Loveless Fan Fiction / Pet Shop Of Horrors Fan Fiction ❯ Broken and Fallen ❯ New Pet ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
"Your name is Lunabelle Coffin.", the psychologist said, staring hard into Luna's eyes. She glared at him with a hard, steady gaze that warned him that if his face got any closer, he would be face down in a nameless river, kilometers from civilization in Cuba."Yes.", was all she said. The psychologist was a young man, maybe in his twenties or thirties, with brown hair and brown eyes. "How's your family life?", he had his stupid black pen ready next to his stupid notepad. Luna sighed and decided she had no choice but to tell the truth since there was really no benefit to lying."Mom and dad divorced. Dad was a drunk. I'm adopted. My brother really is my brother but he's overprotective. Dad's in jail on accounts of assault, battery, neglect, probation violations, drug possession, domestic abuse, child abuse, et London. We moved in with our Aunt Claire and kept my mom's surname instead of dad's. I'm new in school and I want to join the basketball team.", Luna said, rather apathetically.This guy was her fourth psychologist in her two weeks of being in San Francisco. She and her family live near Chinatown but her brother never lets her wander around like she used to in London.Why needed a psychologist in the first place, she didn't know. Her aunt Claire and adoptive mother Karin were talking one day and suggested this to Luna. Lucifer was against this because he wasn't allowed to follow her in after the second psychologist.The second person was in the hospital because he touched her hand. The first one was a girl who got nothing but insults from Luna and eventually needed a psychologist herself. Now, Luna knew why she was on her fourth psychologist and strapped into a chair that would administer small shocks whenever she got "aggressive".She had assaulted the third guy because he had been asking the same questions everyday and kept saying she had amnesia or insomnia or manic-depression or some other disease. Luna was insomniac but that never changed her energy levels. No charges were pressed on her but the guy went to a hospital for a broken arm.Now she sighed in relief as her session ended and she was freed. Luna was greeted by Claire instead of Karin or Lucifer."I need you to go into Chinatown to this shop.", she handed Luna a card with the address on it."Why?", she asked apathetically as she got into the car. Claire smiled in that way she always did, a knowing smile that always made Luna wonder what she was thinking of."To buy a pet of course. The Count is a good friend of mine and offered to give you a pet, free of charge.""Count?", Luna blinked, an image of Dracula in her mind. She looked out the window, "I don't need a pet.""Oh but you'll like the pet he picks for you. That’s where I got my dog, Isaac.", Claire pulled up by the shop in question, "You can walk home right?""Yes, I can but what about Lucifer?", Luna asked, genuinely curious as to whether Lucifer had agreed to this."Oh don't worry! Rin-chan and I have it covered!", Claire said before shoving a box of chocolates in her arms and speeding off, leaving a suspicious Luna behind.She walked in and was greeted by a taller man with short hair and different colored eyes."Welcome. You must be Luna.",Count D said and then clapped his hands, "Oh Claire made good on her promise! I've had my eye on these chocolates for weeks!", he said and took the box, setting it on the table."Uh, yeah. About my pet....""Of course. Follow me.", he said and opened the door to another room. As soon as she walked in, she was assaulted by incense. Immediately, some very good looking boys ran over, yelling "pick me!" Some had ears, others didn't. One boy with dark hair and violet eyes was in the corner, his dark ears twitching every so often. He was very beautiful to her and her eyes just wouldn't leave his form. On his left cheek was a bandage and on the other was a smaller strip of white."Oh, I see. Well, you two are a good match.", he walked over to the boy and ushered the boy over to Luna. "This is Aoyagi Ritsuka. He's a kitty.", the Count smiled. Luna blinked, "Yeah...kitty.", the Count handed her a pen and led her to a table where a piece of paper."Now, you must listen to these three simple conditions. 1)Always, always love him. 2)Take care of and treat him like you would any normal child. 3)You can show him to others, but never tell them where you got him. Understand?", Luna nodded, confused but not dwelling on it."If you do not follow these simple conditions, we are not responsible for the consequences....Now about those ears...", the Count smiled smoothly and explained about the ears. Luna blushed a little but signed and got a taxi home."Hey, I'm Lunabelle, call me Luna, okay?", Luna smiled and tried to touch his hand but he looked away, jerking his slender hand away. Ritsuka was quiet on the entire way home, always looking out the window with his violet eyes.Its as if he's never been outside before..., Luna thought, smiling and leaning her head on the window. She tipped the taxi driver and pulled Ritsuka out of the car.He looked around, seemingly indifferent, but she knew he was very interested in where they were going. Luna bought three boxes of strawberries and some chocolates for her. The sky grew dark as she walked down the street to a tall building, very typical of San Francisco. She walked in, greeting the door man with a slight lift of her black fedora.Casually, she led Ritsuka to an elevator. He studied it, unsure of what he was supposed to do and looked up to her for advice. Luna laughed and beckoned him inside.Once inside, she pressed the button for the top floor and leaned on the wall of the elevator, long hair in a loose ponytail at the nape of her neck. Her form fitting, green tank was long, clinging to her shape until just under her hips.Her skirt seemed to flare out under the tight tank, striped with a light green and neon green, with its smooth plaid pleats in grey and black. Lace trimmed the ends of her skirt and the shorts under it weren't visible. As she walked out into a cool, carpeted hallways with lights and numbered rooms, almost like a hotel, she walked on long legs, toned arms bared and combat boots not making a sound. Her long nails nearly scratched Ritsuka's arm when she touched it with her claw-like nails, clad in a seamless black.Ritsuka looked around, hearing only a few noises. There was music blaring in several of the rooms and some with laughing. He could hear TVs and people just talking. The clink of glasses together sounded from one room.With a sigh, Luna stopped at a door. Room 607. She lived on the top floor in the only room with access to the roof. Her aunt Claire was as wealthy as her adoptive mother and bought one of the few three bedroom condos here, though she only needed one room.Inside, a guitar was being tuned while the TV was on and the sounds of dinner being made were heard. Laughing from two women who were talking and a few muffled cries of "SHUT UP!" were heard from a male, presumably the one with the guitar.Luna sighed, procrastinating opening her door by looking at her studded wrist band and adjusting her green and black arm warmers with the fingers only covering a section of her slender fingers.Unfortunately, the sigh was heard and the door flung open. Lucifer looked up from his seat on the couch before dropping his guitar and storming towards the door, having seen Ritsuka."LUNA! FIRST, YOU WENT OUT TO CHINATOWN WITHOUT ME AND DIDN'T TELL ME! AND NOW YOU BRING HOME A BOY!!!!",Lucifer boomed and Claire elbowed him to the ground, which brought up another one of those weird arguments they have often that ends in some weird insult like, "GO GET HIT BY A CLOWN CAR WITH RETARDED SENIOR CITIZENS IN IT!" Luna sighed and caught part of the conversation. Lucifer had been moved to the guest room and Ritsuka would sleep with Luna in her room. She shrugged when her adoptive mom, whom she always called Karin, asked if it was okay.
She sighed again, flicking her fedora as she walked into the house, kicking off her boots at the door. Ritsuka followed suit, leaving his sorry excuse for white sneakers at the door next to her brand new boots with their perfect black leather."Lets go.", she said and took Ritsuka's hand. This time, he didn't jerk away or object in any way. As she walked into her room, she set her fedora on a hook next to her four poster bed with see through red curtains for a canopy. The wood was dark and polished and she had painted an amazing sunset scene on her head board.
Luna sat down on her bed and Ritsuka stood there for a while before lying down next to her, not knowing where to go. Her bed was right by her long, thin window which covered most of that wall, occupying a corner with its red curtains and large window sill with pillows and a folded blanket.
Her computer was rested on a desk on the right of her bed with a spinning black chair that matched the one that sat randomly between the window and her bed. Next to her bed, on her left, was a little table with three drawers and a lamp on top of it, beyond the table was a smaller window with closed red curtains.
Luna sighed, reaching out to pet him. Her hand lingered between his ears while he stared blankly, his eyes staring in deep thought at nothing. Ritsuka allowed her to pet him, closing his eyes in consent. He liked the feel of her soft hand on his rather messy and tangled hair.
She ran a hand through his hair, careful to avoid hurting him because of her fingers being snagged in the many tangles he had in his beautiful but mistreated hair.
“You should wash your hair…do you want to take a bath? I’ll get it ready for you.”, Luna watched as his violet eyes opened and stared into her peculiar eyes. Ritsuka studied her eyes for a second, completely forgetting his curiosity and utter confusion as to what a ‘bath’ was.
Her eyes were a creamy, light blue with deep but feathery black strokes and specks of gold, white, and violet, cutely sprinkled around her silver edged irises. The pupils of her eyes were thick slits like a cat’s eyes with several shades of blue in faint, hard to notice strokes.
‘She has beautiful lashes…and her skin looks so soft…’,Ritsuka thought, resisting the desire to reach out and touch her creamy, light tan skin. His hands wee cupped together infront of his chest, his knees slightly drawn up. Her slight but athletic frame was positioned similarly to his except that her hand was resting on his head between his ears and that her head was propped up by her bent left arm.
“Well?”, Luna asked. Ritsuka looked at her, conveying in facial expression that he didn’t know what a bath was.
Luna caught the message and sighed heavily for what seemed the thousandth time today, ”I guess I’ll wash you….”, she looked down and pointed towards his pants, “You have some shorts under that…?”, he nodded and she sighed, “Undress.” she said calmly as she sat up on the bed, on her knees towering above him on his left.
Ritsuka blinked but shrugged and looked down at his clothes, fumbling with the buttons on his shirt. Luna laughed a little, making Ritsuka blush in embarrassment, and began to undo his shirt for him, leaning over him in a way that looked wrong in several ways.
His back was to the door as Claire walked and it was hard to see exactly what was going on due to the curtains that were open, but not much. She started talking, “Dinner is almost rea…dy…”, Claire stopped for a second, registering what she saw before continuing, “Oh! I’m sorry you two! Just wash up before dinner!”
“AUNT CLAIRE!!!”, Luna groaned, “I was going to wash him!!”, Luna protested and Ritsuka just lay there, his knees bent and his legs open, with his arms above his head and shirt undone. He looked down at his pants and began to remove them, unzipping them and pulling them off.
Luna turned back when Claire began staring and groaned again, “RITSUKA!”, she turned back to her Aunt to say something but she had already gone, giggling down the hall to tell Karin and hopefully not Lucifer.
She sighed and Ritsuka folded his pants, “What? You told me to undress.”, he pointed out in a creamy, sweet sounding voice that was a little raspy from him not talking much.
“You talked!”, Luna tackled him onto the bed in a hug, her arms wrapped tightly about his slender torso, around the waist while his arms were above his head and his legs still open.
Lucifer walked in right at this moment, having heard Claire talking to Karin, and loudly cleared his throat which Luna replied to with a growl.
“What are you doing…?”
“I’m hugging him.”
“While he is partially naked….”
“And this boy is naked in your bed because…?”
“I’m going to wash his pretty hair.”
“Yes well….I disapprove.”
“And I don’t CARE, now GET OUT!”
“I AM YOUR BROTHER DAMNIT AND I DEMAND RESPECT!”, Claire pulled him into a headlock and dragged him away with her hand over his mouth. She gave them a thumbs up and a wink before closing the door.
Luna sighed and walked over to the bathtub, starting up the warm water and applying a bubble solution that smelled like the strawberries she had put in her mini fridge with the chocolates. He stared in wonder, getting on his knees and leaning over the tub, running his hand around in the bubbles.
He was impossibly adorable with his tail waving around like that and ears twitching. She pet him, “You need to go in that.”
“In there?”, he asked innocently and Luna nodded, picking him up under the his arms. Before Ritsuka could yell his protests she lifted him up, “Close your eyes and mouth!”, she warned before putting him inside. Ritsuka seemed about to scream but didn’t since he had only said about eight words today and still wasn’t used to speaking.
He sat there, letting the warmth take him as she began to scrub his back, arms, and legs. Luna washed his face like mother or older sister would to a young toddler.
Ritsuka let her pour water on him and scrub him vigorously but gently. It felt good to feel the cleanliness wash over his body and the bubbles smelled nice to him. He let her lather shampoo in his dark hair, not really protesting much at all as he closed his eyes.
“I’m going to add conditioner. You should let it soak in before rinsing it out but don’t stay in too long.”, Luna said as she rinsed out the sweet smelling shampoo and put in a conditioner with a familiar scent.
Ritsuka nodded and flicked his ears, drops of water splashing onto her face a little. A towel kept her clothes dry as she lathered the conditioner in his hair like she did with the shampoo.
“I’m going to go get you some clothes to wear and boxers. When you’ve rinsed out the conditioner dry yourself up and let me brush and dry your hair after you dress.”, Luna said before disappearing and reappearing in the bathroom with a neatly folded pile of clothes.
On the top was black boxers, a pair of black basketball shorts, and a loose black tank with little black and white socks. Ritsuka spoke up before she was about to leave, “Wait, do I get gloves like yours?”, he asked softly.
“Do you want some?”, he thought for a minute then nodded. Luna smiled, “I’ll give you some when you finish.”, he nodded again and let the conditioner soak in. He listened to the soft, muffled sound of her sweet voice, singing along with what was presumably her ipod. Ritsuka rinsed out the conditioner, then shook his head.
Ritsuka got out, pulling the plug and standing up. He walked out, his pale feet soaking the rug underneath them, and dried himself off using a very fluffy and soft white towel. In moments, he was dressed in the all black clothes, loose on him as they probably were on her, and nearly fell over when he tried to pull on the socks while standing.
He walked out with the towel, sitting on the bed next to Luna. Upon feeling the mattress depressing under Ritsuka’s weight, thought it wasn’t by much, Luna pulled the head phones out of her ears and sat up behind him on her knees, grabbing the towel and rubbing his hair with it.
Luna continued to rub his hair until it was only a bit damp, as opposed to the soaking mass of black it was before, then leaned back lazily, reaching her table and producing from one of its mysterious drawers a big purple brush that she pulled through his messy hair. He could feel the tangles being brushed out and his hair becoming soft and light, almost angelic like Luna’s hair was to him.
Ritsuka looked in the close, sliding mirror doors as she left the bed to find him a pair of gloves. She looked around in the top drawer full of socks, gloves, and other gothic accessories like wristbands and collars. He saw himself with messy but shining black hair, brushed to perfection but very long, and bright violet eyes that greatly contrasted to his skin.
He rarely looked at himself in mirrors, in fact, he’s practically never seen himself other than in the eyes of other people. More so, he only had a faint idea of how he looked like by seeing his hands or touching his hair or what others told him.
She came back with a pair of scissors and a razor blade and Ritsuka’s heart pounded as she walked over, scared that she might hurt him. Instead, she gently picked him up from the bed after having set the tools on the computer desk, and sat him into the spinning chair. He sat there as she tied the towel loosely about his neck, covering his torso, shoulders, and part of his lap.
The floor underneath the chair and table was hardwood, polished and dark, with enough room to push the seat back, spin, or move to the sides and was wide enough for the table.
“You need a hair cut…”, Luna mumbled and began to cut his hair, first at the bottom before using the razor to layer his hair. She used her nimble fingers as long, slender instruments to come through his hair in a fast, almost spidery fashion. There were gloves and a wrist band on the bed next to her own, which she had taken off.
“Are you going to color my hair like yours?”, Ritsuka inquired to the person who worked painstakingly on his hair, layering every part to make it messy and uneven in a good way and paying attention to the smallest of his dark locks, making sure they were short instead of the unruly mess they had been before.
“Color? The only coloring I’ve done on my hair is the neon green underneath. My bangs are naturally a different color from the rest of my hair. No coloring.”, Luna explained, “But tomorrow I could color your hair if you want.”, she said before spinning the chair around.
Luna trimmed the fur on his ears and tail with a smaller pair of scissors and the razor carefully before moving on to the other side of his hair, careful with both his human ears and his cat ears.
He heard the razor cutting through, making scratchy noises on his damp hair, and the soft cling of the her scissors when they closed. Ritsuka kept perfectly still, reluctant to mess her up or to accidentally somehow cause her to do harm to either her or himself, though she was more of a priority than a precaution caused by common sense.
Ritsuka watched from the corner of his eye, observing how her face was absolutely focused, her eyes often darting with a thoughtful stare to the locks left uncut. Eventually, she spun him around once more, away from the mirror, to face her.
Luna smiled at him, “Now for your bangs…god I have no idea how you can see through those! They’re like a curtain over your pretty face!”
“Pretty…?”, he questions, unsure of that statement. He’d never been called ‘pretty’ before. It was a little odd but in a good way.
“Yeah.”, she pushed her nimble hand under his hair onto his face and gently pushed them aside, “You have a gorgeous face.”, Luna grinned and he said nothing, just staring at her hands, deep in thought as she began to trim his bangs, the hair falling onto the towel, piling thick on his lap.
Ritsuka observed as she cut his bangs across his face in a straight line a little past his eyes before suddenly cutting through with one hand holding the scissors and the other using the razor to make his bangs uneven, a little like hers, except that he could see through separate parts.
She combed out the remaining of the cut hairs with her fingers, piles of them falling down until she gently brought up a purple comb from her desk to brush it out.
Luna untied the towel, shaking it so that the hair fell onto the floor, “You can get up now.”, she said before retrieving a broom with a flat pan tool to brush the hairs into and pour into her trash can. As Ritsuka looked at himself in the mirror, amazed at how clean cut he looked with messy hair, she cleaned up the mess until they heard a call from downstairs.
“Dinner’s ready!!!”, called the voice of her adoptive mother, Karin, followed by, “If you take any longer, I’ll come up there myself!!!”, which was her brother’s voice, still mildly angry.
Luna smiled and pulled on her gloves, clicking her wristband around her left wrist before turning Ritsuka around to face her.
“Here, you can keep these.”, she said and slid long, fingerless purple and black gloves with little cats on the outer sides of the gloves, black on the top purple stripe at his elbows. Luna clasped a studded wristband on his right wrist and opened the door, “Dinner time.”
They ran downstairs and began to eat their food. Talk ensued while Lucifer glared at Ritsuka the entire time, not even trying to make it discreet. Life with Ritsuka and Lucifer under the same roof was obviously going to be rough…but interesting.