Liberty's Kids Fan Fiction ❯ The Legend of Masked Rider ❯ Many lives to lose. ( Chapter 6 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

September, 1776
Sarah, James, and Henri were staying on Manhattan Island, at the estate of Emily Rattcliffe, a friend of Sarah's mother who kindly allowed them to stay. Still, things were getting worse at hand…
The Red-coats were marching all over New York, and Dr. Franklin had gone off to supposedly make peace with Lord Admiral Howe, captain of the British Navy.
The next day however, they came upon a ship run by the British, and three men were carrying a man onboard. “Their kidnappin' `im, forcin' `im to join the English Navy.” said an old man. “You'll all be next if you don't get outt'a `ere.”
The kids refused to move, and upon being seen with a man, soon to be introduced as Nathan Hale, they were seen by the three Tories and were chased into the streets… and one of the monk's who had been watching from a high place had seen and heard of everything. “I must inform Prince Mykan.” He muttered himself. “That navy ship must be terminated!”
As he leapt down into the streets, he accidentally bumped into someone else, whom he soon realized was our spy sent from the island. “I bring a delivery from our wise leader.” He said handing over the two crystals. “See to it that Prince Mykan receives these at once.”
The other monk agreed and the two went their separate ways.
Later on
Our spy had informed me of the English Navy and how they were kidnapping innocent men from their homes and families. “We must stop them at once.” I said. “Clarissa, can you and your team handle it?”
My Fiancée nodded. “But what about you… are you still attempting to launch an attack on the Brooklyn Heights?”
“Sadly, I am… and I must do it alone this time.” I answered. I clutched the two crystals that were given to me. “Grandfather… though we are far apart, I can feel your spirit is here to guide me.”
We all discussed our battle plans, and then there was no turning back. Clarissa and I shared a passionate kiss for good luck. “Please return to me safely Mykan.” she said to me.
“I promise you Clarissa… I will.” I said to her, and then I transformed. “ECTOPHASE… ACTIVATE!”
We mounted many horses that we had stolen from British soldiers over the year, and we all took off in separate directions. The battle was about to be taken to a whole new level.
Nathan Hale admitted to his new friends, James, Sarah, and Henri about being a spy under the command of General Washington himself… though he was not willing to reveal any information on his mission, not even for James.
“You are… I assume… aware of the penalty for spying should you be caught?” Sarah asked.
“I am…” said Nathan. “It is death by hanging…” but he did not let it frighten him. For year spying had been his service, and he had not been tracked down ever since. The army was his service, and he always honored his services.
He left without saying a word of where he was heading, but James wasn't willing to let him out of his sight. “Wherever Nathan Hale goes… I go!”
Unfortunately, upon spying on Nathan, the kids realized that he was being tricked by British loyalists, believing they were American Patriots. James rushed out to help Nathan escape, “James, No!” cried Sarah. “Remember what happens if the British Navy might catch you?”
But James didn't turn around and he was captured right along with poor Nathan, and the both of them were brought before General Howe and his men ay the Beekman mansion, where Nathan was sentenced to die the next morning.
James spent the night with Nathan in the green house hoping to hear some famous words to document, but as Nathan was being marched out by the red-coats poor James was double crossed by Howe's wicked right-hand man, and captured by the English Navy.
“Don't worry lad… you'll calm down after three or four years at sea.” The leader of the kidnappers said. Poor James felt as if he was going to die, but it was then fortunate that he was rescued by Sarah and Henri… and with a little lie from Henri, saying that James and Sarah were engaged… James managed to escape safely.
However… what the Navy-Soldiers didn't realize was their ship had intruders on-board. Clarissa and a few of her men had snuck aboard while no one was watching.
They knocked all the guards unconscious and freed all their hostages whom they had kidnapped earlier. Including the man the kids saw earlier. “God bless you monks.” He cried with tears of relief in his eyes.” Bless you.”
Clarissa ordered her boat-teams to escort the men back to their respectful homes, but as the men made their escape, the guards and navy men began an ambush. “Oh, pooh… I'm not afraid of you!” she snarled at them. “FEATHERS OF THE HURRICANE!” This spell was of the Wind Element, and the projectiles she fired blew the men clear out of the boat and into the water.
Clarissa escaped from the ship and then, “THE PINACLE OF THE SUN…!” Summoned forth the Elemental-Spirit of Fire “YAH…!” to explode the ship…
She made it onto dry land, and mounted her horse that was tied to a nearby tree and rode off over the hills towards Brooklyn Heights. “Now I must go find Mykan… I just hope I'm not too late.”
Fort Sterling was swarming with British soldiers, and all the many ships still out there. I peeked round from behind a tree. “This is it Mykan old boy…” I thought to myself. “You're greatest battle yet, but you are not alone.” I gazed down at the two Crystals in my hand.
Then I picked up a gun-power bomb that I had brought with me, I lit the fuse, and tossed it at the wooden doors. The two guards gasped just as the bomb went off blowing the door down, and I charged right in.
“It's the Masked Rider!”
“He's here…!”
The battle had begun. I dodged, punched, and kicked many of the soldiers down, and I even managed to deflect their own blasts. “Electro-Saber…!” I powered up my sword and killed several red-coats in one shot, but many more still remained.
Still… I never gave up. Not even when I had used up a lot of my powers and the red-coats had me surrounded. “Look how the mighty has fallen.” They continuously mocked me. “Anything you'd like to say now lad…” the commander said.
I clutched one of the crystals in my grasp tight. “Yes… I do.” I said. I held up the golden crystal I had, and shouted “In the name of justice and right, I command you crystal to transform me now. MASKER RIDER SUPER-GOLD, ENGAGE…!
The men watched din shock as I transformed and donned on a completely new suit; now it was gold, and black, and I no longer had a cape on. “Impressive! Most impressive…” I compliment on my new powers.
The Red-coats shocked by this new transformation charged at me again. However, my powers had increased dramatically. Now I was able to melt their weapons, bullets, and cannon-balls just by touching them. Explosions could no longer harm me, or knock me off my feet anymore either.
Most of the red-coats began to retreat for fear of their lives but many more as stubborn as mules stayed and tried to dish it out with me. “Get him! Get him!”
I stood right where I was… “Gold-Rider Laser!” and in my hand appeared a small but very powerful laser-riffle. “Take this!” and I fired powerful blasts which went straight through the hearts of the red-coats and clean through the men behind them.
They all screamed and cried in pain as they all fell over and EXPLODED. The commanding officers were scared out of their wits and began to flee along with their other troops. “No one defeats Masked Rider.” I said with pride.
Suddenly, the attack-ships out in the harbor began to open fire on me, once they had received word of what was going on. True they would be damaging the fort, but anything was worth to be rid of Masked Rider.
With my super-gold suit still activated, I was able to fend off against the many cannonballs that were bombarding me from all the dozens of ships, but I wasn't able to blast them very well as I was much too far away from the shoreline so my laser could not do much damage, and I was also too caught up in dodging the hundreds of cannonballs that came at me from all directions.
I knew that I couldn't just keep dodging them like the forever, my energy would run low soon, and I'd have to power down my suit. “If only I could transform once again.” I said to myself. “Wait… that's it!”
“Don't just stand there lads… FIRE!” growled the fleet-commander, and more of the cannons fired on me. Thinking quickly, I leapt up into the safety of the fort where most of the cannonballs couldn't find me.
I pulled out the blue crystal, and held it up high. “Oh mighty crystal, I command you, transform me now! MASKED RIDER, SUPER-BLUE…!”
My suit transformed one again, and now took on a blue and white shade, and still I worse no cape, but I did carry a double-blade staff. “Yes… I can feel the power.” I cried for joy. “Here I go…!”
I leapt back into the battle zone. “There he is men! FIRE!”
The cannonballs fired at me endlessly. “Not this time…!” I growled. “Aqua-Jet!” My suit was surrounded by water-energy, and I leapt into the ocean where the cannonballs would never get to me.
“Where did he go?” growled the commander. “Muskets ready… fire at the water.”
All the red-coats began to fire their bullets, but they just weren't able to find me as my new Super-Blue power allowed me to use the water to my advantage. “Now… time for a little swim.” I said as I held my staff and slashed huge hole in the hulls of the ships letting the water in.
“Commander!” cried one of the red-coats. “The water is coming in sir.”
“Fix it at once!” growled the commander.
The red-coats ran off, but before they could make it below deck, the ships were being fired upon by off-shore muskets. “Commander, sir... look!”
It was Clarissa and some of our team mates come to assist me. “Mykan…!” called Clarissa, “Are you here!”
I leapt out of the water and onto dry land. “Clarissa! I have never been more than happy to see you.”
My Fiancée smiled, and then we all decided this was the perfect opportunity to get rid of those ships for good. “You think you've won this yet?” the Commander shouted from his flag-ship, “Think again rebels!”
“Clarissa, do it now!” I said. “The rest of you get read to fire!”
“RIGHT…!” everyone shouted.
As our teammates loaded, and armed their muskets. Clarissa decided to unleash every Elemental Spirit she could dish up.
An electric-spell, “THE BITE OF LIGHTING…!”
A fire-spell, “THE PINACLE OF THE SUN…!”
An ice-spell, THE HAIL OF HEAVENS…!”
A wind-spell, THE FALCON OF DEATH…!”
And a spell of darkness, THE HAMMER OF EVIL…!”
All the monstrous Elemental spirits appeared. The red-coats on the ships were so scared that they were already screaming. “All right… everybody ready and… FIRE!”
So much power, such a great force… the entire harbor practically EXPLODED, taking all the ships and red-coats up in flames.
All of us cheered for joy. “Yet another army killed to stop from spreading King Georges' dreaded order.”