Liberty's Kids Fan Fiction ❯ The Legend of Masked Rider ❯ Creating a Fleet ( Chapter 11 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Clarissa and I remained below deck for the first month of the voyage… helping ourselves to the food onboard, and at the same time… using a portal to transport to America from the ship and vice-versa if there was a battle called to arms.
We were seen and discovered by some of the crewmen, but we blackmailed them to do as we said, or face the consequences. So we were safe for the time.
Then… one night in September… we were half a day away from England when a great storm had broken in, and the ship was wrecked and tumbled into the water. Clarissa and I too fell overboard as our warp portal was washed away under the stress, but we survived thanks to the powers of my “Masked Rider Super Blue” allowing me to help us brave the waters.
Suddenly, Clarissa looked up. “Mykan look… isn't that…?”
I looked round and saw a familiar young lady who resembled Clarissa's features floating on a plank. “It is… it is Sarah.” I said. Even though she was a British girl, and possibly our enemy, I just couldn't float there and watch her drift away. So I swam over, “Hold on Sarah… we shall soon put you right.”
Sarah awoke onboard the ship of John Paul Jones, who had heard much about her, and gladly allowed her to remain with them, despite that she was British, and that the hull of the ship held many British prisoners taken from other ships, including Sarah's friend, Alec Spenser.
“How ever did you end up here…?” Sarah asked him.
“Alas Sarah… our ship was attacked out at sea by a ship of strangely dressed monks.”
“Indeed you were…” said another voice. Sarah turned and couldn't believe her eyes. “Mykan…?”
My Fiancée and I nodded. We were both dressed in blue uniforms seeing as how our robes had washed away during the shipwreck. I explained to Sarah of how we stowed away onboard her ship, and it was lucky that we did. “I was the one who helped pull you to safety.”
Alec was enraged to find out that I was the Masked Rider, “So you're the one who ordered those monks to capture us!” he growled. “I swear… once I get out of here I'll just…!”
Clarissa roared like a banshee with her fists glowing with power, scarring the prisoners inside. “You will do no such thing!” she snapped. “Or it's your life! Now sit down and remain silent!”
Sarah was outraged by all this. When we sat down to lunch with Captain Jones, Sarah was even more livid by how he was delighted to have me and Clarissa onboard. “But… they're British as I am.” She pointed out.
“True…” said Jones, “But they vendetta against the King himself, and I'm most impressed by their magical qualities.”
Clarissa and I nodded. “We've spoken to Captain Jones, and he's agreed to help us by joining our fleet of followers.” I said. “All that we ask first is that he makes a detour-stop to our island.”
Sarah didn't like the sound of the word “Fleet” this could only mean trouble for England…
Clarissa was looking over the sea, “Mykan… there it is!” she cried. We all rushed over and saw a very large piece of land with trees and summits, but we were barely able to spot any life on the island. Clarissa and I began to feel worried that something was not quite right.
Our fears were confirmed the closer we got to the island and no one came, and all our ships were missing, and the villages seemed to be in ruins. “Oh! What a dreadful place…” cried Sarah.
Clarissa and I hopped off the ship. “Our island…!” Clarissa cried.
“Sakes alive…” cried Jones. “What ever happened here?”
Clarissa and I looked all over the island only to find more ruins, but no people. What was more, it was clouded that the island was invaded while we were away and that our people were not prepared… as we found shred of fabric from Red-coats… old bullets from muskets, and a note in my Grandfather's shrine. “It's from the King.”
We took the note back to the ship, and cast back out to sea. The note was about three years old, but it explained how the island was indeed invaded but a fleet sent by the King, who had taken all our people, including my Grandfather prisoner, and carried them off to England.
“I realize you may or may not receive this for a long time, so I shall give you grace. Don't worry… you're people shall remain in custody of the crown, until the year 1780. At that appointed time… the long awaited death sentence shall be passed out, and who better to be the first to go than your own grandfather.”
I sat there with the not in my hands. My entire body was shaking, my eyes were bugled so wide, and I was breathing stressfully, so was Clarissa. “He has… m-m-my Grandfather?!” I muttered softly but angrily.
Clarissa clenched her fists. “He's a monster…! A Villain…!” she cried.
Jones and his men agreed with us, but Sarah was struggling about what to say or do. She had told us why she was leaving for England, of how she couldn't stand the violence, and the fighting. “But… but… now I… I just don't know.”
She remembered what Jones had asked her earlier about whether or not she stood on the side of England or Freedom for the Americans. “Sarah I was born a Scotsman… I was made an Englishman by the tip of a sword... and I refuse to bow such a man as the King of England.”
He gazed down at the blackmailing letter and stabbed the King's signature with a dagger. “George! Your scurvy schemes will earn you a one way passage to the bone-yard!”
Sarah couldn't believe what she was hearing, and worse, Clarissa and I warned her about what we did to loyalists who planned to stand in our way. “You're very lucky Sarah, or we'd have arrested you long ago when we had first met.” Clarissa said.
Sarah sat there with her jaw hanging open, unladylike for the first time in a long time. “King George, beware!” I said deeply. “I will get my grandfather out of there… and make you sorry for ever crossing our paths!”
King George had put most of our people to work as slaves. Digging and heavy lifting in the palace grounds without ever giving them breaks… while all the rest, including my grandfather had filled up the dungeons…
Most of our people had given up hope, but few as well as my grandfather remained strong. “Now, now everyone… there is still hope. Mykan is still out there. He will not rest until he has saved us all and put an end to the shame that is King George.”
Some of our people agreed with my grandfathers fine words, but they soon heard the sound of someone chuckling at them. The King was outside making his inspection tour of the dungeon. “You filthy traitors… You're all as Naïve as those ungrateful American rebels. Well you'll soon all get what has long since been coming to you.”
Many of the prisoners quivered in their robes, but my Grandfather remained calm. “Your Majesty… you too are as naïve as you claim that we are.” he said to the King.
“You let you power go to your head, and you make those who don't abide to your ways suffer. What's worse, is that you continue to believe you are magnificent when deep down you're nothing a vile monster that should be vanquished horribly and painfully.”
The King growled. “GRR! Pretty fine words, but do you expect me to feel intimidated? I'm already well aware that your grandson will come when he hears of your predicament, and when he does… my men shall be ready. Hmm, mm, mm…!”