Mai-HiME Fan Fiction ❯ Vampire's Kiss ❯ Starcrossed ( Chapter 3 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Author's Note: I never tend to write a fight scene in this chapter and it shows. Mikoto is a little OOC since I try getting her canon personality down the best I can. I proofread most of the chapter still I need a beta. Thanks for reading my story.
Aoi's POV
After two weeks I told my secret to Chie, I'm feeling more alive than ever. I watch her in my bed quietly moving couple of strains of hair from her face. She looks very peaceful in her sleep.
I am hearing her heartbeat while shifting my body toward Chie and kissing her neck, smelling the shampoo she used after taking a bath.
I'm musing how lucky am I having this wonderful person laid next to me with Harada Chie part of my world in spite of me being a nightwalker. With everything going well but I dread of the feeling those two vampire hunters meeting me again sooner or later. I am tracing the wound on my right breast reminding me of my arrogance and almost giving in to death.
I got up from the bed and walk to window watching the moon as the darkness calling for me to hunt and claim rightly mine. Chie is starting to wake up.
“Aoi go back to bed it empty without you,” She tried to use that playful tone on me but I won't bulge.
She got up from bed and walk next to me. The moonlight enhanced her already handsome features and knowing every little detail on her body. Chie is covering our bodies with the blanket and kissing my neck.
“Being the undead hasn't diminished your personal charm, Aoi.” She was compliment on my beauty but Chie was using flattery being on my good side.
“Aoi I understand you want go out and feeding yourself, I am afraid to lose you to the vampire hunters out there or something worse,” Chie was worry about my well-being.
I can't deny my nature of the ways our kind operate to insure our survival. I'm look into her eyes and witness the depths of her fear as she almost losing me that night. We went back to bed and made love through night.
Next morning I woke up next Chie and found Nao in bed. I fear for the girl she was doing something very dangerous God know what at night she is gone from our room.
After waking her up (Chie have sneaked back to her dorm) I am getting ready for the day and putting on my mask. Everything went well today but I am experiencing a chill throughout my body (In spite being a vampire) While my mind preoccupied the implication I bump into someone.
“Excuse me I didn't see where I was going,” I'm apologizing to the person.
“You should be careful next time and paid attention to your surroundings.” He sound smooth and very confidence I am staring at his eyes drown into them. My mind is telling me the danger I was in, my body stiffed, paralysis by his charm.
“I know your true nature, little vampire. You can't escape and oh I smell your girlfriend's essence on you. I'll go after her and making her one of my brides,” He entrap me and I can't move my muscles as he's taunting me. I continue to struggle to break whatever power he held over me.
“I can damage your flawless skin or slowly torturing you until you beg for mercy or I could violate her in front of you, killing her and turning into one of us,”
He is showing his fangs, smiling at my misfortunate, implant terrible thoughts of Chie being violated by this smug bastard.
“Go to hell! I'll protect her from you monster!” I spat at him in defiance hoping a chance to attack.
He watches me struggling against his overwhelming vampire charms. Feeling my strength sap from him and I am afraid for Chie's safety. Damn! He's playing me and I can't escape from this psychic assault.
“That small portion of my power you are experiencing. I'll let you go but I won't be this merciful next time little one,” He release his hold me.
I felt humiliate and frustrate by experience I need watch out him and try warn Chie of the danger she will be in.
I want to talk to her later on and explaining what happened to me. I need protect Chie more than ever. He proving to me he's a very dangerous individual need to be stop.
Later after class I spotted Chie looking the window bored. I have to talk to her and warn Chie about impeding danger she will be in. I have to fight the hunger within me and the temptation of drinking the blood of my classmates.
“Aoi you seems space out today. I'm worry for you what wrong?” Chie asked.
I stare into her eyes and wanting to tell her there another vampire lurking around the campus. I'm truly worry about her and everyone around here especially Mai-chan.
“Chie there another vampire I bump into today and he promise making you into one of us after probing my mind. His powers are too powerful for me to handle,” Chie has unreadable expression and lost within her thoughts.
“A vampire won't scare me because of my vast information system would know our suave Dracula going to strike,” Chie sound too overconfidence for her good.
“He is very dangerous and you don't know what he's capable of,” I am warning her. “He worries me and he could attack or kill everyone in Fuuka. Also I need to figure out how to beat him.” I felt shame of utter defeat if I can't protect her from his terror I truly can't call myself a vampire.
Later that evening I decide go on my daily hunt to clear my mind from the seriousness of the situation. I am remembering every little detail in my surroundings and being extra careful for vampire hunters. Chie was worry for me rightfully so. I was nearly dead when she found me. The autumn breeze whips though my face while looking for some preys to contain my increasing bloodlust.
Suddenly my intuition warning me incoming danger and I dodge the attack away from me. I'm seeing a girl don't look younger than fourteen and dragging a massive sword as was nothing. She isn't the vampire hunters I has encounter over the years but have a murderous aura about her and she is very dangerous if I underestimate her.
I need keep on guard and hoping she will make the first move. We intensely are staring at each other for few minutes before I threw a punch at her. She skillfully ducks and tried to counterattack by trying slashing me through as I quickly sidestep her sword swing and kneeing her in gut as she momentarily dropped her weapon. Before I can take the advantage of the situation she recovers and punching me in the gut causing me to hold my stomach. Then she is hitting me on the chest area with powerful punch.
She found her sword and trying to end our fight by impaling me. I caught the sword and threw her away from both me and her sword. I got up and tackling her before she recover. In flurry of punches I kept up with my brutal assault on her not letting her retaliate against me. Then she blocking my punches against her and threw me away. In some supernatural sense she recalls her weapon start to resume her offense against me and thwart my chance to fighting back. I jumped from the girl using the separation thinking of a plan to counter her speed. In flash she is covering some ground closing the gap between us and tried kill me by decapitation. By sidestepping the potential death blow making her off-balance by over swinging. Seeing the opportunity to inflict some damage I took advantage by seizing the opening by grabbing her hair and slamming her on the ground before she recover.
I made a crucial mistake by letting my guard down by relaxing prematurely and she took me down by taking my legs under me. She parallel with me on the ground and on a mad scramble we are fighting who will having the advantage over the other. In spite being taller than her, she's a lot stronger than I giving credit but I won't giving in an inch for me to survive against my opponent even she looks a junior high school student looks can be deceiving. Before I do anything, she performing a somersault over me and land behind me and picking up the black sword. I curse couple of times before resume fighting.
She decide to cutting me from the side but I dodge the attack but she did the unexpected…she stop mid-swing and reverse her momentum and smash the sword on the ground causing a shockwave. I can't defend this kind attack and pushing me back few feet away. Even I'm part of the undead I still feel pain and my forearms bleeding from blocking it.
I tried regain my bearings suddenly I felt my body being cutting up from different angles in which I can't determine where she is attacking from. I have use my enhance hearing to locate the girl before she finishing me off. After few minutes of being slice and dice by her finally I nail her with hard left making the girl stun for moment. We took a timeout where I was thinking a clever plan.
“I wanting know your name and the reason to attack me,” I decide to talk during our little brawl.
“My name is Minagi Mikoto and aniue want me to fight you testing your worthiness,” Now I know the name of my assaulter but it the same one taunting me earlier today? “Tell the name of your aniue so I can kill him,” I tried to persuade her with my nicest voice I can muster.
“Nope I won't reveal aniue's name he promise me a nice reward after killing you,” She won't bulge or willfully reveal his name.
The air felt way different and the smell mix with sulfur and death. The ground start to shake and rising fear I never experience in long time. The blade has eyes I starting to notice. Her sword radiate with blood red aura and the increase power I'm sensing from her. Who the hell she is?
“I held back my true power and my sword Mirkou haven't absorbed a soul in while. It time end now you should fear your maker,” The realization dawn on me. She shouldn't be messing around as I am witnessing sudden metamorphosis from her. Her eyes change from amber into blood red and her body grew slightly larger with wings growing from her back. I'm staring in awe before my internal senses warning me for incoming danger.
With massive swing from now demonic vampire girl, barely dodge the sword slash seeing couple of buildings destroy in the process. Knowing playtime is really over and this fight went up few levels up. One moment she was in front of me the next one slicing me from the back result me being injury. It felt hot and burning like lava within a volcano. She's circling around me scoring couple of hits on me while I slowly reacting what going on.
Knowing this getting serious for both of us won't play around as I focus my senses tried to locate her position. I'm picking sounds from my left and elbowing her in the sternum. I heard a loud cry knowing I hit my target.
I saw fury in her eyes as she got up and raise the demonic sword above her head and slam against the ground causing the asphalt to split open. I jump over it and witnessing several cars destroyed behind me. Realizing she stop fooling around when my opponent leaps in the air with me, smacking me back of my head with that damn weapon of hers making me crash into the earth face first. Once again she attempting to separate my head from my body by performing a decapitation strike and last second I roll away before the death blow came.
I tried putting some distance between us but she closing in swiftly and on the offense again. I was on the defense using my forearms to protecting myself. I start having wounds all over on my body from being hit and I can't keep regenerate constantly due facing an unstoppable force. In desperation I head butting her causing her to straggle and giving me the opportunity grabbing onto to her braids, pulling her close to me performing another head butt release the hold of the weapon. I proceed to bashing her face with my right knee for eight times then finish off with a roundhouse kick knocking her twenty feet away from me.
I took a breather thinking a strategy to counteract her raw power and speed. The best way to end this it to kill her and I won't hesitate. I reach down and pick up the onyx blade and walk to the spot where she landed at. I was aiming for the heart to impale her and preparing to send the girl to hell. I felt intense pain surging throughout my hands. I drop the cursed weapon after experience a burning sensation with the sword return to her and murderous aura engulfing the girl with cold, calculated smile from her.
“Well you're good for a weak vampire. I'm surprise that my face hasn't got rearrange by your brutal knee strikes,” Her demeanor changes from naïve innocence to sinister in instants.
I seeing the eyes again this time have demonic aura it seems not having any effect on her. I tried to keep my composure and anticipating any attack. I didn't expecting her drive her sword through on the ground and spikes appearing out of nowhere before I not aware of. I'm keep avoiding getting hit by them but more is coming at me in faster rate. Unfortunate for me my legs got pierce by one of the spikes making me immobile and vulnerable anything from her. With memories flooding from my head thinking the times I spent with Chie I'm frightened the possibly to die for real.
“Chie-chan please forgives me for broken my promise to be careful,” A single tear fell from my eye. Resign to my fate waiting for the finish blow…but it didn't come I was bewilderment that I expect to be kill.
“That was the best fight I ever have. You're a good opponent and aniue think you are worthy being his bride,” I don't believe he just using his little sister for his personal amusement after playing mind games with me. When I find him he shouldn't mess with Senoh Aoi.
“I almost forget about the spikes. Here you go you're release from them,” Funny I seeing the girl revert back to a child instead a bloodthirsty monster few minutes earlier. She can be sweet even she tried to kill me. After she left I took a few steps before pain shot throughout my body. I was at my limits and collapse to ground. Chie is going be mad at me for getting hurt.