Mai Otome Fan Fiction ❯ Adaptations ❯ Chapter 3

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Mai Otome Zwei
Adaptations: Three

“It’s about time you got here,” Aoi chided as the brown haired woman hugged Chie Hallard, smiling up at her fondly.

Chie smiled back, her black hair falling rakishly into her eyes. “Sorry,” Chie said wryly, “it’s harder to get away now that I’m head of the Delta Otome team in Aries.”

As Chie put a arm around Aoi they walked through the gardens towards Windbloom castle, the two of them cuddling close together. “You’d better not be doing anything with those three,” Aoi warned her teasingly.

“I’d never do something like that,” Chie chuckled as she added, “besides, they seem to be into each other.”

Aoi looked up at her in surprise, “And how do you know that?”

Chie actually blushed a little as she confessed, “Well, I walked in on them one night.”

“And I bet you watched them for a bit, too,” Aoi laughed. She looked amused as she added, “I sort of wish we could join the others at Cat-god mountain lake, but someone’s got to keep a eye on things here.”

“It gives me a opportunity to be alone with you,” Chie smiled at her sexily, “that’s good enough for me.”

“Chie...,” Aoi murmured, looking into her eyes.

“Ahem,” Sakomizu cleared his throat as the portly man gave them both a pained look. “Could you not do this in the courtyard?” he sighed.

“Sorry,” Aoi laughed, “I got carried away.”

“It’s been awhile,” Chie laughed, remembering several times the older man had scolded her and Aoi before.

“That it has,” Sakomizu agreed, his eyes reflecting his own amused memories.

“If you two are done catching up,” Aoi gently dragged Chie towards the castle, “I intend to catch up with Chie... very intimately.”

Sakomizu blushed, “Have fun.”


Meanwhile, with a soft groan Nina gradually came awake, laying in a tangle of sheets on the beds. It took her a few moments to register that she was pressed up against the sleeping Arika, her face nearly mashed up against her breasts.

‘Eeek,’ Nina tried to pull back, only to realize that Mashiro was curled up against her back, her arms wrapped around Nina.

“Hmm, Nina,” Mashiro grumbled in her sleep, “no more....”

Nina’s eyes widened even more, if that were possible. ‘What happened here last night?!’ she thought, trying to recall. She remembered pushing the beds together, her Arika and Mashiro settling down then....

“Nina?” Arika looked down at her sleepily as she murmured, “You’re awake.”

“What was your first hint?” Nina growled as she tried to ease herself out of Arika’s rather perky bust.

“Hmph,” Mashiro made a incoherent sound of protest, her hands tightening around Nina and not incidentally grabbing hold of her breasts.

“Eeek!” Nina squealed in surprise as she was groped hard. “Not so rough,” Nina snapped in reflexed as she twisted free from the young queen’s grip, accidentally bopping Mashiro on the head with her elbow.

“Oww!” Mashiro came fully awake, rubbing at her head as she glared around her, “What did you do that for?!”

“You grabbed my breasts,” Nina blurted.

“Again,” Arika helpfully added.

“Huh?” Mashiro looked at her blankly a moment then blushed.

“Again?” Nina echoed, then she blushed as memories of last night finally rushed back in. Mashiro and her... her and Arika... all three of them together?!

“You’re awfully pale,” Mashiro noted gently. She looked at Arika, “Could you get her some water?”

“Right,” Arika bounced up with her typical energy and trotted from the room.

Waiting until Arika was out of the room Mashiro sighed, “I’m sorry if we pushed you into doing something you were uncomfortable with.”

Nina smiled back at her wanly, “It’s all right.” She took a deep breath as she confessed, “It’s just... it was my first time.”

“What?!” both Mashiro and Arika replied, Arika having returned with the water just in time to hear that.

Nina made a soft growling sound deep in the back of her throat as she told them, “Don’t act so surprised.”

“Your first threesome, or....?” Arika had to ask.

“My first time, period,” Nina blushed brighter under their surprised gazes.

Mashiro blinked, “But I thought you and Erstin... I mean, everyone knew she was in love with you.”

Nina gave Arika a pointed look, who blushed slightly. “What?” Arika said defensively, “Even I saw it.”

“I knew how she felt,” Nina nodded, “but we never....”

Mashiro patted her on the arm gently, her expression compassionate.

Arika smiled as she handed Nina the water, “Here, this might make you feel better.” She sat down on the edge of the bed, all three relaxing a moment.

“Thank you,” Nina drank, feeling the tension leave her body.

On reflection she didn’t regret last night, even though her memories still made her blush. She was still surprised at her own agressiveness, not to mention Mashiro’s skill as a lover. And Arika... well, she was like a loving, over enthusiastic puppy.

‘Well,’ Nina mentally added, ‘she’s like a puppy trained by that sex-fiend, Nao.’

“Are you going to be all right?” Mashiro asked again.

“It’s all right,” Nina blushed as she conceded, “I enjoyed myself, actually.”

“Oh good,” Arika beamed.

“I’m glad,” Mashiro smiled at Nina warmly as she admitted, “I like you a lot, nearly as much as I do Arika.”

Arika nodded, “Me too.”

Nina found herself smiling back, touched by how much it all meant to her.

Before any of them could continue, the ringing of a phone pierced the relative calm. “Damn it,” Mashiro sighed as she hurried over to the cabin’s phone. She answered it and listened, her eyes widening.

“What is it?” Nina asked as Mashiro put the phone down.

“Dr. Yohko wants to see us at Garderobe,” Mashiro frowned, “she may have found a means of seperating us.”


Yohko paced back and forth in her lab beneath Garderobe academy, her long white labcoat fluttering around her. “With Irina’s assistance,” she concluded, “we’ve devised a method that I believe will have a ninety percent chance of success.”

Irina blushed as she pushed up her glasses, “I just asked a few questions, that’s all.”

“And the other ten percent?” Natsuki asked, the headmistress looking vaguely skeptical.

“There’s a small chance of failure,” Yohko conceded, “but it shouldn’t be harmful.”

“I think,” Shizuru drawled, “the decision should be up to them.”

“What do you think?” Natsuki turned to the three young woman.

Mashiro frowned thoughtfully, “I’m not sure....”

Nina put her hand on Mashiro’s shoulder, “Can we talk?”

The three young woman huddled together off to the side in the lab, talking softly. Natsuki raised a eyebrow as Nina told Mashiro something surprising, judging by her expression. Arika looked amused as she listened and tossed in comments, the three beginning to smile and nod as they reached a agreement.

“Professor Yohko,” Arika turned to ask, “is there a time limit on doing your procedure?”

Yohko raised a eyebrow, “No, not that I’m aware of.”

Nina spoke up, “Headmistress, is there a rule saying someone can not have two otome?”

Natsuki smiled slightly, suspecting where this was going. “Not as such, no,” she nodded.

Mashiro smiled gravely, “Then for the time being I’d prefer the situation to remain as is.” Wryly she added, “Considering Windbloom’s history, we could probably use two otome.”

‘Besides,’ Nina thought as she took both Arika and Mashiro’s hands, ‘it gives us more time to understand what’s going on between us.’


Notes: I wanted to touch on the main ‘otome couples’ as well as cover as few other characters. I rather considered writing a bit on Tomoe too, since she kinda intrigues me, but I couldn’t figure out a good way to slip that in. Maybe a one-shot latter, we’ll see. Nina being a virgin seemed to make sense from what we saw in Mai Otome and her still being able to transform in Zwei.