Mai-HiME Fan Fiction ❯ Vampire's Kiss ❯ Secrets ( Chapter 2 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Author Note's: Originally I wasn't plan do a second chapter but You Got Mail mentions Chie turning into a vampire and being a good one and damn plot bunnies won't go away.
Disclaimer: The characters of Mai-HiME I don't claim any ownership, I only using for my personal amusement.
Chie's POV
As I'm staring at the ceiling in my room in the dark pondering the reasons why Aoi is acting strange lately, leaving from dorms at night.
I'm having a bad feeling and felt pit of my stomach something horrifying happened to her.
I found some clothes from my draw and putting on some black jeans and navy blue hoodie looking for her. I went outside and feeling the cold wind whipping on my face. I'm searching Aoi in Fuka hoping she isn't dead or I won't forgive myself.
After half-hour looking all over the city, I finally found her and the sight making my heart stop cold. Aoi looks deathly pale and wounded. I'm praying for her health and went over there.
“I hope that you Chie and not a dream,” Aoi spoke weakly. “Please isn't hell I don't want be alone in eternally without seeing your smile,” She is caressing my face. “I'm underestimating them and they are good. I got cocky and careless,” She laughs bitterly.
“Aoi what are you talking about? Please hang on I'll go to call for an ambulance,” As I about reach for my pocket for my cell phone; I feel something sharp poking through on my right wrist. “Ouch! Why you bite me?” I was going to protest, her eyes shine weirdly and look being possess. In amazement and fear I'm watching her sucking my wrist as I experience an euphoric sensation throughout my body.
It so bizarre it may come from a horror movie as my girlfriend pulls from my wrist and I am seeing couple of fangs in her mouth and look very surreal. I may hallucinate or I am going crazy? “Um Aoi I never knew you have a biting fetish, they are fake?” My attempt of humor fails miserably for me. She slowly rises from ground with my assistance.
“Chie I still weak you can taking me back to my dorm?” She is giving me the puppy eyes. I can't resist her cute charms even I don't know the hell is going on. There something nothing quite right about her with growing interest and morbid curiosity in my mind thinking about the possible scenarios for this. I have to unravel this mystery of Senoh Aoi.
We return to the campus silently walking back to her floor, questions I really want to ask her but I'm tired from night's events. We reach to her room and I am starting to bang on the door. “Nao-chan opening up door we know you not sleeping,” I heard some not so pleasant sounds.
“Harada what the hell you want! It almost midnight and you two have come from a date?” I would sound piss when someone waking you up around midnight.
I try reading Aoi's expression on her face but I can't seem get a beat on her. “Chie good night and thanks for saving me,” Her sweet smile causing me momentary to forget about what have transpired tonight. Well I'm a sucker for cute girls.
We kiss and seeing Nao rolling her eyes and complain about “You two lovebirds need a goddamn room,” After I left, I think about doing some personal investigation on Aoi and subconsciously rubbing my wrist. “Sorry Aoi-chan but you pique my interest into the real you,”
Couple of nights later I decide following her on her nightly activities. I hide behind a tree at her dorm and watching Aoi snuck out from the building. I start to trail her like Solid Snake sneaking up on a genetic guard; quietly hiding behind corners went she isn't look. After trailing her all night through the town, I came with a conclusion she somewhat an inhuman creature! (My feet are tired and she has some endurance I never know all.)
I was about give up, I found her with a guy I felt surge of jealousy within me. I'm killing my inner green-eyed monster and focus the scene in hand. I'm watching both of them smiling together making my blood boiling. A little part of me want kill the bastard but then it would sabotage the operation. As I observe them and fighting my rising murderous impulses, she starts teasing him and showing some skin (I never know that side of her.) He slowly inches toward her lips, my mind beginning to scream. “No, no Aoi don't cheat on me or I won't forgive you!”
In slow motion my world about to crumble then some bizarre twist of fate Aoi stopping herself and grabbing his neck and biting it. A few minutes pass before Aoi finish and licking blood from her lips. I'm feeling my heart rate going up with increasing anxiety plus fearing my girlfriend isn't helping at all. Decide leave the hell out of here unfortunate I tripped over a trash can and draw attention to myself fearing she will discover me following her.
I shout some colorful words before picking myself up and run fast before she found out that I stalking her all this evening.
I ran back to my room it I was in a marathon, breathing hard and sweating even it was cool outside. My heart racing witnessing what Aoi did and she killed a man. I have found my answer but not the way I envision it. “What are you, Aoi?”
A week later after my late night misadventure, I haven't the courage talk to Aoi what happened on that night. I was terrified that she drank his blood and the look on her eyes. Still I need uncover her secret, I have reputation to uphold as a school gossip queen. I took out my phone and texting Aoi to meet me after school on the rooftop.
I'm on the rooftop waiting for her with cup of orange juice in my hand. I close my eyes and meditate what questions I need to ask. I hear some footsteps heading toward me and watching sunshine reflecting on her. She is beautiful but it pain to me interrogate her and solving this mystery of her.
“Chie you want to see me?” She was asking Chie. “Aoi please telling me the truth,” I gave a soft sigh and took my glasses off rubbing my nose.
A brief moment I guessing she felt fear and shame. “I want the hard facts and honest answers,” Sorry Aoi I have grilling you like news reporter seeking a story.
She turn her head away and I feeling pity for my girl but I need a steel resolve figuring out why you're acting strange on that night.
With firm determination, Aoi looks at me with confidence and maturity I never expected from her. “Chie please forgive about I'm revealing to you,” I have that same feeling on that night when Aoi went missing. It was fear? Or excitement I am experiencing?
Her teeth extend couple of fangs the same ones I saw a week ago. “Chie I am vampire hunting people for survival over centuries now. I look sixteen in reality I'm five hundred years old. I'm few left from my kind and I been hiding from vampire hunters for a while. I fought couple of them and almost got killed. I thought of you went I was dying. I hear there another vampire killing people.”
That unexpected and finding your girlfriend is a few hundreds old cute vampire of course I shocked and freak out at least. “Aoi is really true? I expect some “I'm into biting random strangers or It one of Nao's games,” Million things flooding in my head like, “Harada it a dream where you're laying next to your girlfriend in bed or you watch too many American horror films for your liking,” Yeah that reasonable answer, shut up brain! Just smile and nod, Harada Chie you just an average Japanese teenager with adorable girlfriend into plushies and pop music. Maybe a lovely way bashing my head against something hard and ending up happy land surround by nurses tending your every needs.
I was grinning like damn fool in front of her while losing some common sense and a shred of dignity. My brain decides I was utter insane added confession of Aoi being a vampire topping WTF factor.
“Chie you're alright? I was worry you were going fear me and leaving me alone,” Dammit she giving me the puppy eyes. I felt weak at the knees damn Senoh Aoi making me putty in your hands. It some innate vampire power they have?
“Chie sorry I deceive you it the only way they won't holding you capture and using you bait to catch me,”
Seeing Aoi sad it is unsettling for me. I was wrapping my arms around her hugging and comforting her. “Don't worry babe I won't be in trouble I got of gossip behind me,” I boldly declare.
I hearing Aoi giggling that is a good sign. “I going to protecting you, Chie from everyone even against my remaining kind,”
My jaws drop witness change of her demeanor from cute, giggling schoolgirl to somber vampire in mere moments.
“I am very serious Chie I don't want lose you. I'm very lonely until I met you,” I felt some raindrops and sensing it going to rain.
“Aoi let's go inside before we getting wet,” I was wondering having a vampire girlfriend having effect on our sex life well I am going to find out later on, I was truly a damn lucky fool to having her.