Liberty's Kids Fan Fiction ❯ The Legend of Masked Rider ❯ Ways of Life ( Chapter 9 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

As James continued write down his notes, he just had to ask me. “Mykan… how did you ever come to be the Masked Rider?”
I explained to him and the others that the Masked Rider powers had been guarded well by my family for centuries since they were first discovered as a gift from the heavens. Ever since they had been handed down from father to son, kept always ready but never before needed… until recently
“The powers were bestowed upon me by my Grandfather on Edenoi, when it became clear that King George had gone too far, and the battle would need to become personal. “King George must never get his hands on my Masked Rider powers; knowing him for his ungrateful way, he would be certain to use the powers for his own wicked ways, and he would have enough might to rule over the entire world if he wished too.”
I clenched my fists tight but kept my voice down, “Nothing, absolutely nothing will please me more than to get even with King George and all the pain he has caused me, Clarissa, our kind, and the Americans.”
“Until that day, our rebel forces continue to fight bravely on… and we all continue to battle the red-coats, disguised as monks trying to put an end to King Georges' senseless wrath.”
Mrs. Radcliffe felt as if she was going to be sick, but now Sarah was up to the point where she didn't know what to think anymore. Even her belief in the power of words would do no good, as we had already made it clear that talk, and negotiating was not the answer.
Henri was amazed by all this, but was almost overwhelmed with excitement when he earned from Clarissa. “You mean… you're really a witch?” he asked.
Clarissa nodded. “My ancestors came from a long line of witches and warlocks, not from the dark side, but my family was caught and they were burned at the stake. I've been on the run ever since.”
“I for one am not the least bit surprised.” said Mrs. Radcliffe. “Witches, no mater how they appear what they tend to do are still to be burned.”
“Silence…!” I snapped at her. “I'll not have you talking to my Fiancée that way. She couldn't help it if she was born from a magical bloodline.”
Mrs. Radcliffe also realized, “So… it must have been you who blew up all those ships in the harbor and killed all those troops.”
Clarissa nodded, and Henri just had to ask. “Say… do you think that you could use your magic to refill this plate of cookies again? We're fresh out.”
The rest of us, even James and Sarah shared a small laugh. “I'm sorry my boy… but my magic cannot do that. My powers are mainly used in combat; they are used for battle.”
She used her powers to show images of what different types of spells she could cast. For starters, she could cast spells of different elements; Darkness, Fire, Ice, Wind, Electric… so and so.
She could use projectile spells, which if she power-up enough she would fire more than one shot at once. Then again, she had elemental-attacks. These attacks were far stronger than her projectiles, for they were able to attack targets beside the one she would aim for… but the beauty of it was, if she powered-up enough she would be able to summon a giant Elemental-Spirit that could deliver a blow with more force than a-hundred cannons.
Then again, she also had defensive shields. She could use them to deflect bullets back to her enemies or cast an immunity spell so that until the spell wore off, nobody had to worry about dying in battle as no attack could hit us.
“Sacre' Bleu…” cried Hneri. “I want to learn how to cast a spell like zat. Can you teach me `ow...?”
Sarah sat Hneri back down. “Not on your life Henri.” she spat at him. “You'd be hunted down and burned alive.”
“Sarah has a point Henri… and as the case is, I could never teach you how to use witchcraft. You usually have to be born with powers. You can't just learn them.”
Henri was disappointed; still he did accept that it was for the best.
Clarissa went on to explain how she was often alone after the death of her parents, and had to keep her powers a guarded secret at the risk of being the next to die. That's when she stowed away on a ship that was secretly bound for the island of Edenoi.
Though she was an intruder on our island, my Grandfather saw her for what she really was. “She is not our enemy… only a lost soul as we all are.”
My grandfather took Clarissa under his wing, taught her how to focus and control her powers, though he himself did not have any. Clarissa and I met during one of my Grandfathers lessons, and we couldn't take our eyes off of each other. Even though we were both still children… we knew that we were in love. We took interests in my Grandfather's training, and shared many common interests. From that moment and… we were inseparable.
As the years went by, we looked out for each other. We trained together to become the skilled warriors that we were today, while at the same time living a peaceful and beautiful life. There was no denying it, I was so deeply in love that I just had to ask for her hand in marriage, and she accepted as if it were her sworn destiny.
Alas… our Wedding could not go as we had hoped. Despite how much the island of Edenoi meant to us all over the years, we did grow weary of being isolated in the middle of the ocean all our lives and longed to return to the mainland where life did not have to be so difficult and lonesome… but with King George's law still enforced, and us and or people still on his most wanted list fro treason… that dream could never be.
Clarissa wiped a small tear that tried to creep down her cheek. “You poor people…” said James in sympathy.
We pulled ourselves together quickly, and decided it was time to be on our way. “There are still many British-men who will stop and no ends to cause more havoc and destruction to those who don't deserve it.” I said.
“We are very grateful for your hospitality… but we must ask you kindly to stay out of our way.” said Clarissa. “You may take what notes have gathered from us and print it in your paper, but you must not follow us anymore, as it may cost you your lives.”
We all replaced our hoods and headed for the front door. “Mykan…” James called to me. “I can't believe I'm saying this but… good luck.”
I bowed to James one last time, and then I, Clarissa, and our friends were gone. “And good riddance.” snarled Mrs. Radcliffe. “For all our sakes I hope someone teaches those ungrateful rebels a lesson.”
James, Sarah, and Henri were still not sure what to truly think about my forces and me. We're we really doing the right thing; trying to quell fighting and killing by fighting and killing?
Nevertheless… the war would continue.