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Chapter 11
Back at the new designated base, Gilliam and Maria debrief their new pilot Aegis, about the current situation. VF-X Ravens and the MBF had won against the enemy forces. Several enemy ships escaped… One of those... was the main flagship of the Critical Path Corporation, whom now have no leadership member... but only the commander of the ship. VF-X was safe and unharmed, with the reported betrayal of a pilot from Alpha Squadron named Aegis Focker... Gilliam and Maria then tells of the whole tale of this war's beginning...
The truth came to light upon Aegis...
Wilbur Garland was the one pulling the strings back at U.N Headquarters. He was the one who sympathized with the Black Raven Terrorists, the one who collaborated with Critical Path Corporation for the Target Jamming System, and the one who has really betrayed them all. The war, was meant to test out the Jamming System, and at the same time, wipe out potential threats... who would threaten his plans should it backfire. And that was, the plans for removal of Ex-Captains Gilliam Angreat and Aegis Focker, two of the most elite pilots in Alpha Squadron and the most potentially dangerous elements who threatened his plans.
It is true that Gilliam said Alpha Squadron was always deployed out by orders of Commander Wilbur Garland, in an effort to have either both of them destroyed eventually. The plan failed obviously. Only at that point where Mariafokina Barnrose appeared coincidentally at the “Snow White” mission, only to convince Gilliam at that time, as Aegis, could not have been trusted at that time. Maria knew much about Gilliam's personal past and piloting history. Which was why she could only trust him. Also, the renegade pilots of the VB-6 KonigMonsters at that time secretly learnt of the plans to have Alpha Squadron eventually disposed of. Taking actions upon their own hands, they hijacked the KonigMonsters and opposed Wilbur Garland. Unfortunately, Aegis could not have heard of the truth before then, which led to the unfortunate disposal of two innocent pilots and two very powerful VB's... Gilliam simply assured Aegis his innocence on the matter.
As for Black Raven Terrorist Group... Timoshie Daldahnton was an elite Wilbur Garland had hired. Wilbur had heard of the plans for taking over the government body that is the U.N Spacy Government currently, and knowing he would be destroyed eventually as being part of the military fleet, he convinced and “hired” Timoshie, that he would be an essential and voluntary element, one who knows inside matters about the U.N, therefore joining forces with the bad side. Critical Path Corporation was a neutral element, until when they developed the new Target Jamming System, did they side with the bad guys, plotting and building up forces against the U.N Spacy Government's space armada. Those in cohorts with Critical Path also joined in the silent campaign against them.
During the mission King & I, Critical Path Corporation deployed the satellites that would eventually hit U.N Headquarters and perhaps the VF-X Ravens Ground Base. These military installments had disruption fields that would prevent total accurate lock-on from long-distance projectiles or attacks. U.N had already detected the danger and had requested VF-X Ravens to handle the matter. As again, Wilbur Garland compromised the mission in three ways. He had given away the accurate lock-on co-ordinates of the bases. But eventually the plan was wasted. Then he was the one who allowed the sudden appearance of a “Destroyer” class battleship that would have hoped to cripple and destroy Alpha Squadron and leave their main Carrier unharmed. This plan failed as well... Finally the appearance of Timoshie Daldahnton as a last resort... However, before his timely demise, he had leaked particular but not exact important information to Aegis, which could have later affected his decision to join Gilliam.
Also during the mission “Singin' In The Rain” as well, the Black Rainbow Mech, was originally a plan for a land assault mech from the U.N Spacy. Modifications to the plans allowed the creation of the Black Rainbow Mech that was built by Critical Path Corporation and made for the Black Ravens. Limited resources had only allowed one to be built.
Finally in the mission “Pinocchio” The missile submarines and flagship that Aegis supposedly destroyed, belonged to the U.N military. Commander Garland had tempered with the FOF(Friend or Foe) systems to identify them as enemies. And Aegis' “Fighter/Sub VA-3M Invader” was wired with a stealth device, preventing identification of his craft, allowing Aegis much freedom to assault the ships... unknowingly.
Gilliam's disappearance should have been reported to U.N Spacy. But Wilbur Garland had denied that report to disallow further transfers unwillingly. However, Gilliam's relative who had not heard from him after a long time, reported a confidential request for Gilliam's condition. It was by sheer luck that only after Gilliam went MIA that U.N demanded a little conference with Gilliam. Wilbur could not have faked this issue and had to report his MIA status, allowing the “unwilling” (in Wilbur's viewpoint) and transfers of Syun Tohma and Suzie Newtlet. Who would further hinder his plans with the Terrorists.
Then came to personal issues... During the personal simulation he wanted to conduct for Aegis(refer Chapter 3), the simulation mission data that had supposedly went “missing” ... which was not the case. Aegis was correct when he saw and guessed the white-cloaked figure was Wilbur Garland. Indeed. It was Wilbur Garland whom had entered the room before and deleted the data that Gilliam had reserved in the mainframe computer. In order to prevent preparedness when dealing with Timoshie Daldahnton, he had deliberately done that.
And the nonsensical issue of orders to have ONLY Aegis, Tohma and Suzie deployed with pathetic Valkyries, was part of Wilbur's plotting in the mission “Mary Poppins”.
The massive loads of figures and truths; Aegis had listened to the whole story well, aside Maria and Gilliam whom was seated beside him. In a rage of pent-up anger and fury, Aegis stood up much to Maria's surprise and slammed his fist on squarely on the glass coffee table in front of him. The glass cracked... but not shattered. No blood leaked from Aegis' fist.
Aegis: “Damned! And to think, we the Alpha Squadron of VF-X Ravens were used to do his bidding... Wilbur Garland you bastard!”
Gilliam: “It took me too long to realise. We could have dragged you in, but you understood that you could not be trusted yet. Without you at VF-X Raven's side, their missions would have been a total flop already. Simply, you had done enough “damage” for Wilbur Garland to be happy about.”
Maria: “Gilliam is right. You were an essential element to his plans. Therefore despite knowing that he's putting you in danger, he knew you'd eventually deal with it. If he had been to “lenient” to you, you'd probably begin to get overly suspicious...”
Gilliam: “Wilbur Garland has been smarter than I thought... Maria... Aegis... We just can't allow this to go on...”
After the long and tiring debrief and story, Gilliam decides to hang on with Aegis for a drink, to drown their worries and sorrows altogether. Maria had simply refused the pleasure of a drink. Together they walked down the aisle towards the bar room...
Gilliam: “Aegis... Tomorrow, we hope to find the final flagship of the Critical Path Corporation. If we do, we destroy it... And the accursed corporation will be of no further threat. Black Ravens is dead... but VF-X still remains with a sizable battle strength remaining.”
Aegis: “VF-X... this name is no longer a concern to me now... I a traitor to them and nothing else matters.”
Gilliam: “A traitor to the good side, remember. Now you know whom our real enemy is. It is not the U.N Spacy Government, not the VF-X Ravens nor Alpha Squadron... But Wilbur Garland himself!”
Aegis felt more at ease after hearing the words of consolation from Gilliam. They drank to their heart's delight, celebrating their fateful reunion after being separated for months.
When it was time to rest up for the night, Aegis couldn't stop thinking about Eimi. He had questions in his mind... “What will Eimi think of me?”, “Will I be able to see Eimi?” and “What will be my fate from now on...” All this, Aegis alone could not answer...
Gilliam: “Hey lad, something bothering you?”
Aegis: “Eimi...”
Gilliam: “Ah... I could tell from first glance you're lovesick and worried somehow. I understand... you must be wondering how will you ever face her in future and would you ever see her again right? Heh... this is so easy...”
Aegis: “Well... as much as I miss her... To her, I'm probably a traitor now...”
Gilliam: “Hmmph... I think you still have supporters onboard VF-X. It must be obvious that some of them sympathize with your decision. Not everyone knows the right or wrong path. For all you know... Eimi could be one of them... I know the mission controllers well enough... They're probably thinking whether who is right and who is wrong now...”
Aegis: “Perhaps you're right... Thanks Gilliam.” Giving a slap on the back.
Gilliam: “Come on, we've got to sleep now... tomorrow we have a mission...”
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