Liberty's Kids Fan Fiction ❯ The Legend of Masked Rider ❯ Return from whence we came ( Chapter 10 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

King George was completely outraged when his next reports came in, about how the Masked rider had grown even stronger, and some of his armed forces in America were fleeing for their lives. “RRRR… Cowards! I can't believe they would turn their backs on the crown.” he growled.
He then summoned for his lackey, “Have the patrol ships been sent off yet?”
“Yes, your majesty. If that island is anywhere in Atlantic sea, our forces will be sure to find it and carry out your orders.” the lackey said.
For the first time ever, King George sniggered wickedly. “Hmm, mm, mm…” and his eye twitched a little! “The time draws near…”
When James got back to the Gazette he wasted no time in printing his story, which soon was more than just an article in the newspaper. It served as a warning towards the British. It read somewhat like this…
On a distant and secluded island called Edenoi; a young Prince named Mykan is given great powers by his grandfather, the King, and is sent to America to protect it from the advancing clutches of King George III, and his wretched red-coat army.
Upon his arrival, he disguises himself as a monk, and learns to live life as a poor man. With his ever growing army behind him, and his Fiancée, a young witch named Clarissa, by his side… Mykan is ever vigilante, and ready at a moments notice to call on powers to become “Masked Rider!”
(Heroic Fanfare)
(British men get killed or wounded)
James shook his head snapping out of his daydream.
“James how can you print up such a story…?” Sarah asked. “It will drive those still loyal to the King insane with fear.”
James looked up from his latest copy of the story. “Perhaps… but look at it this way, if the British are warned about the Masked Rider, maybe they'll all retreat and cease fighting for fear of what fate could befall them.”
“Or maybe… they'll just seek out and cut his head off.” said Moses. “Don't they realize what a chance they've taken allowing us to print up a story regarding their plans?”
“I don't think so…” said Henri. “You've seen zem in action… and zey `aven't been captured yet. `Ho says zat zey will?”
Henri had a point, but Sarah still feared for everyone's sakes. Not just the British or the loyalists. She began to feel that soon, everyone would be in danger; EVERYONE!
Summer, 1779… (Three years later)
Over the past three years, nothing had changed. The war between the Americans and the crown continued, and so did the Rider force's vendetta. I and my forces took out many red-coats who were unwilling to surrender peacefully.
Many Tories were arrested and sent to our islands to serve as slaves for a time, and my powers and experience were increasing dramatically with every battle I fought, so did Clarissa's powers and the force of our followers.
Still, we had been in America for years, and we were beginning to feel slightly homesick. It had been such a long time since we had seen Edenoi… my Grandfather or any of our other friends. We also were beginning to feel that the time to take the battle to the source, King George himself, was drawing near.
But such a battle would not be easy as London would be crawling with loyalists and guards who also plotted against us. If we were to head back England, we'd only be walking into the lion's den without a whip to tame the beast, even with out experience and full powers.
It was then decided to round up allies; those who had turned away from the crown, and plotted against the crown. They would be of great help to us for when the day of the grand battle would arise. So, in between battles and on the run, we had visited homes and villages where we found exactly whom it was we were looking for…
That was only the easy bit, convincing them to join us in battle. The next and trickier task was making sure that they would all make it to England for when the time was right. There was no way we could all just put every man from every town and village on ships and send them out to sea like that. It would take too much time.
Fortunately, Clarissa… with her witchcraft growing stronger with the experience she gained had been prompting her to perfect a new spell. “The Portal of Light.” It was spell that had the ability to transport anyone who entered a tube of light, cast on the floor would be instantly teleported to another location anywhere in the world… This other location would depend on wherever the other portal would be cast.
Clarissa had also been able to stabilize some of the portals so she would be able to cast multiple portals in homes, but make it so that no matter which one you would take you would always end up in the same location as where the exit point would be set.
However… of all the allies we made who agreed to help us, and of all the portals Clarissa had cast, there was still the matter of placing the exit point… in London England.
One day in summer, with our forces and allies willing to stand by, keeping their invisible-portals hidden-- Clarissa and I had decided. “The time has come…” I said to her. “Time we bid farewell to America… and return to our island to prepare.”
My Fiancée agreed with me, though she was almost ashamed to leave such a proud country and after all the things we had done to try and quell the fighting. “It feels as if this is my home.”
I held her close to me in a warm embrace. “Perhaps some day it will…” I said comfortingly to her. “Once King George's reign, and this costly war comes to an end. Perhaps we shall return to America… and I shall finally make you my wife.”
A tear rolled down Clarissa's eye, but she smiled and we shared a soft kiss. “I love you Mykan.” she said. “And I always will…”
“And I you… my fare Clarissa…”
We kissed once more, and then it was time that began making our plans to hi-jack a boat heading out to sea… we found one… but little did we realize that it was the same ship that Sarah was planning to take back to England…
It wasn't long ago that Sarah had traveled to the Ohio lands and met up with her father. She couldn't bear the fighting much longer and decided to return to England, to her mother.
The day Sarah had left, while she was bidding goodbye to Henri and Moses, while James turned away from her. Clarissa and I had snuck aboard inside two crates each half-filled with bread-rolls being loaded onto the ship, unbeknownst too all hands.
Soon we were out at sea, and soon… the game would be a foot.