Love Hina Fan Fiction ❯ Prince of PolPol ❯ Look Who I Married Today ( Chapter 2 )

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Love Hina
Chapter 2
Look Who I Married Today
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Shinobu looked at the large television screen before her. Su had sent out video mecha-tamas to every parent or guardian of the new Princesses, so that they could inform them in sight about their new...matrimony.
Of course, her parents were taking it as well as could be expected.
“This is all your fault! I know she didn't get this from my family!” screamed her Mother from her window.
“How is my daughter deciding to enter into a polygamous royal marriage my fault?”
Shinobu was still smiling, however, not really paying attention to them. Sempai and me... Me and Sempai... Sempai and I kissing... Her mind was drifting to images of her cooking, when her husband came up behind her, kissing her neck, like they did in those movies she watched that Kitsune always passed out in front of.
And while she didn't have any strange bass music to go with it, she did let her mind wonder. “Sempai, but I cook there, that isn't sanitary! Tee-hee!”
“Look at her. Where did she learn to be a pervert like that!”
Her Father sighed. “I'm bringing my gun, that's all there is to it. I'll kill the little bastard for ruining her purity!”
“Sempai, what are you doing with that chocolate cream?”
The parents could only pale and watch as their daughter dissolved into a fit of giggles as she went into her own little fantasy.
“WHAT?” cried her parents.
Kitsune just smiled. “Yeppers. I got married to a real life Prince just this morning.”
Now while not widely known, Kitsune's parents: Mr. and Mrs. Konno, were well known members of the Diet. And while they were often unhappy that their daughter had remained out of politics or not furthered herself in college, they weren't yet ready to admit to being happy at this. “And who, pray tell, is this Prince who has wed my daughter?” asked her Father.
Kitsune smiled. “Why, the manager of the dorms, of course.” She loved doing that to her folks, making it sound like they themselves were the stupid ones for not knowing what was so obvious.
“Since when has this guy been a Prince?” asked her Mother. The woman had done extensive background checks on the manager when he had taken over. In fact, she had already designed a plan to get him together with her daughter. He seemed like a stabilizing influence.
“Since this morning. Apparently, the grandmother of his grandmother was a Princess for PolPol, and left to come here. And when the current King kicks the bucket, he is the only male heir who can take over. They threw out his Father for some reason.” Kitsune tipped back her saucer of saké. “So, I did pretty well for myself, huh, Mom?”
Mr. Konno was looking up something on the computer. “Dear, they have about eighty percent of the Gross National Product of Japan.”
Her Mother blinked. “How the hell does an island nation pull that off?”
Kitsune smiled. “Incredibly low overhead and great tourist trade!” She loved messing with her parents. “Well, I gotta go. You know how hard it is to keep a husband in line when he has so many other wives. Don't forget to come to the reception tomorrow! Later!”
As the screen went dark, Kitsune released the laugh she had been holding for the entire conversation. “Kami-sama, that was so worth it! Now, I need to find a royal servant to get me that bottle of sake from Saska's. I can't wait to see her face when I tell her I can afford it now!”
“So, that's what happened, and now Onii-chan and I are finally together! Isn't this great! I finally get my dream, and Onii-chan can now express how he truly feels for me!”
Mr. and Mrs. Urashima simply stared into the camera for the video feed.
Kanako was just too happy to care about their inaction to her marriage, still enjoying the fact that she had married Keitaro. “I mean, sure, I have to share him with the other girls, but I...I was willing to make some small sacrifices for our love.”
Still nothing, but a slight twitch was developing.
“Well, I got to go. I still need to decide what I'm wearing for our honeymoon tonight. I was lucky to call dibs quickly enough. Well, see you guys tomorrow at the reception.”
And the feed was cut off.
Mr. Urashima turned towards his wife. “He gets this from your side of the family. I know I don't have any polygamists in my family.”
“Idiot!” screamed Mrs. Urashima. “They are in your family, remember!”
And thus, a new fight broke out in the Urashima bakery.
“Oh, Mother, it's so wonderful. I got married to Kei-kun today and now me and the rest of my friends are Princesses of PolPol.”
Natsumi Otohime smiled. “Oh my, that is truly wonderful, Mutsumi. You're a real Princess now!”
“I know!” exclaimed the watermelon turtle princess.
“Yeah!” exclaimed the siblings. “Big sister is a Princess!”
Natsumi smiled. “Oh, I should send you some watermelons for the reception!”
Mutsumi smiled. “Well, you could come as well. It is tomorrow.”
“Yeah, we're going to see Big Sister again!”
Natsumi looked towards her daughter. “So, are you expecting children already?”
Mutsumi blinked. “Oh, I would think so,” she replied, not getting the meaning that her mother was asking if she was pregnant. She just didn't know if the other families were bringing other children.
“Oh, that was quick. I'll have to bring your old baby clothes.” Natsumi was now under the impression that her daughter had married Keitaro because they were expecting.
Well, Otohimes do breed like rabbits.
“That would help, Mother.”
Mei was the only one at home at the time Naru finally decided to inform her parents.
And as things went, the little step-sister of Naru Narusegawa was taking things quite well.
“To a Prince and several other women.”
After all, he big sister had fulfilled on dream to get into Tokyo U.
“And the manager of the dorm is scheduled to be the next King of his country.”
And she had married her first love who had inspired her desire to attend that school...sort of.
Of course, this did little to settle the nerves of said little sister.
Naru blinked at her paling sister. “Um, maybe I should call back when Dad and Mom return.”
“That...good idea...need...sleep.”
“Okay, then,” Naru said, feeling like she had broken her little sister's fragile hold on reality. “I'll call later tonight. If not, have them come tomorrow for the reception.”
As the screen went out, Mei went to her bedroom, throwing out a box her friends had left. “Won't hurt you, my ass. No more Pixie Stix for me.”
Naru was letting out a breath she hadn't known she was holding. “Well, that went well.”
“Sister, how nice of you to call. Why, I was beginning to think you had forgotten about me...again.”
Motoko gulped as she looked at the vision of her sister on the screen. “Aneue...I've been meaning to call more.”
Tsuruko delivered a glare towards her younger sister, causing the younger Aoyama to back up slightly. “Then why is it I haven't heard from you since you almost had to marry Manager-san?” Her vision cleared into a happy gaze. “Have you two been naughty all this time? Oh, sister, I didn't know you had such naughty impulses!”
Motoko sputtered. “NO! We haven't been doing... Well, I... We...”
Tsuruko laughed. “I'm certain you'll get Manager-san eventually. Now, what did you need to discuss with me?”
“ see...”
Tsuruko shook her head. “Perhaps I need to come for another visit. If you're ill to the point where you can't talk—”
Motoko had by this time taken a deep breath and began to blurt out what she wanted to say. “IgotmarriedtoKeitaroandamnowaPrincessforPolPol!”
Tsuruko blinked. “Excuse me?”
“I said that I got married to Keitaro and am now a Princess for PolPol.”
Tsuruko paled. “You mean you married Manager-san, and somehow another guy to become Princess for a foreign kingdom?”
“No-no-no-no! It turns out Keitaro is a Prince for PolPol and next in line for the throne, so we just got married. Aren't you happy Aneue? Aneue?”
Motoko looked on speechless. “I think I finally broke Aneue.”
“This is unacceptable!” cried King Su, looking at his daughter.
“But, Daddy, I—”
“No, Kaolla. This will not do!”
Kaolla looked as disappointed as she could be, a tear nearly formed in her eye.
“Once again, you're using wiring from Tenco Electronics. I've told you time and again to go with fiber optics!” He was holding up a dissected video communications mecha-tama.
“Sorry, Daddy.”
Taking a deep breath, he sighed. “That's okay. Now, what did you want to talk to me about?”
Her smile returned. “Oh, I got married to Keitaro!”
“Really,” her Father said, surprised. “How did that happen?”
“Well, apparently Keitaro's a PolPol prince and we just did the marriage ceremony.”
King Su's face paled. “You...married...our greatest enemy.”
“Yep, and he's a keeper! Amalla will be so jealous!”
He tried to steel himself. “Daughter, what have I told you?”
“Um, never pee into the wind?”
“Not that.”
“Um, the Mommies are okay with you wearing their underwear?”
“NO!” he cried, but soon fell quiet as a shoe hit him in the head.
“So, it's been you stretching out my panties!” Said woman then tackled the King of MolMol, following it up with a long beating. “We'll have to chat later, dear. Your Father needs to learn not to ruin my underwear.”
“Okay, Mommy,” said Kaolla, waving her hand. “Bye-Bye!”
As the screen went blank, Kaolla's smile faded. “Sorry, Daddy. But I love Keitaro more than I love this stupid war. We'll be happy; with or without your blessing.”
“So, let me get this straight,” Seta said, his face a mask of indifference. “Mr. Part Timer is really a Prince of PolPol, is scheduled to take over the throne when King Me dies, and you are one of the girls who married him just this morning. Is that right?”
Sara nodded. “Yep. The dork is royalty, and I got myself a good husband before even leaving Junior High. I did good for myself, huh?”
Seta took off his glasses, sighing, and began to cry loudly. “WAH! MY DAUGHTER'S GROWN UP SO FAST!”
He turned towards the camera. “So, how long before you make me a grandpa?”
“HUH?” screamed Sara.
“Well, you'll have to start early if you want to have the first son who'll take over the crown. I mean, most PolPol wives never even have a son.”
Sara blinked. Sex...with the dork...
“And, eventually, you'll want to schedule time with him. After all, they'll be so many other women vying for his attention.”
Her eye twitched.
“Then of course, there are the rules and punishment against infidelity of the wives. I mean, being shot out of a cannon into the ocean during a hurricane isn't really a great way to go.”
She felt the twitch worsening.
“Plus of course, PolPol births tend to be long. Why, I heard the average birth takes sixty eight hours of labor.”
Sara crossed her legs...tightly.
“But then again, you'll be a Princess. So, I'll have to come and see you for the next few days. Oh, we'll have to pick some baby names. Well, I better get on the road so I can be there by tomorrow. Later, and don't feel bad if you start before I arrive. I'll just stop by the store and grab a pregnancy test kit. Later.”
As the screen went blank, Sara just sat there, frozen stiff. Weren't Fathers supposed to hate the guy their daughters married, not encourage them to start having sex? “I'm too young for four days of labor! The dork better not touch me!”
Seta was smirking. That outta teach her not to get married without me.
Meanwhile, in an underground garage in PolPol, a meeting was taking place.
This group was called N.A.G.S.: the National Association of Goddesses Society—though most males who had deal with them called them the National Organization of Gold-digging Sluts, as they were secretly trying to rule all of PolPol and place all men in cages for study.
Yes, the name often earned the caged males a few thousand volts from a rectal probe.
“We have learned that a new heir has been found,” said Tai Cout, the sister of Loo Cout.
The women murmured.
“So, we have one last male to...take care of,” said Hoo Ker, the leader of this paramilitary organization dedicated to the capture and study of all PolPol males. “Do we know when he will be coming? Despite our best efforts, we have not been able to establish a cell in Japan.”
The girls nodded, their best victory for the modern world had been a spies placed as wives to USA presidents.
Lu She spoke up. “I believe they will bring him here for training. At which point, we will have a chance to capture him, or at least slip in a woman as a wife for the inside.”
“That may be difficult,” said Tai Cout. “My sources have said he has already been married to several women; one of which is a daughter of King Su: Kaolla.”
The meeting erupted in a roar of questions. It was one thing to try and take over the island. But if the new Prince had somehow forged ties with their enemy...
“So,” said Hoo Ker, “he has already proved himself a devious enemy. We will need to approach this with caution. I want as much information as you all can dig up on his wives. We need to know if any may be brought over to our side.” Seeing the other girls nod, she continued. “Contact our operatives in the United States. I want assurances from Hillary, Laura, and Barbra that they will support us if we need assistance to pull off our coup.”
Tai laughed. “All they need to do is convince W. that Prince Me will support WMDs. The military will clean him out, and we'll have complete control.”
Keitaro shivered in his hiding spot behind his bathing barrel. He didn't know why this was happening, but clutching his rolled up test booklet, he steadied himself.
“Onii-chan, where are you? I want to show you some things I want to wear for our honeymoon tonight.”
The enemy was near, and it was armed to take him down. Why me?