Mega Man Fan Fiction ❯ The Light Proyect ❯ Chapter 1 ( Chapter 1 )

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This Fanfict it's based in Ranma 1/2 TV series, not the manga. Mega
Man it's based in all his games up to number 8 (NOT Mega Man X,
that's a whole other thing.)
Ranma Saotome
Mega Man
Written by Lucas Liso
PART 1: The travel.
Year 20XX, a giant castle hidden in the mountains.
Dr. Jerome Wily was working on a new kind of machine, he had been
working on it for two months, day and night, with almost no rest at
Bass came closer, Treble with him, "What are you working on Doctor?
It is a new robot? I told you, I'm all you need to destroy that blue
"Don't bother me Bass! I designed you to fight, not to ask questions!
Besides, soon it'll be finish and you can do what you please."
This answer surprised Bass, usually Dr. Wily used him just to
entertain Mega Man until one of his new robots were ready. This time
was different. What was he working on that was so important?
"I must insist ... what is this? What do I have to do?" Said Bass,
Treble made a sound in agreement.
"Well, if you must know. This pod you see here it's a time machine,
when it's ready it would be able to take any inorganic thing trough
time, it only works backwards, the future hasn't happened yet, but
that's all I need."
"I don't understand ... why do you need a time machine?"
"It doesn't surprise me ... when it's ready, I will send you back in
time, to the year 1995. In the 20th century, Japan."
"Japan? Why Japan? Why send me?"
"In the year 1995, my greatest Rival, Dr. Xavier Light, creator
of that piece of trouble called Mega Man was just an ordinary
exchange student in Japan, in that time he was just a regular
teenager, not the excellent scientist he is now."
"I see, but why send me?"
"Don't you see it!? You dumb robot!"
Bass hated being insulted, but Wily was his creator and master,
he couldn't do anything to harm him, even if he really wanted to. So
he just stood there waiting for an answer, a neutral expression
on his mechanic face.
"By sending you to the past, in a time were robots like you did not
exist, in a place were Dr. Light will be totally helpless, you'll
be able to kill him before he could even think about creating Mega
Man, and then I will be able to conquer the entire world!"
Now Bass understood it, it was a perfect plan, yes, but he would have
preferred to destroy Mega Man himself.
Bass was about to complain about this, when the Lab's alarm started
to work. It only meant one thing, somebody was about to enter the
"Bass! Go to the front door and stop whoever it is! The machine
needs a few minor adjustments. I need a few more minutes."
"Alright, master Wily." Bass turned and walked to the door, "Treble,
come." With that words, Treble walked next to Bass.
Bass smiled as he was walking through the lab, he knew who was at the
door, and was ready to meet him. When he entered the gigantic main
room were the front door was. A plasma explosion opened the door
before he could reach it.
Bass shielded his eyes, and when the explosion dissipated, he looked
at the door. Grinning evilly at the figure who was standing there.
"Hello, hope I'm not interrupting." Mega Man, with the plasma shooter
arm still smoking from the blast, was standing at the blow up door.
Rush right next to him.
"Mega Man! Finnaly! I was wondering how much time it was going to
take you in finding me." Bass said, charging up his own plasma
"Bass. Well, you aren't very clever in running away, and Rush here
has a very good sense of smelling." Mega Man said, smiling.
"Enough talk!" Bass raised his arm, and a giant green-plasma
came out of it. Rushing right at Mega Man, who just jumped out of the
"Rush, activate Jet mode!" In answer to his master, Rush began a
small transformation process, becoming a flying jet-ski. Mega Man
jumped on it, and flew towards Bass.
"Mega Buster!" Mega Man charged up his Plasma shooter sending one of
his blasts towards Bass. Bass also dodged it with a jump, and ordered
something to Treble.
"Treble! Now!" Activating his own flying device, Treble flew up, and
Bass landed on him. Now Mega Man and Bass were having a
flying-shooting battle, increasing in intensity every minute, as both
of them began blasting through the walls of the lab-castle.
Meanwhile, back at the main lab room, Dr. Wily was turning on the
time machine. Pulling a few levers, pushing a few buttons, and the
pod he had constructed began glowing.
"Excellent! Now to set up the day, month and year." As Dr. Wily was
setting up the machine, something blasted trough one of the walls.
"What the heck!" Dr. Wily turned to see both, Mega Man and Bass,
fighting on their respective "Pet robots". He also noticed that they
were getting very into the fight, and getting closer to the pod.
"Bass! Now, before Mega Man can do anything! Jump on the pod!"
"Huh?" Bass was distracted when he heard Dr. Wily, turning his head
to the side.
A distraction, a very little distraction, that was all what Mega Man
needed, using Rush at top speed, he rammed into Bass with full force.
"Why you ..." Bass was falling, Treble with him, but he wasn't going
to go alone, grabbing Mega Man's leg, he pulled him, along with Rush.
"Oh, no!" Now all four robots were falling. All of them hit the pod
at the same time, and the time machine activated. A moment latter,
they were gone.
"Did ... did Bass AND Mega Man just transported back in time?" Dr.
Wily saw the whole thing, and checked the instruments to see if it
was all in order.
"Yes ... they did. But the date it's wrong. They were transported
a week before Dr. Light went to Japan as an Exchange student."
This was not good, he had transported Bass, as planned, but Mega Man
had come along with him. Was the plan still going to work? After all
Mega Man did not know anything about the time machine. But at the
same thing, Bass didn't know he was transported a week before of what
he was supposed to be.
"I better do some calculations on space time continuum." Dr. Wily
said to himself, while walking towards his calculus desk.
Year 1995, The Tendo Dojo, Nerima, Japan.
"Ranma Saotome! Prepare to die!" Ryoga cried out, while throwing
Ranma a roundhouse kick which he easily avoided.
"Come on Ryoga, you know that you can't beat me." Ranma said, while
dodging another attack from Ryoga. Then doing a somersault he bounced
on one of the garden walls, and kicked Ryoga full force on the chest,
this made Ryoga fly backwards and into one of the walls, doping down
to the ground.
"You ... didn't win yet." Showing his incredible stamina, Ryoga stood
up, ready to continue the fight. Suddenly, a big and strange white
sphere formed above they heads.
"What the heck it's that!" Ranma said, while looking upwards. Ryoga
was looking at the big and strange sphere, but he didn't say
anything. Suddenly, the sphere disappeared, and four figures appeared
in its place. Two of them looked like humans with some sort of
strange armor, the other two resembled a red dog and a purple lion,
also with some strange looking armor. All four of them fell down and
hard on the ground, right between Ryoga and Ranma.
"You didn't beat me yet!" The blue guy said.
"Ha! Enjoy your existence while you can Mega Man! Because I'm gonna
destroy you were you stand." The Black one said.
Both of them stood up, the animal like creatures walked right next
to them, the red dog with the blue guy, and the purple lion with the
black one.
Both of them charged up they plasma shooters, and were ready to shoot
at each other when they heard a scream behind them.
"Hey! What are you doing here?" Ranma said.
"What do you want!?" Added Ryoga.
There's were Mega Man and Bass noticed that they weren't indoors
anymore. In fact it seemed like Japan. Since both those boys were
talking in Japanese. Using they universal speaking system software,
Bass and Mega Man talked switched to Japanese language.
When Mega Man turned his head, he saw a teenage boy, about 15 or 16
years old. He was wearing a red shirt and black pants. Bass also
turned around, behind him was a teenage boy, also 15 or 16 years old,
wearing a yellow shirt, and a yellow and black bandana on his head.
"Were are we?" Asked Mega Man.
"Huh?" The blue guy was completely calmed, not the reaction Ranma
expected. "Hum ... this is The Tendo Dojo."
"Where is that?"
"Hum ... Nerima district ... Tokyo, Japan."
"He? Tokyo, Japan!?" Bass said, turning around to face the boy in the
red shirt. Did the time machine activated and send both of them to
the past?
"What year is it!?" Bass demanded an answer.
"Huh?" This was said by Ranma and Ryoga at the same time, not
expecting such a question.
"The year! Now!"
This guy was serious, Ranma tough that it would be better to just
answer that question, no matter how stupid it was.
"It's 1995."
"1995?" Mega Man asked.
"HA! Yeah it worked! See ya later Mega idiot. I have things to do."
Bass jumped on Treble, who began to fly out of the dojo.
"Stop right there! I want some answers!" Ranma screamed, "MOKO
The big chi-ball emerged from Ranma's hands and impacted on Treble,
making it drop to the ground again, Bass along, but Bass was too
fast, with reflex only a robot could have. He did a spin in mid air,
and landed on both feet.
"You shouldn't have done that, you stupid human."
"Oh, yeah? And what are you going to do?" Ranma said, very confident
about himself.
Bass smiled, being built by Dr. Wily, he was able to overrun the
Robot-code, so he could harm humans, charging up his plasma shooter,
he aimed at Ranma's head. Why not have a little fun before taking
care of the mission?
"Oh no you don't!" Mega Man jumped towards Bass, and hit him with his
hands. There were civilians around, if he used the mega buster he
could harm somebody.
Getting hit on the face, Bass discharged the plasma shooter. "Mega
Man, you fool! I'm going to make you pay for that!"
In a just-punching fight, Mega Man had an advantage over Bass, he was
faster and could avoid him. Bass attempted a few punches at Mega Man,
missing all of them. But Bass was not a clean fighter, while
launching punches at Mega Man, he was charging his plasma shooter,
when Mega Man noticed, it was too late.
"Take this, Mega Man!" Discharging the plasma shoot at close range
on Mega Man's Face, Mega Man fell down. "Ha!"
Ranma and Ryoga couldn't believe they eyes. Did that black guy just
turned one of his hands in a cannon of some sort? They didn't know
who this two were. But they seemed dangerous. Bass jumped on Treble
again, only a little stunned by Ranma's attack, and flew away.
"Good bye you stupid humans! I will spare your life just this once.
Ha, ha, ha, ha!" Bass laughed while getting farther and farther
"Who was that!? Where did he come from!?" Ryoga asked.
"I don't know ... but he seems in a bad shape." Ranma said while
walking towards Mega Man.
Mega Man was down on the ground, Rush next to him, trying to make him
wake up. Then it noticed Ranma coming closer and turned around,
to protect his master.
"Easy ... easy now ... I just want to help." Ranma said, Rush
hesitated, then walked to a side, letting Ranma get closer to Mega
Man. Ryoga just watched from a distance, not knowing if it was safe
or not.
"Are you alright? You received a big impact on your head." Ranma said
kneeling down next to Mega Man.
"I'm fine ..." Mega Man said, opening his eyes. "I only lost 50% of
my energy ... if he had used the plasma shooter at full capacity
I would be a goner."
"Huh? Energy ... Plasma Shooter?" Ranma looked at Mega Man, puzzled.
Mega Man tried to stand up bit couldn't.
"Somethings seems wrong with the equilibrium sphere. The blast must
have taken it off place. Could you check up my chest-plate?"
"My chest-plate, I'll open it up for ya." As he said this, Mega Man's
chest opened up, revealing many circuits and wires.
"Wow! Are you a robot?"
"Yeah ... the equilibrium sphere it's small and yellow. Can you see
"Huh? Ye ... yes ... I can see it."
"It should be inside a small hole, is it?"
"N ... no ... but I can see the hole you are talking about ... do you
want me to put it in there?" Ranma asked, not sure if what he was
doing was right or wrong, after all this blue robot had saved his
"Yes please." Mega Man said. Ranma reached down, picked up the yellow
sphere and placed it at the hole Mega Man mentioned. When he was
done, Mega Man closed his chest plate and stood up.
Turning his head at Ranma he asked, "Is it really 1995?"
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