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Ranma Saotome
Mega Man
Written by Lucas Liso
PART 2: Blast in the past.
Mega Man and Ranma were inside the dining room, sitting down at the
table. Akane next to Ranma, Kasumi was cleaning up the kitchen,
Nabiki was up in her room, counting her yens, and Genma and Soun were
at the dojo, playing Shogi. Rush was outside, guarding in case Bass
came back. Ryoga had left, saying he'll be back to finish the duel.
Mega Man had taken off his helmet, and placed it on the table, so
they could see his black hair.
"Now ... it's obvious that you don't want to hurt us, because you
saved me from that other robot ..."
"Yeah, Bass, whatever. So, mind in telling us who are you?"
Mega Man nodded, he was programmed to be polite to humans. "My 'name'
it's Mega Man, I'm a combat purpose robot, my body it's made of a
light titanium alloy, my right arm turns into a plasma shooter,
and a special learning software of WCS (Weapon Copy System)."
"Combat Robot?" Akane asked, at first she didn't believe Ranma when
he told her what happened, but after seeing Mega Man, she did.
"Yes, I didn't use to be one, I volunteered to be modified."
"Why did you have to volunteer?" Ranma asked.
"It's kind of a long story ... sure you want to hear it?"
Ranma and Akane nodded, Mega Man wasn't sure about telling them all
this events, after all, this was the past, and nobody should know
about the future. Still he didn't see any harm in telling this two
"In the 21st century, my creator, Dr. Xavier Light, and his
assistant, Dr. Jerome Wily, were working on a special type of robots
that would do special jobs, too dangerous to humans. I was made to be
a handyman, Roll, the only girl-like robot, was made to be a
housekeeper, then there was 6 more, Fire Man, made to work at extreme
heat situations, Ice Man made to work at sub zero temperatures.
Bomb Man, a demolition robot. Guts Man, a excavation robot. Elec Man,
an electrician. And Cut Man, a woodcutter. Everything was going fine,
but one day, an explosion almost destroyed all of the lab."
"What happened?" Akane asked.
"The assistant, Dr. Wily, was doing an illegal experiment, after Dr.
Light discovered him, he fired Dr. Wily, who left, but saying he was
going to get his revenge one way or another."
"And I suppose he did." Said Ranma.
Mega Man nodded, "Yes, the next day, almost all the robots were
stolen from the lab, only Rock, Rock was my old name, and Roll were
left saying that we were useless for combat purposes. A few days
later, the 6 stolen robots were reprogrammed and sent to destroy
the city by Dr. Wily."
"And there you volunteered." Ranma said.
Mega Man nodded again, "Yes, I was modified to be a combat robot,
I stopped Wily's plans many times, but he always manages to get away.
And now I found myself back in the 20th century, who knows why. All
because of him."
"I see, now, who was the other black robot, with the purple lion like
"Bass? He's one of Dr. Wily's creations, the best one so far.
Actually I don't like to fight with him, his purpose it's not to take
over the world, he just wants to prove himself that he's a better
combat model."
"Well, you are here now, and he's here now, any ideas why?" Ranma
Mega Man shook his head, "No, I was just following a trail left by
Bass after a fight in the city, when I reached the Wily castle,
I met him, we fought, then fell down, and all of a sudden I was here,
in Japan, in 1995."
"So you have no idea why you are here." Ranma said.
Mega Man was about to answer when a voice came from the door. "I do
know why."
Ranma, Akane and Mega Man turned immediately, Mega Man recoginzed
the robot at the door when he saw her, Ranma and Akane just were
puzzled to see what looked like a girl with blond hair and a red
"Roll! What are you doing here?"
"Roll?" Akane asked.
"The house-keeping robot?"
"Yes, that's me." Roll said, walking towards the table and knelling
down besides Mega Man, she was carrying a blue briefcase, that she
placed next to her.
"Allow me to introduce myself, I'm Roll, I suppose Mega Man told you
about me."
Akane and Ranma nodded, Roll turned to face Mega Man.
"So, Roll, why are you here?"
"Actually, I'm from one week in the future from your point of view.
After you didn't came back from Wily's castle, Dr. Light sent out
Beat to check it out. He found out about the time machine, and Wily
doing some calculations. Using his built up scanner, he made a copy
of the blueprints of the time machine. After that, Dr. Light knew
that you were here, I mean Japan in 1995, and decided to build up a
time machine himself, after it was finished, he sent me here with
some info and the necessary equipment, plus a remote that would let
us go back."
Roll showed Mega Man a little control with a single red button on it.
"Pressing this button we'll go back, but we have to stop Bass before
we do that, and align him with Dr. Light's time machine. Then he'll
be back with us too."
"Why did Dr. Light sent you? Why didn't he come himself?"
"Unfortunately, the time machine only transports inorganic matter.
That's why he sent me."
Roll then turned to see Ranma and Akane. "Excuse me if I was
impolite, who are you?"
"Oh, yeah, you didn't tell us your name yet." Mega Man said.
"Our names, well, I'm Ranma Saotome, a martial artist from the
anything goes school of martial arts."
"My name it's Akane Tendo ... nice to meet you."
"Well, Ranma then, thanks for fixing my equilibrium sphere, now we
have to go and find Bass."
Mega Man stood up, Roll followed him, when they heard Ranma's voice.
"Were will you go?" Ranma asked.
"Don't worry, we don't need to eat or sleep, we'll be fine."
"No way, you are from the future, what if someone sees you like that?
I think it's better if you stay here."
Mega Man and Roll tough about this, they were in the past. What would
happen if they accidentally changed something? Ranma had a good
"Alright, we'll stay, right Roll?"
"I don't see why not, you are the one that's going to fight Bass."
"Ah, Roll, I forgot to ask you. Why did Dr. Wily sent Bass here?"
"Oh, I forgot to tell you did I. Well, it seems like he's here to
kill Dr. Light when he was a teenager, and change the future. So Dr.
Wily will become the ruler of the world."
Everybody was speechless.
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