Lord Of The Rings Fan Fiction ❯ Soulmates ❯ Changing Opinions ( Chapter 19 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Frodo sighed as Bilbo embraced him. He was forgiven. The two Hobbits pulled back to kiss each other.

"Good to have you back, Frodo," Bilbo said affectionately.

"It's good to have you back as well, Uncle," Frodo replied with a grin.

"Ah, now that's what's right, eh?" Sam asked. "Mr. Frodo and Mr. Bilbo bein' friends again."

"Praise the Valar for that," Merry said jovially.

"Agreed!" Pippin said with a smile.

"And Sam? I didn't mean what I said," Bilbo said solemnly. "You're still a most delightful individual."

"Ah, ya didn't offend me none, Mr. Bilbo. It was Mr. Frodo who was riled from it."

"Yes," Frodo said, sounding embarrassed. "But you're my friend Sam. Don't you think I had some reason for it?"

"If you was mortal? Yes, but ya've spent tons o' time with Sun Elves. Ya should know better than ta get all hot under the collar like that."

"I was hot all day, and even a dip in a pool didn't cool me down," Frodo admitted. "It affected my temper something fierce. I was snapping at you all day, remember?"

"Yes, but there's no harm done, Frodo," Merry said cheerfully.

"Yes," Pippin replied, patting his hand. "No harm done. How would we have survived three hundred years if we died every time we were snapped at? Yes, it hurts, but apologies help. And Soul bonding, when available."

Frodo smiled, but was interrupted by Elrond. "That is the question for the ages, now isn't it? How did you and your Soulmates survive? Please tell me, as I am ever so curious."

"Sorry, Elrond," Frodo said with a shake of his head. "But Legolas says we can't tell you that."

"Why not?"

Frodo leveled an even stare at him. "Well, you did try to kill him. And you're a Sun Elf."

"But Thranduil is a Sun Elf."

"Mr. Legolas' relationship with his majesty Thranduil and his sons is none o' yer business," Sam said with a nod.

"Well he can't be a very good Soulmate," Elrond said irritably. "Three hundred years and you still call him mister."

"That is my own business, which is still none o' yers," Sam growled.

"Oh, you can't actually like to call everybody mister, miss, or missus," Elrohir said irritably.

"Oh, certainly not!" Sam said, sounding offended. "I mean, I have kings and lords and ladies and princes and princesses! Don't limit me ta just those three!"

He was stared at strangely by the Elves. "I think he's serious," Elrohir finally said softly.

"O' course I'm serious," Sam said importantly.

Frodo couldn't help his laugh, and his other Soulmates joined in as well. There was a growl and Frodo turned to see Aragorn in his wolf form. Frodo smiled and pet him. The Elves stared in shock.

"Vala Oromë?" Elrond asked in bewilderment.

"What?" Merry and Pippin asked.

"No, this is Shadow," Frodo said without thinking. "He's a pet. Aren't you boy?" Aragorn licked him.

"Vala Oromë?" Sam asked in confusion.

"It is said that Vala Oromë, who is Lord of the Forests, would walk around as a wolf occasionally. A large black one," Frodo said with a nod. The wolf snorted, amusement in its eyes. "I know, Shadow, isn't that silly?"

The Elves stared at him. "Are you sure? That is an extremely large wolf. Too large to be a normal animal."

Aragorn growled as Elrond came up to look at him. He snapped at his face, relishing the fact that he wasn't scolded for unleashing his frustration. Elrond jerked back.

"What in the world is wrong with this wolf?"

"He just doesn't like some people," Elladan said as he walked over, smirking; he and Erestor both knew the secret.

"Elladan! Erestor!" Elrond gasped. He embraced his son, kissing him, then turned to Erestor, who was standing there with a blank look on his face. Elrond, who was so good with words, found himself floundering for something to say. He looked away, unable to see how Erestor would react.

"I owe you quite the apology, Erestor. I was selfish and foolish. But…I did not know that you were a Moon Elf. You never told me."

"Because it was known amongst my people that the brother of Elros was insanely jealous of Moon Elves and that you never reveal yourself to him."

"I…My apologies, my friend. Please come back to work," Elrond begged.

"Do you just want me for my work?"

"No! Oh, by the Valar, no! You're kind and good with my children. You give impeccable advice. You love my family. You're a part of my family. It is not the same without you."

Erestor studied him for a minute or two before nodding. "Then I'll take the job."

Elrond smiled and embraced him. Erestor looked over at Legolas and asked something in Ithral-speak. Elrond had never learned the tongue, only odd words. Legolas looked up in the sky and saw the moon rising above the tree line. He lowered his head and nodded.

"Elrond, sir, I would like to show you something. Someone."

"All right."

Erestor looked toward the trees and something gleamed like silver in the depths. He gestured for it to come forward. The creature stopped before them and seemed to study Elrond. Elrond reached up hesitantly and lowered the very familiar hood to see an even more familiar face. He burst into tears and Elros caught him as he crumpled.

"Brother, calm yourself!"


"My spirit is trapped here because I am a Moon Elf. Don't worry. I have had many moons to reflect upon things."

"I love you, Elros! I have longed to say it since our fight. I knew you were dead, but I did not want to believe it. Please forgive me for my foolish, foolish words! Please!"

"I know you love me, brother. But you were selfish in that love. Very selfish."

"I know that now. Erestor has helped me to see that. He has forgiven me. Will you?"

"Of course. Now, come walk the forests with me. We have much to talk about."

Elrond stood eagerly and followed the silver figure to the wood. He paused.

"What about my children? You never got to meet them."

"I shall come to you tomorrow night as well. I have some stern words to Arwen about what she did to Aragorn."

Aragorn growled a warning growl, causing the Elves to look at him. Legolas stroked behind his ears, causing them to twitch as the wolf looked up at him.

"Watch your words, Elros," Legolas ordered. "There are some topics that we do not discuss."

"Come now, you must tell her eventually."

"Tell who what?" Elrond asked.

"Elros," Legolas warned.

Elros snorted. "Tell Arwen that Aragorn is alive."

Aragorn barked and lunged for the Moon Elf, tearing at his leg. Silver blood coated the ground as Elros yowled.

"Shadow, stop this foolishness!" Legolas shrieked, snagging his friend by the scruff and jerking him back. Aragorn growled and snapped his teeth. Legolas slapped his nose. "Don't you dare snap at me!"

Aragorn yelped and skittered backwards, glaring at the Elf. Legolas narrowed his eyes.

"Watch yourself, boy."

The wolf snorted and shook his head, going to lie beside Frodo. Frodo pet him again while Elrond frantically looked over his brother's completely healed form.

"Peace, brother, peace. I am long dead. Nobody can harm me."

Sadness appeared on Elrond's face. "Yes. I know you are long dead. I have lived many years without you."

"Come, brother, walk the forests with me."

Aragorn gazed at Arwen for a moment then plodded over and sat in front of her. She met his eyes and her face pinched, only a little, but recognition flashed in those depths.

"You…You are alive," she murmured in wonder.

The wolf dipped his head then trotted in a different direction than Elrond and Elros. Arwen glanced at his Soulmates then followed.

"Will she accept him?" Frodo asked.

"They have much to mend," Gimli replied. "But he never stopped loving her. What happens between Aragorn and Elrond is another matter."

Legolas looked up at the silver moon bathing his body. His hair streaked with silver, his skin paled, and his eyes gleamed with the moon's light. Erestor approached, his body doing the same.

"It took thousands of years. But we have made progress," the older Elf sighed.

"True. Father will be pleased."

"Your kind has lost so much," Merillyra said, his voice hesitant.

"Believe it or not, we are the same kind of people," Legolas replied. "Yes, we are different as day and night, but we are still Elves."

Frodo latched himself onto Legolas' legs. "I believe it. I've spent enough time with Sun Elves, and with you, that I know you are all the same."

Legolas nodded. "We have many opinions to change still, but I know we can. And I have six wonderful Soulmates to help."

"I know of Moon Elves," Elrohir said. "But I have a question."

"What is that?"

"What about Dwarves?" Elrohir asked, making a face.

Gimli snorted. "Many opinions indeed, Elf. Many opinions indeed."