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. . . crunch . . . munch . . .

Yum-yum-milkweed . . . . . . munch

munch . . . crunch

. . . munch . . . Munch! My Skin's Too Tight! The caterpillar's "skin" or cuticle is like a shell - it does not grow. As the caterpillar body grows bigger and bigger, it outgrows its skin and needs to SHED it. The caterpillar squeeeeezes, pushes and tugs as it wiggles out of its tight old skin. Then it rubs off its FACE MASK. Even the face mask has become too small. The most amazing part is when the caterpillar turns around and EATS its own skin. Just like the eggshell that it ate for breakfast, the old skin is filled with vitamins to help our caterpillar grow big and strong. Kids love to collect the skins and face masks as the caterpillars grows. You can easily tape them onto a piece paper for your science collection. Show all your friends! What other creatures shed their skin? The Silk Button More crawly creatures
who spin silk Caterpillars at Work After the fifth and final skin shed, the monarch goes into its next stage of life. Through an amazing metamorphosis - a total body CHANGE - the caterpillar transforms into a beautiful green chrysalis. "Sunny"
"Sunny" was the most beautiful and fattest caterpillar I have ever found. I found him in the field next to my home. I went out looking for milkweed one day and as I approached a very tiny plant (one of only three very tiny plants in the field) I found the fattest, most brightly striped and colorful caterpillar I had ever seen chewing on the top leaf. Instantly, I named him Sunny because he shined in the sunlight. He had munched up most of the plant and as I think back, there were so few plants nearby that it was a good thing that I found him!

Sunny came home with me and munched milkweed night and day. Then he stopped eating, spun his amazing silk button, hung upside down and then changed into a beautiful chrysalis. Ten days later, he emerged as a beautiful monarch butterfly. - Lynn M. Rosenblatt Life Cycle Hello World! Munching Machine Peek-a-Boo Wings!
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