Lucky Star Fan Fiction ❯ Tsukasa's Bad Day ❯ One-Shot

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
At first it was an ordinary day in Tsukasa's life. She'd gotten married and had two kids. Twin daughters, in fact. Their names were Miko and Saya. Indeed, Tsukasa had no reason to believe anything would disrupt her life. But it would.

Her daughters had just gotten back from Kagami's and were somewhat tired.

"Did you have fun?" Tsukasa said.

"Mostly," said Miko, "but Auntie Kagami made us do chores too."

"I suppose she just wants to make sure you don't end up I like once did."

"Mom," Saya said, "I can't figure how to turn this on."

"Let me see it then," Tsukasa said. She was struggling to figure it out when it suddenly shorted out. She tossed it away, but not before sparks landed on her. Within moments her dress was on fire.

"Oh no!" Saya exclaimed.

Tsukasa tried putting out the fire herself, with no success. Miko then tried helping her, but she wasn't having much luck either.

"Go get your father," Tsukasa finally said to Miko. "Hurry!"

Miko ran out of the house, while Saya could do little more than watch her mother burn.

It was all Miko could do to remain calm while she tried to figure out where her father might be. She soon picked a direction and ran, knowing she couldn't afford a wrong guess.

Meanwhile, Yuki was working on a painting, unaware of what was happening to his wife back home. That changed when he saw Miko running toward him. When she reached him she was nearly out of breath.

"Dad," she said, "Mom's on fire!"

He was about to lecture her about inappropriate jokes, but her tone convinced him she was serious.

"Okay, Miko," he said. "I'll be right there. Come home when you're caught your breath." He then took off for the house. It didn't take him as long, since he knew where he was going, and he was used to running.

Back home, Tsukasa was near the point of panic; it seemed the flames would soon engulf her. Saya was in the corner crying her eyes out, certain her mother was going to die. Tsukasa herself wasn't all that certain.

Just then, Yuki came running in. He grabbed a rug off the floor and ran to his wife. He soon managed to put the fire out. Miko came home a few minutes later to find her mother severely burned. Tsukasa was taken to the hospital.

Later that night, Kagami and Miyuki came to visit.

"And then he wrapped the rug around me," Tsukasa said, as she finished telling them her story.

"It figures you'd forget what we learned about fire safety," Kagami said.

"Where's Konata?"

"At home with her family. She's still figuring out how to be a mother, having grown up without one."

"Well, anyway," Miyuki said, "I wish you luck with your recovery."

"Thanks, Miyuki!" said Tsukasa.

"I'm sure Konata will come visit when she has the chance," said Kagami. She then saw a nurse coming in. "It seems it's time for us to leave. Please get well!"

Soon, Tsukasa was alone in her room. She had no idea if or when things would get back to normal. Still, at the moment she was just thankful to be alive.