Lord Of The Rings Fan Fiction ❯ Soulmates ❯ Time ( Chapter 10 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Time marched forward and with it, changes came. Rosie and Sam didn't get divorced, but after fifty years, she was dead. He didn't live with her, though, leaving her alone as she'd wanted. He'd lived at Ithralcilvan by himself for the first ten years, then Merry and Pippin had joined him for another ten before Legolas discovered what had happened and had invited them to live with them in Erebor.

The Dwarves had noticed their agelessness, and it soon became a fact that nobody really cared about. Sometimes younger Dwarves would come forward and ask to be immortalized, but the answer was always no. They were angry for a while, but as they grew older, they realized the sense in this.

Five years after they had found the fount, Legolas had shown Aragorn where it was and he joined them in immortality. After forty years of reigning as an immortal, he had stepped down as king and given the position to the Gringe family. He had never married, his heart only beating for Arwen. He was truly a wanderer at heart, but every once in a while, would live with them a year or two before heading back out.

And it wasn't as if the strange band stayed in Erebor the whole time. They had their fair share of adventures, fighting Orcs and dancing with danger. They stayed in Ithralcilvan, too, which had a library full of rich texts that they tore through multiple times, greedily drinking in knowledge known only to the Moon Elves. The Dwarves had other Moon Elf texts, which Legolas happily translated for them. Their routine was wide and varied, but that was changed the day the message came through.

The Elves were returning.