Mai-HiME Fan Fiction ❯ Forbidden Loves Fruit ❯ Takumi&Akira ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Forbidden Loves fruit
It took place on a hot summer day. Takumi was with Akira, Taking shuriken training
“Nice day huh Takumi” “Huh…” Takumi said with a grunt, deep in practice. “You know… we, well, we can take a break if you want” The air got hot in Takumi's shirt.
“Ummm, Hey I know of a great ramen place right here in Fuka!” He said in an assuring voice “Nah, I want sushi” She said as her stomach growled. “Well, I want ramen.” He said “Sushi!” “Ramen!!” “Sushi” In all their yelling they accidently leaned into each other and kissed for five minutes without stopping. “…Wow…That was awesome.” She said grinning a passionate grin. “Well well!” Nagi said standing in a sycamore. “WHAT!!! You saw that! You're a stalker!” she said throwing a rock up into Nagi's face when he hit the ground “Ow!! I just came to deliver!” “Well. What is it?” She said turning red from rage. “Well you should know about the newHiME star?” “What are you talking about?” she said going out of rage into question. “Again, you should know. After a star dies, it gives birth to a new star” Nagi said. “Yeah! But doesn't it take like a million years?” Takumi said shocked “Well normally, yes. But a HiME star is much more powerful than a normal star. It usually takes two years for a new one to be born. To officially eradicate its power for good. You must use all of the HiME's powers to destroy it.”
End of chapter 1