Mahou Sensei Negima! Fan Fiction / Pani Poni Dash! Fan Fiction ❯ I Am Negima!?, AND SO CAN YOU! Act I ❯ Chapter 11: "So, You Want a Revolution?" by ???? ( Chapter 11 )

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Scheme!? Final Mix
Episode 11: “So, You Want a Revolution?” by Sonic
“Hey... wake up!”
Negi faintly registered something sounding like those words, and began to stir awake. He strangely felt grass as he opened up his eyes and found himself staring at a country landscape. The air was fresh, the mountains in the distance looked pristine and beautiful, although somewhat shrouded in fog. Well, it'd look a whole lot better if it wasn't for the obnoxious portal of darkness hanging above it. He definitely wasn't in Kansas anymore, let alone Mahora.
“Eggman really threw you in for a loop! Glad that you're okay!” Negi turned around to see a shockingly familiar face. The blue hedgehog grinning at him offered him a hand to stand up.
“The blue hedgehog... Misora-san again?” Negi asked as the figure helped him up.
“Need better glasses, kid, you got the wrong number!” The figure wagged a finger. “I'm the real Sonic. Sonic the Hedgehog!” He turned to look at the portal. “Eggman's actually still hanging out in that dark dimension between this one and yours. I just dragged you out here.”
“Eggman...” Negi's memories flashed back to that attack the man launched on them. “Right after we sealed Cygnus away, he showed up with that ring...”
“Kasuga-san lost it at that base,” Another voice piped up. “Quite the setback, but at the same time it's not something impossible to work around, ne?” If Sonic was a surprise, this second person was doubly so. Negi found himself staring at a cute girl in a Chinese outfit, her hair braided in double buns. “Hello, Negi-sensei!”
This girl was one of his students. Chao Lingshen.
“Lingshen-san?!” Negi blinked, completely taken aback by her appearance. “You... you've known about magic?”
“Yep!” Chao bowed. “I've known about it for a long time now, probably before you even came to school here. Matter of fact I developed that ring Misora used! Rei was a great help in letting me keep tabs on you.”
“Is that... so?” Negi said, dumbfounded. He shook this off, however, and thought about something. “So I take it you knew a bit about this situation beforehand.”
“Yeah, story is Egghead made off with the Chaos Emeralds back on my planet.” Sonic explained. “That's all sorts of bad news right there, but I tailed him to pick a fight before he got any bright had a huge fight, while the Chaos Emeralds reacted to someone...”
“Cygnus.” Negi concluded.
“Right. He decided to make the situation more 'amusing' in his standards by stealing the Chaos Emeralds within his shadow magic. I couldn't tail him through his dimensional warp, but that shadow of mine latched onto Misora.”
“Sonic worked with me until we could join up and clean up this mess,” Chao finished. “And we told the Dean too.”
“So Becky and her students being here was your doing too?” Negi asked. Wow, it almost seemed like Chao wrote this whole story! But she didn't, so let's move on please.
Chao smiled conspiratorially. “Even the good guys need a mastermind every now and then!”
“Huh,” Negi turned to the giant rift. The sky seemed to be even more bleak as they stood there. “ thing remains... where is everyone else? And where are the Chaos Emeralds?”
“We step into the darkness...” Chao answered, producing the white Chaos Emerald.
“...And find everyone else!” Sonic said, whipping out the blue Chaos Emerald.
While Negi was relieved to see that Chao and Sonic had them, confusion marked his face. “Didn't Eggman use the Chaos Emeralds to put us in this state?” Negi asked. “So why would he abandon them, especially since they're still working fine?”
“Who knows?” Sonic shrugged. “His knack of underestimating foes is one of his greatest weaknesses. I have fun exploiting it every time!”
Negi continued gazing at that darkness. He twirled his staff, struck a shounen badass pose (tm), and said, poetically I might add, “They're waiting for us... everyone, back at home. Let's meet them there, no matter what.”
“You said it!” Sonic cheered. He and Negi streaked off towards the impossible darkness ahead of them, with a Chaos Emerald-powered Chao behind them.
“Geez! What the hell?!” Sonic complained as he narrowly evaded a fierce red blast.
There were fairies. Thousands of them. And they launched nightmarishly huge colorful bullets at our heroes in psychotic fashion. While most people would marvel at the pretty patterns, Negi, Sonic, and Chao were not interested in dying.
“I hope you have a tiny hitbox!” Chao said, summoning several orbs of electric magic and firing them like mad to take down said fairies.
“Tell me about it!” Negi strained, dodging the chaotic fire of the powerful and strange fairies that assaulted them at the edge of the border between this one and the dark dimension. “What is this place?”
“Negi!” A familiar voice called out.
“Asuna-san!” Negi recognized that voice immediately.
“A little help here!” Asuna was in armor form, and while she was having major success in surviving and defending, her offense was not helping her out of her situation. Try as she might, her sword could only deflect the massive bullets aimed at her.
“TEL MA... AMORIS!” Negi helped her out of that situation immediately. Aiming a finger, he fired a thin but devastating beam at the row of fairies harassing Asuna, defeating them instantly.
A welcome silence finally greeted out heroes, and there were (temporarily) no longer any fairies trying to shoot them with curtain fire. Asuna immediately dashed over to Negi. “Are you okay?!”
“Yeah!” Negi smiled. “I have Sonic-san and Lingshen-san looking out for me. Asuna-san, do you have a Chaos Emerald with you?”
The girl smiled, producing the red Chaos Emerald from her hand. However, she turned to face Sonic. “It's... it's the chupacabra! For real this time!”
“Don't start that business again, lady!” Sonic shot back. “I'm a hedgehog!”
“Let's keep moving, please!” Chao nearly pleaded.
“I should've figured that Eggman brat would interrupt the happy ending,” Evangeline crossed her arms, gazing at the unsettling sky from her cottage. “Hmph. That boy better be taking care of himself.” She sighed. This was getting worrying. For the love of chaos, she actually broke apart a model ship and rebuilt it completely in the span of the five hours she had been waiting since she left the library.
“Master...” Chachamaru appeared at her side again. “You appear to be worried again.”
“I AM NOT WORRIED!” The hot-headed vampire girl shouted. She crossed her arms and faced away from her robot servant. “I'm just concerned that bouya's taking too long.”
Chachamaru sat down, the whir of her mechanical insides hissing ever so slightly as she did so. “Master, I'm worried too.”
Eva grit her teeth but said nothing. Maybe she WAS getting worried. Damn, now she's getting way too soft...
Mmmm... soft...
The narrator apologizes profusely for that comment, he is writing this at one a.m.
“Master...” Chachamaru's sensors felt something. “We have visitors.”
“Huh?” Evangeline raised an eyebrow. The door burst open, revealing the remaining students, led by a panicked Nodoka.
“Eva-san!” Nodoka cried. “N-Negi-sensei! Negi-sensei has—!”
“I know, I know,” Eva snapped, trying to calm the girl down.
“The darkness, it's spreading throughout Library Island!” Kurumi whined. “At this rate—!”
“I know.”
“I'm making some kind of obvious revelation because I finally have a speaking line, but nobody cares!” Mesousa whined.
“Your epidermis is showing,” Motsu pointed out. “In a good way.”
“I KNOW—wait,what?!” Evangeline did a double-take at the frog who was amongst the group. Everyone else for some reason got much louder, and this drove the vampire girl to her bitter and bratty rage. “WHY DON'T YOU ALL SHUT THE HELL UP?!” With stunned silence finally at her beck and call, Evangeline calmed down. Somewhat, anyway.
“Now that I can actually talk, maybe one of you can tell me why are all of you in my house.”
“Negi-sensei told us to find you...” Fuuka began.
“...if things went wrong.” Fumika added.
“And things went wrong. Way wrong...” Miyako finished. “But... why he sent us to you kinda baffles us.”
The small vampire could only smirk at this. Negi trusted her enough to lead his class... how cute. “You should have a bit more faith in Negi-bouya,” She gave a devious grin. At once, she curled her hand, and a glowing sphere popped into existence above it, causing those close by to jump in shock. As far as they knew, they weren't aware of Eva's magic prowess. “The boy is alive. Very much so.”
“H-how...?” Kurumi stuttered.
“Master is a vampire,” Chachamaru explained simply. That simple explanation was like a haymaker to everyone's brain though.
“V-v-vampire?!” Miyako reeled back in horror.
“Wait a second...” Nodoka's brain went into overdrive. “...that vampire incident... that means that you... you were...”
“The air is getting annoying again...” Evangeline hissed.
“Ah!” Shichimi bounced up. Looking at the globe Evangeline produced, the cat thing was shocked to see an image of Negi dashing though a desolate world following the tail of... “Negi-sensei is teaming up with the chupacabra, mya!” (“I'M A HEDGEHOG!”)
All shocking revelations about Evangeline were completely forgotten. “What?!” The team had gathered in front of the orb, eyes intent on seeing their teacher and savior as well as the strange blue creature that had evaded them in the past.
“Don't. Crowd. Me.” The vampire girl hissed, starting to nearly glow with power. Everyone made damn well sure to heed those commands. “Chachamaru. Fix tea for us, please.”
“Yes, Master,” The robot bowed swiftly, not surprised at Eva's subtle inclusion of manners, and set off to make that confectionery.
“Catch this,” A shining Keyblade tore through the endless shadows. The beings of darkness stood no chance against the almighty weapon of light. The Keyblade circled back to its owner, gleaming easily in the darkness.
In this new and strange area within the dark dimension, our heroes had come face to face with a serious Himeko once again, armor form intact. She held onto the green Chaos Emerald tightly. “Ah, Negi-sensei's finally here,” a small, un-Himeko-like smile was on her face. “I was wondering what happened. Sheesh, and even now all my stomach can think about is meat buns...” There, THAT was a bit closer to the Himeko they knew.
“Himeko-san... are you okay?” Negi asked.
“Yeah,” She answered simply. “One has to be serious, being trapped in this darkness—OH CRAP!” A sudden, vicious attack from nowhere surrounded the team and ripped them to shreds with a single crunch.
Or would have, if Sonic wasn't quick on the draw. “I DON'T THINK SO! SONIC WIND!” Before the jaws of the random creature of darkness could clench down on our heroes, Sonic's wind attack stopped it cold. The near-shapeless darkness reared back, but now a visible weak point made itself known. Sonic smirked. With the speed he was known for, he curled himself into a ball of spiky death, homed in on the red spot and smashed it for massive damage. Giant enemy crab or no, the darkness didn't stand a chance. Screeching painfully, it melted into nothingness. “HA! Beat that!”
“Gladly!” A voice rang out.
The darkness itself wasn't finished. Smaller, nastier creatures began to pour out, their beady red eyes and darkness-formed teeth seeking our their potential victims. Negi acted first. Twirling his staff, he hissed, “Ras tel ma scir magister...”
“Don't bother,” Mighty lasers reduced the creatures to nothing before they even had a chance to look menacing, let alone menace out heroes. The blue rays of death (sorry guys, not from Sony) flickered out. Negi and company looked up to see Rei perched somewhere in an upper corner, a clever grin plastered on her face. She held... wait for it... the violet Chaos Emerald! “Finally got my armor card!”
“You sound like I was holding back on you!” Chao walked forward, a smile of her own.
The Chinese girl landed next to her counterpart. “How do I know you weren't?”
“You'll have to take my word for it!” Chao returned. They high-fived.
“Huh? Lingshen-san? You mean Rei-san is...” Negi began.
“Of course!” Rei boasted. “Partner. As in pactioed.”
“Geez... I really need to figure out who knows about magic in my class.” Negi sighed.
“So that's how you kept tabs on us,” Asuna put two and two together for once. “Man, and I thought there was no end to the secrets in this class...”
“Let's keep moving, please,” Chao found herself repeating. However, as the heroes prepared to move further, she suddenly said, “Negi-sensei, you'd be surprised at the politics of this place.”
“Would I?” Negi raised an eyebrow, the question sounding more like a statement.
“Enough about that, we got company!” Sonic pointed backwards. Sure enough, there were several more shadow like creatures crawling from the depths. “And we don't have time to deal with them!”
“Oi, we're getting out of here!” Asuna said, sprinting forward before the blue hedgehog got wiser and sped ahead. “Negi!”
“Got it...” Negi jumped on his staff and flew behind the others.
Up ahead loomed a massive stained glass window, and little elsewhere to run.
“Looks like we need to break through!” Rei shouted.
“Awright, let's do this!” Asuna and Sonic sneered in unison and pulled off a flying leap, crashing into the window with all their might. It shattered, the glass tinkling like a surreal nightmare. All the heroes sailed out and landed on what was apparently soft ground... except for Himeko, who once again crashed into the ground head first. Ouch and ouch again.
As they recovered, they now saw that this loopy dimension had dumped the ever-growing team into what looked like a vast snowfield at night, darkness covering the sky and the “snow” keeping a more dream-like tone on the ground. The power creating and distorting this dimension was getting ever so stronger, and Negi felt that they were getting closer. Well, if the giant, swirling hole in the “sky” was any indication...
In the middle of the field, however, stood a familiar face. Rebecca Miyamoto stood there, gazing at the large, gaping hole.
“Becky!” Negi called out.
She turned around slowly. However, once she saw who it was, she wasted no time in tearing straight towards him. “NEGI!” She eclipsed the poor boy in a tight bear hug. “It's really really really really really really really really really scary in here!”
“BIG BRO!” Kamo reappeared, having randomly hid in Becky's clothes after the attack.
“Kamo-kun!” Negi smiled, reunited with his familiar.
“Big bro, that darkness is where all this dimensional changing chaos is coming from! If we want to stop it we need to get in there!” The ermine pointed out.
“I see...” Negi said. “Sonic-san? Lingshen-san? Any ideas on how to get up there?”
“Seven Chaos Emeralds should do the trick. But we've only got six...” Sonic answered, looking around the group. “Hey Miyamoto. You do have a chaos Emerald, right?”
Becky pulled out her evil genius grin and held out the Yellow Chaos Emerald. “All sorts of nasties live out here... I protected myself using this!”
“Six Chaos Emeralds...” Negi said, thinking out loud.
“So where's the last one?” Asuna asked.
“SONIC! NEGI-SENSEI!” A voice yelled.
The two turned their attention, but saw nothing at first. “Huh?” Sonic blinked. But something appeared in the distance, and his sharp eyes caught it. “Huh... that's Misora?”
“And she's... what's that giant thing behind her?” Negi squinted to see what Misora was running from.
“I GOT A CHAOS EMERALD!” The girl shouted, sprinting away from—
“HOLY CRAP, A GIANT FREAKING TORNADO?!” Asuna pointed at the colossal wind tunnel giving chase to the runner girl.
“DON'T WORRY ABOUT ME!” Misora yelled, pumping her legs as fast as she could. “JUST TAKE THIS CHAOS EMERALD AND RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!” When she dashed past them, she tossed the pale blue Chaos Emerald towards the team. With lightning quick speed, Sonic snatched it out of the sky.
“Misora!” Sonic shouted. He took off after her, and Negi mounted his magic stick to aid in the pursuit.
Sometimes even Sonic's speed can't save the day—but this is only because someone is faster on the draw and has a more badass way of doing it. “Shinmeiryuu Secret Technique...” A flap of wings, and a mysterious shape tore towards the menacing tornado. “ZANKUUSEN!” The power of the air-cutting blade stopped the tornado cold as Setsuna Sakurazaki reappeared, still in demon form. The tornado ceased to exist, and Misora found she could FINALLY STOP!
“Whew!” Misora crashed into the ground, tired. “I've got nothing more to contribute, sadly. Mind if I go home now?”
“Maybe,” Chao gave Misora a predatory stare.
“Don't worry about it!” Sonic dismissed any sort of potential conflict. “Leave it to us!”
“Negi-kun!” And the last person swamped by the darkness finally makes her appearance. Konoka ran onto the scene, coming to a stop next to a now tired Setsuna. “Ah, so you do have them.”
“Konoka-san? What do you mean?”
“The seven Chaos Emeralds of course,” Konoka smiled her usual smile. She looked at the ragtag band of heroes. “My, you all look a bit beat up. Allow me to help you!” She focused her powers, although slightly shaky, she managed to gather her strength. “Animadverto lucis...” White symbols appeared below the traveling group. “O Spirits, hear my call. Return our bodies to the light, which gave us warmth, and heal all pain. Sataaaa andagi!” Her power was refreshing, as all of our heroes felt their wounds disappear... a fresh feeling after all. Like a coffee cup in the morning. Yeah, totally amazing.
“Thank you, Konoka-san,” Negi bowed. However, he immediately gained a stern face. “Konoka-san, we need to talk about your powers. Come see me when this is all done.”
“Okay!” Konoka smiled, strangely compliant.
Negi wasn't sure whether or not to be taken aback by this, but that interruption disappeared.
“Big bro,” Kamo gained a serious face. “Let's move on, the Egg Jerk is waiting for us!”
“Ha, let's show Eggman who we are!” Sonic boasted, thumping his chest. “I've been itching to go all out for some time now!”
“Alas...” Konoka stopped the pep talk. “Secchan and I can't go on any further. We're kinda like Kasuga-san... all worn out.”
Setsuna dropped back to her human form. “Negi-sensei, we trust your abilities, as well as all of you,” She took Konoka's hand. “We'll take Kasuga-san back home.”
“You guys take care!” Sonic said.
“Best of luck.”
“Oh, I think we'll need it,” Asuna said, staring down the imposing hole, leading to the dark villain's lair (tm).
They stood before the vast expanse of all creation, a dimension that seemed to be the birthplace of primordial darkness. The sky... no, the space around them was littered with stars, and giant gaseous pillars known as Pillars of Creation floated about, with some of that same matter floating about below them... it was almost like it had formed an arena.
Negi Springfield and his party of seven stood at one end, faces determined. Seven Chaos Emeralds hovered around him, Becky, and Sonic. Everyone else was decked in armor form—Asuna and her mighty sword, Himeko and her Keyblade, and Rei and Chao were wearing similar futuristic suits, much like Chinese maids of the future.
“Welcome, Negi Springfield! Rebecca Miyamoto! SONIC! You and you simple entourage hope to challenge me as I gain the completely BROKEN power to rewrite the universe!” Dr. Robotnik's voice echoed through the endless dimension, reaching their ears perfectly. “It's almost laughable! Wait, hold that thought; IT IS! WOOOOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOOOO!”
“Congratulations Eggman! You finally gained credibility as a villain again!” Sonic smirked. “This only took you... what. One hundred tries?”
“YOU SHUT THE HELL UP!” Dr. Robotnik boomed. “You know what else makes me angry! The last episode was MINE! I introduced it! And guess what... I WASN'T IN IT AT ALL! Do you know how annoying that is?! That damn swan boy took all the credit! But Sonic, I've stumbled upon something oh so big! The swan boy doesn't even understand the properties of his own dimension! A dream world that can be shaped according to the will of whomever resides in it! Oh, Sonic! You don't know the scope of how big!” The mad doctor finally appeared. However, he stood atop what appeared to be a massive silvery white alien creature, perhaps similar to an alien horse. Its fore and hind legs looked more akin to giant, slender fingers. Around its body was a strange yellow circle that looked like an elaborate fence. Its head resembled a helmet, from which a green face and red eyes regarded our heroes. Its tail swished dangerously, in contrast to the strange billowing protrusion from the back of its head. “Within these walls and my latest and greatest creation, I can expand my rule infinitely! Meet the true god of creations, the Egg Arceus!”
“How about I kick your 'Arceus' instead,” Negi snarled.
“You get zero points,” Rei muttered at Negi's horrible pun.
“Don't expect any mercy!” Eggman bellowed as the creature gave a chilling alien roar. “I'll send you all into oblivion!”
“DON'T COUNT ON IT, EGGMAN!” Sonic countered, letting the power of the Chaos Emeralds flare. The seven gems swirled around Sonic, Negi, and Becky, granting them their power. The power climaxed—no, flared at its peak, enveloping our heroes in white light. When all was said and done, the light died down, revealing that the three of them had achieved Super Saiyan.
Wait a second, that's not right... Aiyah, DON'T SUE, DON'T SUE!
In any case, they now held power—and lots of it. Sonic himself was no longer blue, but rather golden, with green eyes now red. The energy shimmered from him as he clenched his fists. Negi's normal clothes were now purest white, with the irises in his eyes almost completely absent. His staff radiated power just like Sonic's body.
Becky, however, had the most ethereal transformation of them all. Vague white wings sprouted from her back, her blond hair glowed a golden color, and her lab coat took on a more holy presence. “We're AWESOME now, let's see you stop us!” Becky challenged the mad doctor.
“Cooooollll...” Asuna marveled.
“I'm impressed,” Rei added.
“What she said,” Himeko added, her Keyblade ready.
“ENOUGH OF THIS CONGRATULATORY CRAP, LET'S GET TO THE PART WHERE I UTTERLY DESTROY YOU!” Eggman roared, and the creature answered this by letting out a fierce alien howl. That howl summoned massive meteors, and the group of seven scattered to avoid being smashed for massive damage.
“That's not even fair! You interrupted my line!” Chao pouted, hovering in the air. From around her she summoned what almost looked like a wall of knives, each one electrically charged. She shoved a hand forward, and waves upon waves of those knives tore at the creature, but to no avail. The creature emerged unscathed from the assault.
“You'll have to do better than that,” Eggman taunted, and the Egg Arceus leered hard at Chao. A fierce beam of wind shot towards the girl, who dodged swiftly despite shrieking.
Chao fled backwards as Asuna ran forward, swinging the sword like a madwoman. “TERRIIAAAA!” Asuna slammed the pointy end of her sword against the creature, her one and only battle strategy, The mighty blade clanged against the creature, but it only seemed to whittle away its insane health. The creature stamped its pointed feet, forcing Asuna to defend against the almighty attack.
“TRY THIS FOR SIZE!” Super Sonic sailed in, colliding with the creature right in the face. The pure force almost made it bounce back from Sonic's attack—only for it to recover instantly. A second later, it was in his face, smacking him away like a pinball. Sonic only sailed for twenty feet before spinning in the air and stopping his trajectory. “Huh, a bit tougher than I thought!”
“Try this for size!” Negi swooped in, speeding towards the creature. “TEL MA... AMORIS!” Negi let loose a stream of rapid-fire light blasts. Unfortunately it only served to annoy the creature. It pounced after him, howling towards the “sky” and summoning meteors to drive everyone else away. “Rei-san!”
“Already here!” Rei focused her powers. She shoved a hand back before unleashing a power “laser” that blew up right in the “face” of the Egg “Arceus”. That Austin Powers reference went nowhere, so the attack did pretty much nothing...
...except make the perfect set up for Becky's oncoming attack. Becky flew in, twirled, and slammed down right in front of the creature, leaving massive explosions in her wake. Apparently her catalysts were so fast as to activate by pure thought. Becky rose and sneered. “How did ya like that?!”
“Not bad, brats!” Eggman returned that sneer tenfold. “Not bad at all! But let me show you something... let me show you ALL something! THOUSAND HANDS OF GOD!” It was like some sort of 4chan nightmare. One moment there was no hands. Then there were hundreds of hands all around them, smashing them about, negating their attacks.
That all ended when Himeko pressed the Triangle Button.
With a flawless reaction command, Himeko was quite literally in a thousand places at once, smashing the hands away into oblivion with one clean shot for each. Himeko landed, having successfully negated the fearsome attack. “Reaction commands... totally broken...” The fool's hair girl panted between breaths.
The Egg Arceus straightened itself. There was a small moment of silence as neither it nor the Seven Warriors of the Chaos Emeralds (tm) dared moved. The air hung tense.
“LET'S DO IT AGAIN!” Robotnik bellowed. The creature howled to the moon, this time random lasers shot from the sky, knocking away the super forms.
Chao and Asuna rushed him this time, charging and screaming like she-warriors. Chao unleashed a curtain fire of knives, and Asuna performed a vicious combo.
The battle a fierce one. It raged for some time, mainly because all parties involved had such massive stats and hit points, or maybe because the battle was too epic for it to conclude so quickly. Wow, it was getting worse than the fight with Konoka and Setsuna.
“Dammit, why does this bastard have so much HP?!” Rei complained.
“Because I'm the REAL FINAL BOSS! Don't you clowns know any better?!” The mad doctor proclaimed.
Besides that point!”
“I'm not in the mood to care,” Asuna snarled. “I'm just going to beat him down!” She swung her sword mightily, clashing with the creature once again.
Without warning, Himeko smirked. “I've got a better idea.” She stepped towards the Egg Arceus, bravery and serious mode turned on maximum. That was, until she opened her mouth. “Hey Dr. Eggman!” Himeko bellowed. “(INSULT)!”
“(RETORT)!” Dr. Eggman shot back.
“(COUNTER RETORT)!” Sonic smirked, dodging the wild arms of Egg Arceus.
“(QUESTIONING OF SEXUAL PREFERENCE)!” Chao smirked, feeling some internet meme coming on.
“(SUGGESTION TO SHUT THE HELL UP)!” Becky bellowed, not believing that they were trading idiotic insults in a middle of an intense fight.
“(NOTATION THAT YOU CREATE A VACUUM)!” Himeko continued to jibe at the mad doctor.
“(RIPOSTE)!” Dr. Eggman shouted. The Egg Arceus scored a glancing blow on the loudmouthed girl, sending her sprawling away. The powerful godlike robot added a fierce psychic blow, but Super Sonic stepped in and took the blast instead, also being sent far away. “(ADD ON RIPOSTE)!”
“(SHOUT OF CONCERN)!” Becky looked on worriedly.
“(COUNTER RIPOSTE)!” Negi snarled. Flying towards the creature, he began to chant. “(UNLOCK MAGIC, SUPER POWERED SPELL, FIRE COMMAND)!” Fierce blades of light crashed into the robot, forcing it to gallop backwards so it could regain control. The creature “howled” once more, summoning meteors. Negi and Sonic weaved between the crashing rocks, picking up the slower fighters out of harm's way.
“(COUNTER-COUNTER RIPOSTE)!” Dr. Eggman guffawed, as the Egg Arceus kept everyone on the move and away from the creature itself.
“(NONSENSICAL STATEMENT ABOUT PLANKTON)!” Himeko, still woozy from her beating, blurted out.
“(VOW TO GET REVENGE ON SPONGEBOB)!” The person who said this was shot.
“(RESPONSE TO RANDOM STATEMENT(S) AND THREAT TO BAN OPPOSING SIDES)!” It appeared that someone else had arrived to crash the party. Appearing at the other side of the area was Cygnus, his neon-orange eyes glaring at the mighty creation of Eggman. Behind him stood two females, one Rokugou and the other a girl unfamiliar to Negi, although he could read her obvious fire affinity.
“(SHOUT OF INCREDULITY)!” Dr. Eggman pointed, open-mouthed, at Cygnus.
“(QUESTION ON HOW THE HELL DID HE GET HERE)?!” Asuna was also shocked, considering the state they sent him home in. Apparently he found his way back.
“(WORDS OF PRAISE FOR FISHFOOD)!” Himeko continued her pseudo-drunken drivel.
“(ACKNOWLEDGEMENT AND ACCEPTANCE OF TERMS),” Cygnus wore a devious smirk, the strange red girl beside him wore a more bored one. “You know Eggturds, I'm tired of you jacking with my shit. And Negi Springfield and pals, you've already served your purpose.” Darkness flared in his right hand. “This dimension was built with my darkness, so I'm kicking all of you OUT!”
“Hey!” Sonic complained. “At least let us use our awesome Ultimate Teamwork Finisher Move Pulled Out of Our Asses(tm) before you kick us out!”
Cygnus thought about this for a moment. “Fine, but this battle's dragged on long enough.” Cygnus dramatically tossed his hand back. “Let's GET ON WITH IT!” Huh wait a second! You're not talking to me for once?
“ALL RIGHT!” Sonic cheered. “NEGI!”
Negi returned his smirk. He then looked in Becky's direction. “Becky!”
Becky shared a round of Hero's Smirk (tm).
“Aww, no fun for us!” Chao pouted.
“Huh? What's this about?!” Asuna looked around, confused.
“Just watch!” Rei dragged her out of the way, standing somewhere safe (read: all of them gathered around Rokugou.).
The three super forms, Cygnus, and the fiery girl positioned themselves around the Egg Arceus.
“What?!” The doctor did NOT like where this was going. “You can't do this! I won't allow it!” He shouted another command. “THOUSAND HANDS OF—” -SMACK- A stray Keyblade knocked him on his back, and the creature heard no command. Himeko giggled as she ran for the safety zone around Rokugou.
With nothing to stop them, the good guys began their final attack.
“Ras tel, ma scir... magister...” Negi began, waving his arms and drawing in energy provided by Sonic.
Expel all things that don't belong in darkness...” Becky chanted.
“All evil shall answer to nothingness!” Cygnus bellowed. He and the phoenix woman added their own power to Negi's magic cooking pot.
“Dance in the flames of hell!” the woman cackled. She let her fire powers flare at maximum strength.
“OBLIVION.” They both finished. A mighty flare of darkness and fire opened right below the Egg Arceus, the mass of energy beginning to burn the creature down to nothing.
Now was the time! With all that energy amassed under him, it was time to send the Eggman packing. Negi twirled his staff and plunged it down in mid-air. “TEL MA... AMORIS!” The command executed.
Nearly the whole dimension imploded on that spot.
“NO!” Eggman bellowed. “NO!” His machine was being ripped apart at the seams, as the closing dimension crushed his machine to nothing and threatened to toss him back into his world. “CURSE YOU CYGNUS! CURSE YOU REBECCA MIYAMOTO! CURSE YOU SONIC!” The power was eating the creature completely, crushing it into nothingness. As Eggman slipped out of the dimension, he had just one last thing to say. “CURSE YOU NEGI SPRINGFIIIEEEELLLLDDDD!”
The Egg Arceus was no more, and Eggman had effectively been banished from this dimension.
Things weren't all good news and happy happy joy joy for our heroes, however. When Cygnus said he was kicking everyone out, he meant he was kicking everyone out. With the exception of the fiery phoenix woman, everyone else was being drawn to their own warp hole, unable to resist or escape. “UWWAAAAHHH!!” The darkness drew them in, swirling wildly. Most everyone had already disappeared into their own dimension by now, with the small exception of a few people.
“Cygnus... what's the meaning of this?!” Negi strained against the mighty pull of dimensional tide.
“Cygnus-kun!” Rokugou whimpered.
The Devil's Swan walked over to the girl, genuine sadness on his face. “Yeah, the old adage says it best: this is goodbye.” He knelt down to her. “I have a bit of soul-searching to do on my own. Who knows how long it'll take me to find your dimension again... but...”
The girl's eyes were watery. “Cygnus-kun... I won't forget!”
Cygnus answered that with mirthless laughter. “You sound so strong with that! If you so believe it...” Cygnus knelt close. “Maybe within your heart, your memories will stay pure.”
In an unusual move, Rokugou pecked him on the lips.
The red-faced couple gasped before Cygnus backed away. “Ah...!?” The boy said. “...” He held a finger to his lips. “Maybe that will do as a memory too.” He went back to her. She grabbed his hand, and he hers. “But don't worry. Maybe one day, I'll find you again, even if you don't remember me.” He let go, and she sailed into the abyss and back to her home dimension. “Farewell.”
“Rokugou-san!” Negi complained. “You shouldn't—” The phoenix girl tapped him on the face with her foot, causing him to lose his grip and go sailing down. “UUUWWWAAAHHH!” He screamed. However, gaining his bearings just enough, Negi shouted above to the dark boy, “CYGNUS-SAN! I'LL BE READY FOR YOU TOO! FOR HER SAKE AS WELL!”
Cygnus grinned at that. “Ahahahahaha! Well now, Negi Springfield! Show me how much of a man you've become, next time we meet!” Those words rang in Negi's ears as he disappeared. With the dimensions set right again, the remaining two found themselves staring at Silenc—err I mean in silence. Cygnus stared a bit, feeling a few tears beginning to form in his eyes. “Tch, how emo...”
A sudden rumble shook him out of his sad reverie.
“This dimension... it's gonna collapse!” The phoenix girl said. “We need to get back!”
“In that case...” Cygnus turned towards a now collapsing exit. “CUE METROID ESCAPE SEQUENCE! Let's GO! Uhh...” Cygnus suddenly remembered he forgot something, as ironic as that was. “What's your name again?”
The girl face-faulted. “Geez. I'm Fujiwara no Mokou!” The woman sprinted alongside him as he made a break for the exit, narrowly escaping being crushed by a random collapsing dimension. “Don't you forget it!”
Elsewhere, everyone had seen Negi's victory.
“HOORAY! NEGI-SENSEI WON!” was the general consensus of everyone there. Indeed, the darkness was leaving Library Island, and everything was going back to normal despite the entire thing happening overnight. But the victory of saving the whole world was much too strong to be hampered by something so trivial as a need for sleep!
“Negi-sensei,” Nodoka's eyes shined happily.
“I can't believe it...” Evangeline said, her face stunned as she dismissed the orb they had used to watch Negi's progress. “He actually won. The boy's truly getting stronger.” She smiled again. “Just like that bastard...”
The maddening swirls stopped as Negi found himself landing gently somewhere familiar. The rolling hills and beautiful palm trees greeted him as he found himself once again at Green Hill Zone, only this time under morning light.
Just across from him was Sonic, still holding his super form, his trademark smirk still plastered on his face. “So I take it this is our victory?”
“Yeah!” Negi cheered. However, a new thought struck him. Seeing as the bad guys had been thrashed and everyone was returning home, this meant that everyone had to say goodbye... “But this means goodbye, doesn't it...?” He looked around, however, and saw that no one else was with him.
Sonic answered the unasked question first. “Everyone else is back at their home dimension. You showed up here for some reason. That means you have to get going before those portals disappear on ya!” Negi panicked, quickly trying to find an exit. “Hey, don't worry, it's right behind you. Plus I can keep it open until you're safe on the other side.” Negi sighed.
“It was kinda fun, chasing you around and going on adventures on your planet.” Negi said. “But I heard something from Cygnus-san... he said that memories made across dimensions grow weaker much faster... is that true?”
“Who knows?” Sonic shrugged. “But, even if it is true,” Sonic produced a card. He tossed it to Negi, who swiped it in one hand. “Hey Negi, listen up. I can tell that your adventures are far from over, even if they're no longer in my dimension. You can use that card...” Negi glanced at the card. It looked similar to a pactio card, only it had a dark blue edge, and the top edge was strangely serrated. A manly, badass picture of Sonic stared back at Negi. Hell, Negi felt more manly just holding the card. “...and I'll lend a helping hand. How's that for a parting gift?”
“I like it,” Negi held the card close, allowing it's manliness to permeate his soul and make him stronger, faster, better, and— “GET ON WITH IT!” Drat. “I'll be sure to remember everything!”
“I won't stop ya!” Sonic flew up a bit, as if ready to take off. “Go on, head back! You've got friends waiting for ya!”
“Thank you, Sonic-san! Goodbye! Thanks for everything!” He shouted. Both heroes parted ways, heading back home. Ah, it feels so good when things work out in the end, eh?
(Well kids, it's nearly over! Act I of this crazy chaotic story soon reaches an end. The last parts will be coming up soon. For those who also read When Light Descends to Madness, I'll have to apologize on both my and Seraph's behalf. Things are hectic on his end, and I'm having difficulty approaching it... but ONE DAY! IT WILL RETURN! Until then, enjoy this show.
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