Mai Otome Fan Fiction / Mai-HiME Fan Fiction ❯ Love My Way ❯ Chapter 1

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Title: Love My Way
Author: MandyGirl78
Anime/Manga: Mai HiME
Paring: Haruka/Yukino/???
Genre: Humor/Romance
Warning: Language, Mild Adult Content (no Lemon though), Yuri
Summary: When it comes to love, three is an uncomfortable crowd, as Yukino founds out when Haruka's secret admirer finally shows up. Renamed the story's title based on an 80s song because I felt that it was more reflective of the story.
Disclaimer: Don't own any of the characters from Mai HiME. If I did, Shizuru would be missing a girlfriend! :D
Note: Don't like Yuri/lesbian stories? Don't read it. It's as simple as that. The story is presented mostly from Yukino's POV, but there will be times where it will be presented in Haruka's POV.
I got a beta reader, but the more the merrier! So if you want to beta-read this as well, then don't be shy, just send me a PM!
It was yet another day at Fuka Academy. Haruka was doing her usual rant to me, complaining about that `Bubuzuke head', Shizuru. Being her closest friend, I listened with sympathetic ears. Even though I knew her for all these years, I still can't understand her deep hatred and jealousy for Shizuru. When we finally came to her locker there was a bunch of love letters sticking out. They were written mostly in English, albeit incorrectly. I know that she have gotten quite a few looks in her way. After all, she's very attractive and has a beautiful body, but everybody fears her wrath. They don't call her `the lion' around here just for nothing. Thus nobody every really make an attempt to ask her out, which is just the way I want it.
This has been going on for about two weeks now. I wouldn't dare mention it to Haruka but deep inside I wanted to find the jerk who kept on writing those retarded love letters. You would think with my skills of gathering and obtaining information I would be able to find out by now, but somehow that person eluded me.
“Whoever wrote these doesn't know English very well. It's not `I Luv Yu'.”
“That's not how you write `I Love You' in English?”
“No it's not Haruka-chan, that's why you failed English twice.”
Before Haruka was about to start a debate with me, the secret admirer finally showed up. She was a beautiful brunette with blue eyes and a voluptuous pair of breasts bigger than what I would ever have, almost close to that of Haruka's and Mai's. I know her very well, she's in my grade and she's in the only class that I'm not taking honors in, gym class.
“Yumemiya Arika?”
“Hi there Yukino-san.”
She transferred about three weeks ago from another school, a strict orthodox school. From what I gathered she was kicked out of the school because of `lesbian tendencies' she showed to other female students, which included quite a bit of skin ship. Her nickname over there was `she-wolf'. The school suggested her parents to transfer her to here because, as I quote, they said “Fuka is perfect for your daughter, there's a bunch of people that she can `relate to' over there.” Yes, our school has that notorious reputation throughout Japan…
“Are you the one who wrote those letters to me?”
“Yes I am!”
“But-but-but you're a girl.” Haruka stuttered out from her shock.
“Yes I am, what's wrong with that?”
Mikoto's cluelessness is the result of her sheltered life, but Arika's the result of her own stupidity. She's more oblivious than Mikoto and Natsuki combined. Haruka was still in her shock mode, having a hard time uttering out a word, which I could never recall that ever happening in our years of knowing each other.
“Ano, ano, ano…”
“So are you going to be my girlfriend?”
This girl really cuts to the chase! Haruka was still speechless.
“Ano, ano, ano…”
“Good! Now that you're my girlfriend, I can do this to you.” She planted her hands on Haruka's cheek and then quickly drew Haruka's face to hers. The she planted a French kiss on her. I saw Haruka's eyes clearly and she was clearly in shock and so was everybody in the hallway, which include Tate, Mai and Mikoto, Natsuki and Shizuru, and Chie and Aoi. Chie and Aoi are the last people on this earth that I wanted to see it, for Chie, the Gossip and Social Network queen, was already taking pictures of it with her iPhone and was blasting it on Twitter. I knew that she was in shock, but why didn't she fight back? Why did she let Arika to keep on kissing her?
“Oh my Chie-chan, I never though Arika-san was that aggressive.”
“But that's good! I can post this on Facebook and MySpace!”
Note to self; expose the photos I got on Aoi and Chie's activities in the Dark Room on my Facebook and MySpace pages ASAP! Chie, did you forget that I'm your primary source for all the dirt you like to collect?
Being the typical male, Tate was enjoying the misplace affection Arika was giving to Haruka.
“Oh man this is hot! I can't wait to show this to the boys! That's why I love this school.” And he took some pictures with his cell phone!
Natsuki was more in disgust than in shock when she brought it up to Shizuru. “Baka! Does that girl have any shame?”
Shizuru saw the expression on my face. I knew she saw it but she doesn't know that I know about it. It looked like Shizuru was a little concerned about me but I'm not totally sure. Apparently after a while she was less than impressed and decided to leave.
“Come on my little Natsuki, this is nothing compare to what we've done together!” She said in her usual teasing yet seductive tone. Natsuki's face turned a deep crimson red as they walked away.
After the kiss Arika then asked Haruka a favor.
“I heard that you're good in English,” which received quite a few snickers from the crowd, especially Tate. “And I got an English test coming in two days; can you help me with it?”
Haruka was still in shock, so she answered like a zombie. “Ano… Hai?”
“Oh thank you so much” As she said cheerfully then she quickly did a Mikoto, where she drove her head in between Haruka's breast while hugging her. That even made Mikoto blushed.
While her blush was still fresh Mikoto asked Mai “Am I really that bad, Mai?”
Mai, who is very conscious of other people's feelings like I am, told her “No, you're not that bad,” which was a flat-out lie.
Mikoto just smiled and said “Arigato.”
It was at that point that I quickly walked away from the scene. Haruka didn't notice that I left but it didn't matter. I quickly went to the bathroom and headed straight to the stalls. I started to cry my heart out. I can't believe what just happened. That girl only knew Haruka for only 30 seconds and she got father with her than I ever did. Now she will never love me. Boo-hoo-hoo!
Hold on, this is ridiculous. I got to get myself together. Crying won't do any good to me. This is only the beginning; I still can win her heart. I'm going to get Haruka back and win her heart, no matter what.