Mai-HiME Fan Fiction ❯ Vampire's Kiss ❯ Midnight Hunt ( Chapter 1 )

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The cold air whip around my face while feeding on my hunger. There I sink my teeth into my victim drinking his blood to satisfy the bloodlust within me.
I am the huntress of the night feeding souls to quench insatiable desire of blood. This is the true me whom sweet taste of ecstasy rise every moment of this time of night.
I don't want anybody find out the real me especially her. She will think I'm some kind of monster. I drank enough blood without killing him. His body making noises while I dragging his body.
The police are searching for victims I hidden around the Fuka area because they think a killer out there but the truth I do it for survival.
My cell phone is ringing while I curse silently. “Moshi, Moshi? Oh hi Nao-chan where I'm at? I am trying to think an excuse. “I'm at the downtown area looking for some books for geometry class for tomorrow,” I hope she brought my excuse. “Aoi I don't think I am buying your crap.”
My heart is racing she know my secret being a vampire. What if she calls a vampire hunter to track me down and ending my existence? The fear within me is taking over while holding on the phone tightly.
“Your girlfriend is worry about you and keep bugging me for to call you,” I hear Nao-chan give a sigh out of annoyance for being a bother.
“Whatever Aoi, I will tell her that you're looking for some damn books this time of night.” The phone was cut off at her end.
I am breathing sigh of relief for my secret didn't come out. Chie is probably worried about me. I can't keep this charade forever sooner or later she will even find out or the hunters going catch me and kill me.
I have cover my tracks before everyone find the body and report to the police. I simply return back to the dormitory and lay low until morning comes.
The next day while I recovering from last night hunt, Chie was staring at me with Mai-chan and Tate-kun have look of concern.
“Aoi-chan I know isn't like you being out of late at night but it happens frequently for past month and we are worry that you may have problems talk to us.”
Mai-chan is very kind and very selfless person whom you could call a true friend but I don't want her involving this and Chie-chan because they want information about me and they never hesitate hurting others or digging up some horrifying secrets.
“Oh nothing I just need some fresh air for my insomnia sometime.” I put on my cheerful persona to fool them.
“Aoi-san I don't usually inquisitive in others' problems but Tokiha-san and Harada-san are worrying about you and lately you're sleeping through math class and falling behind in your school work.” This is unusual for him talking and worry for somebody else beside Mai-chan and Shiho-chan. I wonder if Tate-kun and Mai-chan have thing for each other.
“Aoi-chan, Yuuki-san told me you were finding some books for geometry last night and she said you sound a little hoarse and as you were lying.”
Crap! I should sound a little more convincing and I still in amidst of the thrill. I was tempted to use my powers but I won't because I don't want turn in like the others who lost into their powers.
“I got my own reasons go out to find some books for schoolwork.” I try sound convincing to ease their doubts. I am looking at their faces if they think I am telling the truth.
“Aoi-chan maybe isn't lying.” Mai-chan came to conclusion maybe I told the truth.
After the sun went down I went on my nightly hunt. As I move at speed of sound, using my ears picking up a sound of someone start pulling the trigger. The fool wants playing the role of the hero but over hundred of years I've been killing his kind for their foolishness.
Even in the dark I can smelt him, seeing him and sensing the fear gripping within him as I giving a predatory smirk signaling his doom.
His hands are shaking as he regains some useless courage shooting a couple of shots at me. I just was walking toward the moron ready to stuff his life forever.
He isn't worth to drink the blood from; a pathetic insect could put up a better fight than this. After I ripping his throat out watching his miserable existence slowly drain away, I'm pondering about the vampire hunters of today won't take this clown seriously.
I'm resuming my hunt of the night I sensing someone following me and the way I can tell that this one a professional. Sometime I need a challenge once a while. I felt the person heart's racing as in excitement and having killer instinct.
She's standing right there with cool and calculated expression with murderous red eyes and calm and elegant look.
“Hello there you seem the type who fools people thinking that you're a sweet innocent girl but in reality you're a vicious predator hunt people as food I am correct?”
I kind admit that she kind attractive and have accent kind sexy but also she kind person will kill you in instant.
“What is your name? So I personally stuff your life.” I hope this tactic work so I just bait her into attacking me first.
She closes her eyes and looks so elegant too bad she won't make to the next day. “Before telling my name tell yours,”
I don't know about this woman but she getting off a dangerous vibe and I may use all my powers against her.
“My name is Senoh Aoi so you could remember before die in my hands.” I prepare to fight to the bitter end and drag her down to hell with me.
“Oh that is a cute little name for cute little girl. For answering your question about my name, Fujino Shizuru so you can remember it during your screams of your death.”
I saw gleam of mental of her left side and look like a throwing knife it too amateurish for her. I easily evade her poor attacks and non-professional tactics.
As I keep dodging the knives from her, suddenly I felt cold. Then I realize I got shot and seeing my own blood seething through on my right arm. It was a perfect distraction.
“You got her good Natsuki. Now ending this miserable creature life too bad she was cute but a vampire is a vampire.” As I saw the black-haired woman pointing the gun at my temple and seeing my life flashes before my eyes as I too weaken to fight back against those two vampire hunters.
While I resign my fate something happen the black-haired woman called Natsuki made a face and her partner told about the orders they receive it change.
“What you do mean we are hunting the wrong vampire? That bullshit! Shizuru the reason we're here because some vampire killing people around the Fuka area. She maybe the culprit is killing those six people over the past month.
“I know your hatred of vampires and they're the ones whom kill your family since you were a little girl but we got orders from headquarters to pull out and regroup.”
Even still I barely held on consciousness I am seeing them arguing and Natsuki reluctantly give up and Shizuru whispering something in her ear causing her to blush.
“You are lucky girl my boss orders us to move but next time I won't hesitate to pull trigger of my gun.”
After the two left I try my vampire healing but I can't heal from this wound. Crap! She shot me with a sliver bullet and it deadly to us. I am slowly blacking out from the pain as I was thinking about everyone including Chie. Her boyish charms I'm thinking the most and having visions of her in my head with her smile, her looks and her touch.
“Please forgive me Chie that I wasn't being honest about myself. As I embrace death.
Author's Note: This story originally finished in October of 2007 part of LiveJournal Obscure Fandom since now it multi-chapter story. Also I plan revise past chapters so making sound almost grammatically correct.