town's-people, and the kids. “To my countrymen… Old and young… I say… let us never lay down our arms until we obtain our independence. If I had ten-thousand lives I would lay them all down if called to it in defense of our glorious new nation; in defense of freedom … FREEDOM!”
“My only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country...”
He took of his hat and the guards readied the noose. “Such pretty words lad.” The commander mocked. “Too bad it doesn't do you good now.”
Nathan sighed heavily as the noose was fitted round his neck. One of the two red-coats stood ready to yank on the line and kill Nathan… but suddenly, something shot at the ropes. “Huh…?”
“What's this…?!” growled the commander. “He looked round and saw my band of monks, and I still in my Super-Blue suit racing towards him on horse back. “It's the Masked Rider…!” cried James.
“What are they doing here?” asked Sarah.
Clarissa had earlier heard of what was going on, and we did not wish for Nathan Hale to die. “Surrender… Red-coats…!” I snarled at them from a far. “Surrender or face the consequences!”
Nathan saw this as his chance to get away, and the red-coats weren't able to get him back in time. “Run, Nathan… Run!” cried Henri, and then he cheered for joy. “'E got away!”
The commander was outraged. “GET THOSE MONKS…!” he roared.
Clarissa and I who were riding the same horse together charged towards the three angry red-coats. I stood up on the saddle steadily as I held out my blade-staff whirling it round and around like a windmill.
“Don't just stand there, fools!” growled the commander. “GET THEM…!”
The villagers began to run for the hills away from the battle zone. Sarah and Henri tried to persuade James to flee with them, but James refused to move. “What a story; witnessing a battle of vengeance…” he said.
He continued to watch as the red coats tried to rush Clarissa and me, but Clarissa fired “THE BOLT OF THUNDER!” her two electric-balls knocked the guards away allowing me to strike the commander hard.
A small explosion and a few sparks burst from him as he fell over and rolled down the hill. “Shoot at them…!” he ordered his guards. The guards obeyed and fired their muskets. “THE AMOR OF PURITY…!” shouted Clarissa and her new defensive shield-spell reflected the bullets right back at the two guards killing them instead of us.
James Sarah and Henri were amazed. “Sacre' bleu… Did… did you see that?” cried Henri.
“It's… its magic!” cried Sarah.
The commander made it to the top of the hill. “All right…! No more Mr. Nice guy!” he thundered. “I'll finish you off myself.” He aimed his musket from behind.
“Look out!” cried James.
He warned us just in time, as I threw my staff like a boomerang knocking the musket out of his hand. “BLAH…!”
“Captain Hale told you to be ready for you're end, Red-coat… and here it comes.” I snarled at him. Rider-Staff… Drill-spin…YAH!” The end of my staff began to spin round and around so fast that it glowed with the lightning.
The commander stubbornly refused to give up. “OKAY… YOU ASKED FOR IT!” he thundered as he foolishly tried to rush me, but I rammed my drilling staff right through his stomach… WHAM!!
Sarah covered her eyes, “Oh my God!” she screamed.
“He… he got him!” added James.
“Incroyable!” cried Henri.
The command stood there still screaming and crying in pain as there was a huge hole in hi gut that you could see out the other end. Lighting and sparks began to flare all over his body “AAA-AAAH…RAAAH… RAAAH…!” then he fell over and EXPLODED into nothing!
“I said it before, and I shall say it again.” I said with pride. “No one defeats Masked Rider!”
My friends and Clarissa began to cheer, but suddenly my Super-Blue suit vanished with me calling for deactivation, and I was in my regular Masked Rider suit again. I fell to my knees groaning.
“Look… I think he's hurt!” cried James.
I had used up so much power and energy in the battle at Fort-Sterling, in the harbor, and with the red-coat commander, and I was feeling very weak. “Mykan!” cried Clarissa. “Are you alright darling? Please answer me…!”
“I will survive…” I answered, “But I must seek sanctuary to rest.”
Our three friends gathered round and helped me onto a horse. “Wherever shall we go?” asked Sarius.
“We have no safe sanctuary to call our own.”
James, Sarah, and Henri… who still hadn't left, they felt sorry for me, and then James and Henri had an idea which Sarah caught on quickly. “Oh no… please tell me you aren't thinking what I think you are thinking?”
“Sarah… he's in pain… he needs help.” James said and he began to move towards me and my team. One of the monks raised his musket. “Halt!” he sneered, “Don't come any closer!”
“No… I want to help.” James said. “I think we can help your friend.”
Sarius raised her sword. “You lie… we need no help from the likes of you!”
“No… I'm serious.” replied James. “We're not with the British army, or any army at all. We just want to help.”
Our three friends continued to try and brush the stranger off, but I raised my hand. “No… wait.” I said. “I will accept their hospitality.”
“Mykan…?” asked Clarissa.
“Sire…?” asked Farien.
Soon, everyone agreed that it would be best, as I needed rest and substance quickly. Even Sarah agreed. “Come with us… I know the perfect place.” Sarah said, much to James and Henri's amazement.
“Did she just say…?” Henri said.
Nevertheless, all of us followed her to safety, and though I was still weak, I looked out to sea. “Once more we are safe… to fight you another day King George!”
King George had received more mail that the Rider forces were still at large. “If there is one thing I refuse to tolerate, it is downright incompetence!” he growled.
Somehow there had to be a way for him to even things out with the Rider forces, as well winning the war with the Americans. “And… I think I have just the solution.”
Author's notes:
I'm well aware that Nathan Hale was supposed to die, at the risk of changing history… but once again I must ask you all to remember that Sarah is only dreaming, and all these are cartoon versions of historical characters.