Mahou Sensei Negima! Fan Fiction ❯ The Unexpected Guest ❯ Chapter 2

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
The Unexpected Guest: Part Two

“Negi-sensei,” Kaede sat at the table with Negi, cups of tea in front of them as she explained, “a Oni that my ancestor defeated has come to Mahora academy, originally intending to defeat me. However, when we fought we discovered a... attraction between us. I wanted to ask you for help and advice.”

“Could you repeat that?” Negi Springfield blinked in confusion, the brown haired boy looking first at Kaede Nagase then at the redheaded Oni standing behind her.

“My name is Uzume,” the redheaded woman smiled, twin horns sticking up from her hair as she took a turn, “I intended to take vengeance against this ninja for her family’s sins, but I seem to have fallen for her instead.” She cuddled close to Kaede, her full breasts barely contained by the tiger stripped bikini she wore.

It took Negi a few moments to process that, but he was managing. “So,” he continued, “what would you like me to do?”

“Could you let the Headmaster know she’s on campus and that she’s mostly harmless?” Kaede scratched the back of her head and smiled at him wryly, “I’d rather not have Mana or Setsuna sent after her.”

“I’ll do that,” Negi promised.

“Thanks,” Uzume waved cheerfully as she followed Kaede out of the room, her hips swaying with a unconscious sexiness.

“That’s so romantic,” Konoka exclaimed, her long, glossy black hair falling in a wave down her back.

Asuna blinked, her orange hair tied back in two ponytails by her bell hair ties. “You have a interesting definition of romantic,” she said with a smile.

“Actually from what I’ve read that’s pretty typical of Oni courtship,” Negi tried to recall, “they only respect those that can defeat them in battle.”

“I think they’re a cute couple,” Konoka smiled sweetly.

Walking down the hall Uzume seemed entirely unbothered by the looks she drew from the students they passed as she asked Kaede, “Okay, what now?”

“Not sure,” Kaede admitted.

“It’s the weekend and your out of classes,” Uzume grinned as she cooed, “do you want to go out somewhere?”
“Maybe, but...” Kaede looked at Uzume thoughtfully, “you’re going to draw a lot of attention dressed like that?”

“You don’t like it?” Uzume posed for Kaede sexily, the bikini top and bottom highlighting her best assets.

“I like it fine,” Kaede grinned back, “I’m just scared you’ll cause a riot.”

Uzume laughed heartily at that. “Sounds fun,” she grinned, “so do you have a plan to do something about it?”

“We’re going to do what any ninja would,” Kaede said to her cheerfully, “we’re going to find you a disguise.”

“Yes?” Chizuru Naba smiled merrily as she opened her door, the room that she shared with Natsumi and Ayaka.

“Hello,” Uzumi waved, mildly impressed that the young woman’s measurements were nearly a match for her own.

“I need to ask a favor,” Kaede admitted as they followed the reddish-brown haired young woman inside.

“Clothes for you friend?” Chizuru clapped her hands together eagerly once she finished explaining, “Of course you can borrow them.”

“That’s what you meant?” Uzume looked at Kaede.

“That bikini alone will stop traffic otherwise,” Kaede noted wisely.

“Not to mention the thong,” Chizuru added.

“Hey, wait a minute,” Usume blinked as Chizuru bodily pulled her towards the closets on the other side of the room.

“I have just the thing,” Chizuru said to her cheerfully as she rummaged around, pulled several bundles of clothes out then dragged Uzume over to the bathroom.

“You can change clothes out here too, you know,” Kaede said dryly from where she had sat down to wait.

“I want it to be a surprise,” Chizuru said with a impish twinkle in her eye.

“I have a bad feeling about this,” Uzume muttered under her breath as she was tugged into the smaller room.
Kaede grinned to herself as she listened to Uzume’s various weak protests as Chizuru stripped her naked then began getting some clothes on her. Chizuru could be a real force of nature when she decided on something, it was partially because of that she took Uzume here rather than to Mana or another busty student.

“No, I....why the underwear for demon’s sake?” Uzume was heard protesting.

“But they’ll look so good on your figure!” Chizuru purred.

Kaede just shook her head and smiled.

“And now,” Chizuru stepped out first, “miniskirt Uzume!”

Uzume followed, the blue miniskirt and matching top hugging her body, making her look more sexy than the revealing outfit had. “Not bad,” Uzume admitted, “though I don’t know if I like the way this hinders my movements.”

“Looks good,” Kaede smiled warmly.

“Thanks,” Uzume smiled back.

“If you want something with freer movement,” Chizuru led her back to the bathroom.

‘Wonder what they’re up to this time?’ Kaede wondered.

“I have a thing about disliking chains,” Uzume was heard to grumble.

“Oh my oh my,” Chizuru chuckled to herself softly as she stepped out. “Punk Uzume,” she gestured grandly.

A ripped top barely hung on Uzume’s shoulders and leather-style pants hung to her every curve. Instead of a belt a length of chain had been threaded through the belt loops, and cute clip on earrings of handcuffs hung on each ear.

“Wow,” Kaede blinked, “where did you get that?”

“Natsumi is an actress,” Chizuru explained, “and she likes me to cosplay when we’ know...” She blushed prettily.

“Huh, never would have guessed,” Kaede blinked.

“So, do you want to be my biker babe?” Uzume offered, walking over to give Kaede a saucy little grin..

“Gladly,” Kaede conceded before adding, “but you’ll cause almost as much of a riot in that as your bikini.”

“Come on, then,” Chizuru dragged Uzume away once again.

What followed was a adventure into the sort of things you can find in a actresses’ closet. The school girl swimsuit nearly gave Kaede a nosebleed, the office lady look was off the wall, and she had no idea where the dominatrix outfit came from.

Finally Uzume emerged in the last outfit and asked, “How about this, then?”

Getting up Kaede hugged Uzume, both of them wearing matching Mahora uniforms. “I’d say that’s about right,” she smiled.

“Awww,” Chizuru pouted.

“Let’s go eat,” Uzume laughed as she and Kaede left, “I’m starving.”


Notes: No, there’s nothing in the Negima manga or anime implying that Chizuru and Natsumi are a couple, I made it up. Lol A silly little fic with a cosplay theme just in time for Halloween. May or may not do a part three.