Mahou Sensei Negima! Fan Fiction / Pani Poni Dash! Fan Fiction ❯ I Am Negima!?, AND SO CAN YOU! Act I ❯ Chapter 1: "WHO WROTE THIS SCHEME?!" By Becky ( Chapter 1 )

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Act I: Scheme!? Final Mix
Chapter 1: “WHO WROTE THIS SCHEME!?” by Becky
Our story begins not in the halls of Mahora Academy, but somewhere on the other side of Tokyo: The Peach Moon Academy. Or at least, the apartment of one of their teachers.
This was the residence of a Rebecca Miyamoto, a child genius and M.I.T graduate at the tender age of 11 (Sorry guys, no relation to Shigeru). The young blond-haired, blue-eyed lass taught mathematics and headed class 1-C at Peach Moon, but now, an idle Friday morning, she was merely getting dressed and preparing for breakfast.
Of course, that's when she got a phone call.
“Becky-chan!” Her elder sister called. “Phone for you!”
“Fine, I'll get it!” She dashed back into her room and picked up the phone there. “Hello?” She answered. “Professor? I'm okay… YOU WHAT?! B-b-b-but… why THERE?... There's ALREADY AN ESCORT?!” The blonde furtively looked outside the window to see a taxi waiting down below. Man, the Professor was FAST. However, now came the insane rush to pack…
“Oh Becky?” Her older sister called in. “I got a call from the professor earlier, your bags are already packed!”
Things seemed to fall into place too perfectly and far too quickly... almost like this was a story! Becky knew at that instant she was being set up for something. But what that was didn't matter—might as well take it in stride, huh?
“Mesousa! Let's GO!” Becky shouted back into the room.
The small 'tap, tap' of feet could be heard as the pathetic rabbit stepped wearily into view. The sobbing rabbit, as his name implied, already had a river of tears streaming down his face. “Wait... where are we going?” he asked in his soft, high-pitched voice. “Is there any point?”
“We have no time for that, let's GO!” She grabbed the miserable creature by the ears and pushed her bags out of the door, waving a quick goodbye to her sister while she was at it. Who knew what kind of trouble could await our heroine...?
Meanwhile, at the land known to us as Mahora, intrepid child genius Negi Springfield was having a seemingly unrelated problem.
“It's that time of year again,” Headmaster Konoe had said in a slightly serious voice. Both he and Negi were seated in the Headmaster's office, the rising sun beginning to shine much more strongly through the windows. The old man was stroking his long, white beard, giving Negi a steady gaze.
“W-what time of year?” Negi asked. Judging by the Headmaster's rather formal tone, it had to be important… right?
“End of term exams, of course,” he answered sagely. A small grin crossed his face. “What, you were expecting something magic related?”
That was a question Negi probably couldn't answer. He didn't bother to, rather he got down to business. “So I need to prepare my students for this exam?” He queried in his usual polite voice.
“Heh, Negi-kun. You can only do so much as their teacher. Let me show you something,” Negi wasn't sure he was liking the deviousness creeping into the old man's voice. In any case, the man pulled out a simple chart, showing some test scores. Negi recognized his students' names immediately.
He also saw that the scores weren't good. “EEEHHH!? B-b-b-but they do so well on my tests…”
“Look closer, Negi-kun. Those aren't scores from English.” Konoe's eyes continued to twinkle mischievously.
“Huh…” Negi indeed looked closer. Those were math scores. And unfortunately, as bright as he was, math was not a subject he was good at teaching. “So, they're having difficulty in their math studies… even Lingshen-san is barely pushing top-tier. Who teaches math?”
“Nitta-sensei,” Konoe coolly answered.
That name brought chills to Negi's spine. What was even worse was the fact that he had only heard the name before. Asuna had griped about a “Nitta-sensei” a couple of times after class, and Yuuna-san also complained that “Nitta-sensei” was the devil incarnate, and Setsuna-san mentioned something about a Sakurazaki ritual that involved surviving some sort of test from a “Nitta-sensei”, and well… you get the point. So it was no surprise when Negi nearly yelled, “Nitta-sensei?! The rumored madman of math?”
“You should hush or he'll hear you, mya,” A white puffball with cat ears and an adorable face landed on Negi's left shoulder, bouncing to an invisible rhythm. What kind of rhythm, we may never know.
“His punishments might be harsher than ours—in a good way,” A green… thing that supposed to be a frog with a necktie stood on Negi's right shoulder.
“Shichimi-san! Motsu-san!” Negi said their names, his voice dropping.
“Nitta-sensei seems to have a death grip on your class's passing grades, mya!” Shichimi pointed out.
“I know I have nothing to do with their math studies, but how can I call myself a teacher when my students can't pass their math tests?” Negi began to panic.
“You truly are wise and noble of heart to concern yourself, Negi-kun,” the dean smiled softly, though you could barely tell with his thick beard. “This isn't entirely out of your hands, yet. You just need… a little help.”
“Help?” Negi blinked, unsure of what the man could mean.
“On its way, as a matter of fact. Negi-kun, slide about three feet to my left please,” Konoe added this last sentence almost like an afterthought, but Negi did as he was told, although the confusion in his face was apparent. He noticed the dean was now even with him once more. “A math teacher with considerable talent and probably much more likely to get along with your students. She's probably even someone you can easily relate to, hee hee hee hee hee,” Negi knew for sure he was being set up for SOMETHING at this point, but considering the person setting him up wasn't out to harm him, what was the worst the man could do?
He probably shouldn't have asked that question in his head. Way to jinx it, Negi Springfield.
Within five seconds, a taxi cab crashed through the large, stained glass window, coming into a crash landing where Negi and the dean had sat moments before. Negi stared in open-mouthed shock, but the dean only raised a bushy eyebrow. It was quite absurd for a car to sail into the dean's office, but at least there were no casualties—except maybe Motsu, who was frog paste and bad luck anyways, so who cared about him? Most people think he's the most annoying creature in the universe.
Both faculty sat in stupefied silence, that was until the door began to open—and fell apart before it could even swing out. “Oh dear... again?” a voice mumbled, somewhat uncaring. A girl with blond hair stepped out, dressed in a rather cute outfit and holding a small handbag. She surveyed the mess, mumbling something about it not being the first time and dusted herself off. “The cops are too reckless around here...” About this time the dean stood up, a much broader smile on his face.
“Well then! Negi Springfield-kun, let me introduce you to Rebecca Miyamoto, your new assistant teacher and mathematical genius of the Peach Moon Institute.” Konoe introduced the girl with a grand, sweeping bow. Too bad at the bottom of said bow, his back gave out. “My back!”
Becky stared for a moment, something trying to click in her head. She suddenly exclaimed, “Jiji-san has relatives?”
Negi wasn't quite sure of what to make of this fellow child teacher, Rebecca Miyamoto. She was only a year older than he was, which was something he hadn't seen in a while, to say the least. Almost everyone he regularly interacted with in Mahora was a good deal older than he was. She also seemed so nonchalant about everything, answering all his thanks with a “No big deal” or “whatever.”
Negi, however, wasn't finished yet. Attempting to be amiable again, the boy began, “Miyamoto-san, about my class...”
“Don't worry about it,” Becky waved him off. “I've handled wild classes before. What's the worst that could happen?”
“Arrrggghhh,” Asuna Kagurazaka sunk into her seat, the bells in her hair sounding her defeat. Most of the class was in a heated discussion about today's math test, or should we say math torture. Algebra could truly be a bitch when the man teaching it was a true bastard. And the redhead wasn't taking the punishment well at all. “All I see are numbers. Millions and millions of numbers. Damn you, Nitta-sensei...” A small river of tears flowed from her bloodshot eyes.
“Don't worry, Asuna,” Konoka patted her friend's back. “I'm sure there will be plenty of fast food restaurants we can work at if we flunk out.” That didn't seem to help Asuna's spirits. The red-haired girl only groaned again. “Besides,” Konoka continued. “Negi-sensei said that he'd find some way to help us out with an extra math review. Something about a new assistant.”
Asuna felt a great ray of hope! “Really?!” she asked perking up. “Who is it?”
The door suddenly swung open, and silence fell upon the class like a slowly falling leaf. The small 'tap tap' of feet could be heard as a puny white rabbit entered the room. As if he forgot something, he flinched for a bit before walking back. A moment later, the tiny creature returned, inching along a simple stepladder.
That shining light of hope at the end of Asuna's tunnel? Turns out it was only the headlamp of an oncoming train.
“We're screwed,” Asuna's head collided with her desk, feeling that train flatten her mental spirit. In a tired voice, she muttered, “Konoka, wake me up when Armageddon comes... we might actually find a job then...”
But this was only the opening act. The REAL showcase had yet to begin.
Shortly after everyone reached the wrong conclusion of that tiny creature being their new teacher, someone else walked in. The girl was dressed in a lab coat, which strangely shielded her rather cute blouse and skirt. Asuna stopped wallowing in misery long enough to see this new entry to the classroom. She was heavily reminded of a very cute Evangeline... this fact alone disturbed her deeply.
Becky looked at the class. There were a whooping twenty-nine of them, plus two empty seats that would likely house more. She was somewhat intimidated, but considering that she had a class this side back at home... Swallowing all fear, she shyly introduced herself. “Hello... I am Rebecca Miyamoto, and I am the new math assistant for your class.”
There was silence for about five seconds before most of the class erupted in excitement. Several cries of “How cute!” or “ANOTHER child teacher?!” echoed throughout the room.
Becky couldn't believe her eyes OR her ears. It was like back in the first day of school at Peach Moon, except now it consisted entirely of female neanderthals. How did that boy even deal with this kind of mess? Considering his meager attitude, he was probably screwed the moment they started acting like this. The fact that she wasn't faring any better wasn't important, of course.
“Did you come from Whales too!?” One girl in the back exclaimed, a girl with blond hair done in some spiky fashion. She was obviously a cheerleader by her peppy voice, and probably not bright either.
“Where did you graduate?” Another girl asked.
“Are you going to go out with Negi?!”
The girl asking that question failed to realize the terrible impact until it was too late. By now, the whole class was in an uproar, talking about the fate of their new assistant teacher and the likelihood of an affair with their equally young English teacher.
Ayaka quickly moved to the rescue. “Silence!” She slammed the desk for emphasis. Startling most of the class silent. “It is entirely unfair to assume that this young girl would start an affair with Negi-sensei!”
“That's because she's competition!” Asuna retorted.
What did you just say?!”
Mission Failed. Ayaka lost her cool and immediately ran up to have a face-stretching contest with an angry Asuna.
Becky twitched. Her anger, or should we say urge to kill, was rising. Finally the pot of her eternal rage boiled over, and, snapping the chalk in her hand, she screamed, “WILL YOU IRRITATING INSECTS SHUT UP?!”
This drew the class into a shocked silence. Becky continued. “Just because I'm the same age as your snotty teacher doesn't mean I'm going out with him! Wait, that's not even right! I'm ONE YEAR OLDER!” This was met with gasps as well. “I'm here to teach you math so you can pass the tests of some old lunatic!” There were gasps at this as well, although these were more of admiration. However, Becky had yet to use her most devastating blow. “Fine, you can ask questions, but use your heads! And don't ask so many at once... you lower lifeforms!”
To top everything off, Becky gave them the finger.
This absolutely shocking act lay the class into a stunned silence. Becky was too busy grinning at her self victory over those so called “lower lifeforms” to notice that they weren't silent just from her. As if they had been there all along, six figures had appeared on the scene with the stealth of ninjas. 3-A's brains took a moment to register their new additions as one stepped forward to repeat history. Thusly, Becky was in for a shock when somebody pounded her head.
“You STILL have no respect for your students,” a familiar voice reprimanded. “Just because they're irritating doesn't mean you can lash out at them.”
Becky opened one teary eye to look at her punisher, and found herself in even more shock. Rei Tachibana had reprimanded her teacher just like she did at the first day of school back at home.
“R-R-Rei?!” Considering the fact that her student lived some miles away and had no idea of her new assignment, one had to wonder just how she showed up. “W-what are you doing here?!”
“Took the words right out of my mouth,” One gloomy Chisame muttered in the back.
The tall Chinese girl with green hair only smirked. “You seem to underestimate us, tiny teacher.”
“You make me sad, Becky!” A girl popped up between the dark Mana and Misa, surprising the latter and almost startling the former. She had blue hair that fell to her shoulders, with a single strand standing tall above her head. Himeko Katagiri, eyes bright with tearful happiness, continued, “You left without so much as a warning! You can't join a new school without us! Maho!”
“Maho?” The cheerleaders tilted their heads in unified confusion.
“So we decided to follow you!” A brunette girl, appeared between Makie and Fuuka. Despite her upcoming protests to the contrary, plain would be the best way to describe her. Had Kurumi Momose heard our description she'd probably sulk.
“B-b-but it doesn't make sense! How'd you even get here!?” Becky pointed at her entourage, eyes watery as if she were about to cry. Somebody in the back began to whistle in a suspiciously innocent manner, but before Becky could make the connection, an interruption kicked in.
“Plot device,” a voice answered coolly. Konoka turned to her left to see that she was staring at her spiritual double, except more strange. This girl, only known as Ichijou-san, was the one who answered Becky's question. “Quite literally,” the class representative added, holding out some small device that resembled a miniature satellite. Konoka stared at the girl next to her, imitating the same half-closed, blank stare.
That woman is most definitely untrustworthy, Setsuna leered at this strange woman next to Konoka, her fingers on the hilt of her blade. To protect ojou-sama, I may need a clean shot at her at all times...
“It was the plot device of the year!” A pale-blue-haired girl exclaimed in a soft voice, emerging between Yue and Chisame's usual seats. Suzuki Sayaka, known to her friends as “Rokugou”(or Number Six for those who want a direct translation), greeted her teacher (and her new seat partners) with a smile.
“More weirdos showed up!” Chisame jumped up in surprise and horror. Rokugou frowned at this statement and threatened to cry.
“Watch who you call weirdos, woman!” A girl with sharp half-moon glasses and a shiny forehead bellowed, pointing towards Chisame angrily. “We've seen a hell of a lot worse than you.” Miyako Uehara's forehead shone ominously, daring the internet-idol-in-disguise to challenge her.
“Even MORE weirdos showed up!” Chisame complained.
“It's not like you to suddenly become Captain Obvious...” Yue quietly added, taking a sip of some strange concoction.
“Chisame-san's got a point,” Asuna added. “It's kinda strange how you guys showed up out of nowhere. You guys know this rude pipsqueak up front?”
“They're not listening...” Miyako rubbed her temple in annoyance.
Indeed, nobody was listening. I mean, if six weirdos claiming to know their new teacher showed up, you'd be asking a string of questions too. Indeed, that's what the majority of the class did, hammering the six newcomers with such questions as “Do you know how that girl teaches back at your class?” “Are you guys good at math?” and even gems like “How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?” Our six newbies merely stared back, some with a grin, others with confusion or apprehension.
“HEY!” Becky screeched, flailing her arms angrily but cutely. Unfortunately for Becky, just as she was about to yell at everyone again, Rei saw what was coming and used one of her old favorite tricks. “Ohhh Beckyyyy...” The unknowing girl turned to her attention, only to see a hideous eye in Rei's outstretched hand. Becky squealed, and as usual fled to the corner... only to see there was no curtain! So she could only cower in the corner, pouting and whimpering cutely as Rei laughed like a supervillain. Becky's “Hau hau hau...” was barely audible from the corner of the room.
Two things however, brought the class into a sudden silence. The first thing was Becky's whimpering, now accompanied with a soft whine: “I-I'm the teacher, you idiots!” The noise died down, and murmurs of sympathy could be heard. The second thing was the return of Negi Springfield, who walked into the class and noticed something was up. “Miyamoto-san!” He immediately rushed over to where she was, ignoring Rei. “Are you okay?”
Becky only mutely stared at the boy, the fear and frustration being replaced by faint surprise. Negi, always being the insightful Gary St—er I mean young man quickly figured out that 3-A probably intimidated her. Deciding to reassure the girl, Negi extended a gentle hand. “It's all right, Miyamoto-san. I'll be here, to help you out whenever you may need it.” No English gentleman could top the Springfield right then.
The blond girl demurely reached out and accepted his hand, and he helped her up. Negi didn't quite notice the class reaction until he turned back, seeing all of their shocked faces.
Leave it to Asuna to ruin the mood. “They really ARE going out!” She suddenly exclaimed. Ayaka quickly countered with a beautiful Negi-paddle to her face, sending the girl into the stratosphere with a ding for added effect.
“Enough of that nonsense!” Ayaka bellowed, silencing any further would-be smart-alecks. “Now, Miyamoto-sensei,” she added this with a respectful bow. “if you would be so kind as to help us out and begin the lesson.”
“Right!” Negi said as he took a silent headcount of the group. However, he noticed there was suddenly thirty-five heads in the room. Evangeline and Chachamaru were playing hooky this time, but... “Errm, excuse me, but how come there's suddenly six new faces in here?”
Becky sighed. “Those clowns are with me... whether I want them to be or not.”
“Whoa, so these guys have a tiny teacher too?!” A false hair on Himeko's head shot up, forming a question mark. “Oh man, that is soooo omega awesome!”
“We have another Becky?” Kurumi asked scanning the front area a bit before spotting Negi. Long distance away, huh?
“These guys share more in common with us than we thought...” Konoka voiced her thoughts out loud.
“Heh, you're Negi Springfield, huh?” Rei said, scrutinizing the boy through her glasses. Negi merely nodded, slightly intimidated by her presence. “Well, we're Becky's students in her previous school and her partners in crime. Yo Becky,” Her expression grew much softer as she turned towards the girl. “Roll call!”
Sheepish from the sudden respect she was getting, Becky smiled slightly. “Fine.” She boldly faced the class. “Peach Moon! Roll Call!”
“Himeko Katagiri!” The blue-haired girl sang. She and each of the other girls stood up at attention as they were called.
“Miyako Uehara.”
“Rei Tachibana.”
“Kurumi Momose!”
“Sayaka Suzuki.”
Negi smiled, holding his staff up. “Welcome girls, to Mahora Academy.” By this time the weakling Mesousa had FINALLY pushed her stool over to the blackboard, and she could now begin the lesson.
“Bleeehhh,” Asuna sighed in frustration, her bones aching from her violent return to the classroom. Gravity sucks. Plus, Ayaka managed to knock her so far in the stratosphere that she wound up missing most of the class, too! Now she'll NEVER learn enough math to get past that dreaded Nitta-sensei! “Even if the class improves I'm still gonna be a Baka Ranger...”
“Asuna-san! Are you okay?” The twins Fuuka and Fumika rushed up to her, concern in their blue and green eyes.
Fuuka spoke first. “Some of the others are waiting for you to get the Chupacabra Research Society started!”
Fumika continued, “I think the new students followed us too, so we can't talk magic.”
“Really?! Holy crap!” This quickly got Asuna out of whatever depression she was feeling at the moment. Asuna followed the sprinting twins with her own jog. “If they're interested in actually finding that Chupacabra, then we don't NEED to talk about magic!”
“Chupacabra?” The red-haired Miyako asked, adjusting her glasses.
“This is the Chupacabra Research Society,” Konoka answered. Three of the new girls, Miyako, Rokugou, and Rei had joined Asuna, Konoka, Setsuna, Haruna, Kaede, and the twins in the research room. The small room towards the back was the usual meeting spot of the Chupacabra Research Society and more recently Negi's Ministra Magi—the students of his aware of his magic. However since, not all of those aware of magic were there, as well as a few new faces, Asuna decided to convert it back into a chupacabra hunting meeting. Konoka leaned close to the other girl and whispered, “It's one of Asuna's harebrained schemes, actually, but it's pretty fun!” Konoka wisely gave away nothing about her knowledge of magic.
“I'm not sure if that's the right word to describe this group,” Setsuna the demure samurai added.
“Aww, hush, Secchan.”
“You think one's been on this campus?” Rei asked, eyebrow raised. “I thought all the weirdo animals stuck to the deep jungles.”
“Yes!” Asuna crowed. “People have reported seeing some, so we formed this group to see if we could spot one and catch it!” She was decked in the usual leader's suit: a doctor's coat and headband over her school uniform. Oddly enough none of the newbies to the group seemed to care.
“Oooh...” The newbies to the group marveled.
“Really?” Rei rubbed her chin. “What's it look like?”
Haruna's hair pricked. “This is my artist's depiction!” She beamed, turning her tablet so that the new girls could see. The irked face of the ugly tan creature stared back, spines lining down its back, short arms and legs almost sticking out on its bean-shaped body.
None were impressed. “That's pretty ugly.” Miyako commented, her forehead randomly shining as if it agreed with her.
“That's an ugly of the year,” Rokugou added almost thoughtfully.
“That's actually pretty accurate,” Rei observed. “Don't think those creatures could actually win any beauty contests. They do suck blood with their tongues after all.”
“But what if there were beauty contests FOR chupacabras?” The tall Kaede spoke in the meeting for the first time. “They surely need to attract a mate, don't they?”
“That's a good point,” Asuna said to Kaede. “But what could possibly attract another chupacabra?”
“Trouble,” Setsuna suddenly stood up, grim determination on her face. Her sword Yuunagi was already at her side as she made an impressive leap over the desk the group was sitting at, whirled and faced a window at the corner. “Asuna-san. That shadow...!”
“She brings a SWORD to school?!” Miyako gasped, standing up. “Is she like an elite bodyguard?” She had no idea how right her assessment was.
Asuna looked over in Setsuna's direction, suddenly seeing what she was talking about. That shadow looked remarkably close to what they were talking about... spines, short body... “Enough about that! That's a CHUPACABRA!”
“O RLY?!” Rokugou picked up on the excitement.
“YA RLY!” Asuna affirmed. “Chupacabra team, move out!”
“NO WAI!” Miyako couldn't believe her eyes. Just a few hours in a new land and already there was excitement. Even with their trip to the jungle, she wasn't expecting this much excitement to happen in Mahora Academy. Then again, we wouldn't have a story if there wasn't any kind of excitement, now would we? She followed the others, who were already sprinting out of the d
The partial clouds and breeze actually made things a bit cool that day, but in the excitement of actually catching that dastardly chupacabra, none of the girls really cared. Why should they, considering that they're incredibly close to catching such a fabled creature? They came to a stop outside of the window where Setsuna and Asuna had spotted the shadow. “Drat! We just saw it out here!”
“I don't see it either,” Rokugou said, scanning the surrounding area and coming up with nothing.
“Asuna-san, we should split up.” Setsuna suggested. “We might have better luck catching it.”
The cogs were turning in Asuna's head, and she quickly picked up what Setsuna was really asking. Playing along, she took the leader role once more. “Alright then! Setsuna has a good idea! Kaede, take Haruna and the new girls and head that way! Everyone else stick with me! We'll meet back if we get anything!” Asuna pointed dramatically. “Don't let that chupacabra get away!” And with that she, Setsuna, Konoka, and the twins sprinted off in another direction, leaving everyone else in a very confused state.
Kaede did the impossible and blinked despite her fox-like eyes.
“Did you just blink?” Rei asked.
“Yes I did. Why do you ask?” Kaede said, confused by her question.
“Kinda hard to tell.” Rei shoved her glasses back on her face with a finger. She looked around. “I don't see where that thing could've run off to. Maybe we were just seeing things?”
“Something tells me that isn't the case,” Kaede answered. That gut feeling of something had just begun seemed to be dancing all over the inside of her stomach. Either that or she was hungry. Her intuition had won out, however, when she took a look at the group again. There was Haruna, the forehead girl and the cunning Chinese girl... “I don't see the blue-haired girl with us.”
“Did she leave with the others?” Haruna asked.
“No, I didn't see Rokugou-san leave with the others...” Rei had wisely kept sight of who left and who stayed, and she distinctly remembered that none of Becky's students left with group leader Asuna. So why was Rokugou missing? This surely isn't looking good, folks.
A flicker caught the edge of her glasses. Rei turned around sharply, catching the attention of the others. “...?! Rokugou!” She rounded the corner...
...and saw nothing but a faint flash of light disappearing, something like a faint heat wave taking its place. “...she disappeared.”
“This is bad,” the other three did the good thing and stated the obvious.
In truth, Rokugou found herself in another dimension. An interesting flicker had caught her eye while everyone was splitting up. She followed it, only to touch a faint light and find herself being sucked into another world. She couldn't even cry or scream out—the ride was literally breathtaking, and she wasn't sure if it was in a good way (“Yes it is,” Motsu claims.).
She found herself beside a pristine lake, its azure countenance perfectly reflecting the sky. Blue-tinted mountain stood tall on the other side of the lake. If the ride here wasn't breathtaking in “a good way”, the view here sure was. Temporarily forgetting about her plight of being stranded, the nice girl headed towards the lake, taking in everything that the visual masterpiece of a scene had to offer.
She sat down at the water's edge, gazing and lost in thought, much like she used to do back at home before she met Igarashi-sensei. “It's so pretty here, just like at home,” she murmured to herself.
Rokugou smiled.
She gazed out further, and something dark caught her eye. A swan... a creature not seen in Japan, yet here it was in this world. It was pitch black, down to the plume of its feathers and long neck. It greeted the young girl with yellow eyes—unusual for even a swan.
It was then she noticed the boy behind it.
He looked to be her age, perhaps a year older, his hair short and somewhat spiky. His skin was as dark as chocolate, and his eyes were a strange neon-orange. He too was in the water, seemingly gazing out at the scenery as well as keeping an eye on the unusual swan. Before she knew that she was staring, the boy turned around and spotted her. Surprise etched his features for a moment before a thoughtful grin took their place. “You aren't the small boss after all... but a fair maiden here, at the vestige of darkness.”
“Darkness?” Rokugou inquired softly.
The boy headed towards her, and only now could she see a slightly dark aura that surrounded him. The strange swan followed right behind him. “The fate of those consumed by hatred, pride... a number of things. But I sense none of those things from you. And yet you interest me...” That wicked grin was still on his face. “What's your name, miss?”
Somewhat startled, Rokugou rose and backed up a bit. “I-I'm Suzuki Sayaka... but everyone calls me R-Rokugou.”
“Well then, Miss... Rokugou,” the boy almost announced, his slow, harsh voice seeming to echo. He swept a courteous bow just as the swan behind him outstretched its wings, revealing that it was a whole lot... bigger than one would expect, wingspan and all. “You can call me Cygnus. The Devil's Swan at your service.”
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