Mai Otome Fan Fiction ❯ Adaptations ❯ Chapter 1

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Disclaimer: I own none of the characters from Mai Otome Zwei, they all belong to Sunrise and Bandai and I’m only borrowing them for a while. This story also contains YURI so if you don’t like that, hit the back button.

Mai Otome Zwei

“What do you mean,” Mashiro Windbloom yelped as the light purple haired queen stared at Natsuki Kuga in shock as they stood in a meeting room in Garderobe, “Nina Wang has to remain my Otome?!”

“You don’t want two Otome?” Shizuru Viola noted with some amusement as she drank from her cup of tea, “Just think of the possibilities.”

“Shizuru!” Natsuki scolded her lover gently as the blue-black haired woman turned to Mashiro. “It’s a complicated situation,” she said.

“What’s wrong?” Arika Yumemiya asked curiously, the red haired girl looking on from Mashiro’s side.

“You must realize,” Natsuki looked like she had a headache as she went around to her desk and sat down, “that a single master contracting with multiple Otome is very rare. As such, we’re finding it somewhat more difficult to break Nina’s contract with you.”

“Oh,” Mashiro sat back in her chair, conceding that point at least. Personally, she had never heard of a leader with two Otome at the same time....

“We have both our own researchers as well as experts from the Black Valley working on the situation,” Natsuki added, “we’re hopeful to have a solution soon.”

“It should be fine,” Arika added cheerfully as she looked at Mashiro, “Nina can just stay at the palace with us.”

“It’s not that simple, Arika,” Mashiro shook her head, “too many people remember her as Grand Duke Nagi’s Otome. They won’t have forgotten the things she did in a year....”

“And we have the same problem here at Garderobe,” Natsuki noted, “she was a heavy for Nagi here, too.”

“Almost as much as Tomoe was,” Shizuru noted mildly.

Without thinking Natsuki snapped the pencil she was holding as her hand formed a fist. “Don’t mention her name,” she growled.

“Guess Natsuki’s still a little sensitive about that,” Mashiro whispered to Arika softly enough that both older women couldn’t hear..

“Guess so,” Arika agreed softly. Clearing her throat a bit she asked Natsuki, “How long do you think it’ll take...?”

“No idea,” Natsuki shook her head, “Doctor Yohko is doing everything she can, but it’s all new territory.”

“And we can’t just send her home with Sergei?” Mashiro asked with a frown.

“Not unless you want to keep the Otome link forever,” Shizuru drawled. “And besides, we’d never get any use out of her Gem the Neptune Emerald, either.”

“Also true,” Natsuki sighed.

“That would be troublesome,” Mashiro sighed.

“Uhm, could I make a suggestion?” Arika asked. As everyone looked at her she continued, “Why don’t the three of us go away somewhere? And Dr. Yohko can call us using the Gems if she needs us.”

“A vacation?” Mashiro sounded both intrigued by the idea and resistant to it too. “There’s so much to do....”

“Considering all we’ve been through lately I think we could all use a vacation,” Natsuki encouraged. “Besides, with the Black Valley back nearby, you could always go there.”

“Yeah, I’m sure Mai and Mikoto would be glad to have us!” Arika added eagerly.

Noticing that Natsuki and Shizuru seemed interested in the idea too Mashiro realized there might be more than three of them there. ‘Oh, why not?’ Mashiro thought as she said aloud, “All right, we’ll do it.”


“Wha-hooo!” Arika yelled as she leapt off a stone spur and dove down into the deep lake, cutting into the water with a loud splash.

Nina Wang watched with some amusement as the black haired woman stood on the rock jutting over the clear blue water. “It seems the valley kept the lake after it was moved back here,” she noted.

Mashiro dangled her feet in the water, splashing in the warmth. “Yes,” she agreed, “it got yanked along when the forces that brought the Black Valley out to sea stopped operating. I understand Mikoto is even trying to preserve it.”
Not far away Natsuki and Shizuru lay stretched out on the sands, tanning happily under the sun. Nearby Yukino Chrysant and her Otome Haruka Armitage lounged close together, enjoying the sun and catching up.

Nina blushed faintly as she saw Yukino and Haruka edging closer together then looked away. “So,” she said shyly, “how many of the others came along?”

“Aoi is off with Chie somewhere,” Mashiro mused, “there’s Sara, Maya, that perverted Nao and poor Akane and Kazuya.”

Nina chuckled softly, “Are they still making Kazuya wear that chastity belt?”

“Appears so,” Mashiro actually snickered as she added, “I think Akane is going to explode in frustration soon.”

Nina nodded, “I almost feel sorry for her.”

‘I suppose you would understand,’ Mashiro mused as she saw Arika swimming towards them. “Arika, have a good swim?” she called.

Arika’s long hair flowed over her back, shimmering wetly as Nina met her warm, kind eyes. ‘She’s forgiven me everything.’ Nina realized in that eerily long moment, ‘she’s willing to put aside our past and start over in a way few others could. Is that innocence or stupidity?’

“It was great, Mashiro! You should join me,” Arika laughed, grabbing Mashiro’s and Nina’s hands.

“Wait, I....” Nina started but Arika was insistent and soon all three girls were splashing about in the water. It really did feel nice, cooler than the surrounding air but still warmed enough by the sun.

In the water much of Arika’s clumsiness remained, but she clearly had gotten the basics of swimming down at last. She paddled with a innocent energy, splashing about as her swimsuit clung to her developing form, highlighting growing breasts and well shaped hips. A blush stained her cheeks as she saw how Arika’s nipples poked against the fabric of her suit.

Firmly deciding not to look Nina rolled onto her back, keeping her gave focused on the blue shy as she let her arms spread out to help ‘It’s just that you haven’t done anything for a long while,’ she thought, ‘that’s all.’

“Nina?” Arika called after exchanging a look with Mashiro, “are you still ticklish?”

“Yeah, I guess,” Nina started before Arika disappeared beneath the water, “wait, don’t...!” Before she could say more hands ran across her back and sides, triggering sensitive nerve endings that made her jerk and shake.

Arika’s head popped up as she continued to tickle away. “You still sound cute when you laugh,” she said, barely avoiding Nina’s thrashing limbs.

“Bwa ha h ha... glub!” Nina dropped a bit underwater, taking in a mouthful before she could get her mouth shut. Before she could slide under any deeper she felt firm hands grabbing her as both Arika and Mashiro helped support her.

“Sorry Nina,” Arika said as her friend coughed in her arms. It was just like back when they were both Coral students, but different too.

“Sorry,” Mashiro agreed as she held onto one side of Nina, “I should be keeping Arika on a shorter leash.”

“Mashiro,” Arika pouted.

Nina laughed and coughed as she felt both girls supporting her, surprised at how nice it was to be back here once more. “Let’s get back to shore,” she managed to get out, her throat still a bit sore.

“Sure,” Arika nodded quickly as they all swam back to the sandy shore.

Nina paused in the sunlight, clearing her throat from the last of the lake water as she remembered the past, good times... and bad.. “Mashiro, Arika,” she turned to them with a sad smile, “I’m sorry.”

“You don’t need to apologize for Arika trying to drown you,” Mashiro laughed as she squeezed water from her hair.

“No,” Nina shook her head sadly, “I’ve wanted to say sorry to both of you for everything that happened before....”

Arika smiled at her as she took her hand, “Nina, we all made mistakes that lead to what happened....”

“She’s right,” Mashiro agreed, “there’s no way Nagi could have been as successful as he was if I hadn’t made those mistakes earlier.”

“Still....” Nina sighed.

Arika hugged her suddenly, “Nina, if you don’t stop this I’ll tickle you again!”

Mashiro laughed as she grabbed Nina too, “And I’ll help.”

“Mercy, please!” Nina had time to yelp before both women mercilessly tickled her once more.

“They never grow up, do they?” Natsuki murmured as she and Shizuru watched from a shady tree nearby.

“And you wouldn’t want us to,” Shizuru purred as she kissed her lingeringly.

To be continued....