Mai-HiME Fan Fiction ❯ Please Save My Earth ❯ Catylyst ( Chapter 4 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
When Moro woke up, he noticed that he had a small mark on his shoulder. It was a black circle with a dot in it, and a small wing-like thing coming out of the dot. He was lying in a bed across from Alissa's bed, where she was sitting up, staring straight at him.
"We should go now." She said, tapping a note on the wall beside her. As she was tapping the small piece of paper, Moro noticed that she also had the same mark on her shoulder. He wondered what it ment. He looked at the note. It said:

Please report to the
church when you awake
~Shizuru Sempai

"Who's Shizuru?" Moro asked Alissa. Alissa thought for a moment. She stared at the mark on her shoulder, deep in thought.
" I don't know, but I have a feeling if we go then we'll find out. I'm sure if we go, this will all be explained, the marks, this place, everything. I keep having the name Catylyst come up when i look at this mark, but I've never heard of it before. Have you, Moro?" She said staring sadly at her mark. Moro shook his head and got off his bed. Alissa got of hers and they both went out the door, and when they opened the door, they came to see a beautiful field, and at the other side of the field there was a beautiful church, dominating the area, with cherry blossom trees blooming around it.
" How could something so beautiful be here? " Alissa said as they started to walk across the field. When they got to the church, the door was a large mahogany door that was about half the height of the church and was two feet thick. It took them both to open the large door and when the door finally opened there were two rows of pews and a large table at the front. All around the pews and above the table were giant stained glass windows picturing different children. There were twelve in total. One of the windows had a picture of Moro in it and there was one with Alissa in it. All of the children in the pictures stared at you with such dull eyes, you'd think they had no soul. At the table there were two people. One girl, about fourteen years old, in a long black dress in a wheelchair with long brownish-blonde hair and pale violet eyes. She was looking at something on her hand.The other was a girl,who looked about sixteen, was in a black and white maid dress and she had short, brown hair and dull green eyes.
"Miss Shizuru! They're here!" said the older girl when Alissa and Moro approched the table. The girl named Shizuru turned her head to look at them, then she turned to the other girl and smiled.
" Thank you, Fumi." She said then turned to face them," Welcome Alissa and Moro. I'm sure Mezame explained the prophecy to you as I told her to, am I correct?"
" Yes, Shizuru Sempai!" Alissa said, then she bowed. Moro bowed too. So this was Shizuru.
" Good. Mezame is quite obidiant. Well, I made her so. Anyways, I'm sure you are wondering about your mark. That mark is in the shape of the Catylyst, our star. It is to come crashing into the earth soon and destroy all of the earth, allowing us to make a new, and better planet out of it. We will rule this planet, specifically me, the head demi-goddess." Shizuru said.
"I understand, Shizuru Sempai. when is the Catylyst to strike the earth?" Alissa said. Moro gave her a strange look, but remained silent.
" Two days from now, at about midday." Shizuru stated.
"Is there anyway to prevent it from happening?" Alissa asked again. Shizuru gave her a strange look. She looked at Fumi. She nodded at her.
" Why do you want know? Do you want to prevent the Catylyst from striking the earth?" Shizuru asked, accusingly.
" I just want to prevent anyone from trying to do it themselves, Shizuru Sempai. The Catylyst destroying the earth, in my opinion, is a good thing Shizuru Sempai." Alissa said calmly, voice unwavering.
" Fumi, I can't remember, please tell them." Shizuru said, turning to Fumi before speaking.
"Yes Miss Shizuru." At that moment, Fumi seemed to snap into a trance "For the Catylyst to be stopped, two demi-goddesses or demi-gods must sacrifice thier lives to stop it from crashing into the earth. Even if they do, they're's only a 50 percent chance that it works. To sacrifice thier lives they must walk into a gate only Mezame can summon, then the Catylyst may disintagrate. That is the only possible way to do it. What lies beyond the gate we don't know, but we're almost certain that it is death that awaits." Fumi said in an almost robotic voice.
" I will prevent the others from doing so, Shizuru Sempai. Thank you Fumi Sempai" As Alissa said this, Shizuru nodded and Fumi blushed.
" You and Moro may go to your rooms now. Thank you Alissa, for coming. You too Moro." Shizuru said, then turned to Fumi, " To my room please, Fumi."
" Yes Miss Shizuru" Fumi said, grabbing the wheelchair handels," Goodbye Miss Alissa, Mister Moro." Then she turned and walked away.