Mahou Sensei Negima! Fan Fiction / Pani Poni Dash! Fan Fiction ❯ I Am Negima!?, AND SO CAN YOU! Act I ❯ Prologue: Legends Have It ( Prologue )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

I am Negima!?, and So Can You!
Prologue: Legend Has It
(Disclaimer: I bear no ownership of Negima, PPD, or anything that isn't this tale's main antagonist. Stand with me as I reintroduce this tale of chaotic crossover intrigue!)
Legends make up a good portion of human storytelling, and this story, as crazy and lunatic as it is, is no exception. Legends often surround things that people see, but cannot explain or grasp. Legends are how many folk tales, stories, and adventures are born. You could say legends are the stuff that stories are made of, and by now you are probably sick of me spamming that word. But bear with me, that word holds meaning here in the exposition.
You see, there's a prestigious academy that lies somewhere in the heart of Japan. And by prestigious I don't mean difficult, I mean rich. There's all sorts of culture, science, and discoveries that happen there, but that's not what matters. Mahora is rich in... you guessed it, legends. Legends say that the World Tree was born on this very grounds eons ago, and the headmaster of the school had been convinced through a charm or spell of sorts to build Mahora there. There's a legend about a chupacabra who prowls the grounds. There's even legends that a rare item, only known as the Star Crystal, was created here. But we don't know that for sure.
But maybe there's a plausible explanation for all this. Something linking all those legends and giving them life.
We'll call that magic.
Now now, hold your angry mob tendencies. You in the back, stop laughing, wait until the story actually begins, please. As I was saying, magic is, unknown to the general public, rampant in parts of this school. Thanks to something, or someone, Mahora Academy is a weirdness magnet for all sorts of strange, unexplained things. The tale I'm about to tell will weave these things together, and show you how they are all connected. The key to this, perhaps, lays within yet another legend. A legend, perhaps more dangerous than any other, so dangerous that even SHAFT or Ken Akamatsu dare not say a word of it.
I speak of the legend of the Bedeviled Swan.
Got you with Serious Business(tm), yet?
It was here that felt perfect; it was a nice place to ease his mental turmoil.
Slowly, a figure walked into the lake, to bathe himself in both its cold depths and the shining moon above. “Look at the mess I got myself into...” he whispered his thoughts to the outside world. “Perhaps old habits die hard.” The figure came to a stop, it only made sense that those swelling emotions within him called for an epic monologue! Raising his right hand and curling his fingers like a claw, he bellowed, “But I can't stay still, knowing that someone is going to paint a portrait of ruin without MY consent!”
One could hear the savage grin growing on his face. “Here I am, under the circle of the moon, talking of a harmony of dissonance like a true lunatic should! I sing my own aria of sorrow for those who dare become more evil than I... it truly feels nice to become a card-carrying villain once again! Perhaps I should eclipse this world under a perfect symphony of the night, or should I issue in a dawn of sorrow and darkness?! But alas...” The fervor of his voice stopped, replaced with a sad, less emotional sanity and softness. “What horrible night to have a curse... of conscience.”
Conviction returned to his voice, although nowhere near as strong as it was before. “I will wait here. By the dawn, the darkness shall decide what path my heart takes,” the shadow, as a last test to check the evil in his heart, let a ringing laugh of evil echo in the valley that night.
“Have you heard?”
“About what?”
“Shortly before the Star Crystal was stolen, a swan appeared before the guards.”
“A... swan? What's the big deal?”
“You Japanese don't see swans that much, do you?”
“Can't say we have.”
“In any case, the swan showed up right after the guards laughed off some girl. Next thing we know, the Star Crystal's gone.”
“Good god, they're blaming their woeful incompetence on a swan?!”
“Perhaps you didn't notice. They weren't incompetent until that swan showed its face. It looks like this swan was a bad omen.”
“Shouldn't we tell that to the dean of that school?”
“Our agents are already on that, actually. Unfortunately too much involvement from our end means that the operation could go south... incredibly quickly.”
“True... So what's the best thing to do?”
“We wait... we wait and hope the guys at Mahora are strong enough to take whatever that is on.”
And on that note of darkness, let our story begin as we move into Act 1 of this strange So—err I mean this tale. Remember kids, I am Negima!?, and SO CAN YOU!