Mega Man Fan Fiction ❯ The Light Proyect ❯ Chapter 4 ( Chapter 4 )

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This Fanfict it's based in Ranma 1/2 TV series, not the manga. Mega
Man it's based in all his games up to number 8 (NOT Mega Man X,
that's a whole other thing.)
Ranma Saotome
Mega Man
Written by Lucas Liso
PART 4: On the lookout.
Ranma had just finished changing, and was ready to go downstairs
to have breakfast. As he did, he passed next to the dojo and looked
inside. Mega Man was at the dojo's entrance, looking at the morning
"Good morning Mega Man ... were you up all night?"
Mega Man turned around, he was still wearing the clothes that Ranma
lent him. "Hi Ranma, yes I was up all night, so did Roll and Rush,
I don't need to sleep I'm a robot."
"Didn't you get bored?"
"No, we sorted things in the briefcase. And after that we played
cards and stuff."
"Coming for breakfast?"
"Sure, but I won't need to eat or anything."
The two of them walked towards the dining room. In there all the
Tendo's and Genma, in human form, were aiting to eat breakfast.
"Where's Roll?" Ranma asked.
Before anybody could answer him, Kasumi came out of the kitchen
with the cups of tea and the teapot in one hand, and the bowls and
chopsticks in the other. Behind her came out Roll, carrying the rice
and the vegetables.
"Breakfast its ready." Kasumi said and placed the things she was
carying on the table. After that, Roll placed what she was carying
on the table too.
"Roll, did you help Kasumi with the breakfast?" Akane asked.
"Yes, she did." Kasumi answered, "And she's pretty good at it too."
"Roll always makes breakfast for Dr. Light and cleans up the lab, she
was designed to do that." Mega Man added, Roll just smiled.
As everybody was beginning eating, Mega Man went upstairs, and a
minute later, he was downstairs again, carying a blue backpack.
"What's in the backpack?" Ranma asked as he swallowed.
"My helmet, in case I need it." Then he turned to face Roll, "Now
Roll, lets go to the schools."
"Wait up, we can walk you to our school, then you can go to the
others." Akane added, as she was finishing up her breakfast.
"Alright," Mega Man answered, then he turned to Rush, that was at the
door. "Rush, you stay here, people will ask questions if they see
you. If anything happens, I'll call you."
Rush just nodded and barked in response, then walked outside, like
any watch dog would do.
A few minutes later, the two teenagers and the two robost were
walking to Furinkan High School. As always Ranma was walking on the
wire fence. Mega Man was just looking around, like if expecting
something, Roll was going over a map of Nerima.
"So, there are 4 high schools in Nerima, 1 of them it's Saint
Hebereke High School, an all girls school, so it doesn't count."
The girl robot said. "That just leaves three more, Seinan High
School, Kolkhoz High School and finally, were we are heading now,
Furinkan High School." Roll said this and put the map back in the
"We'll have to go to the other three as soon as we finish setting
the detectors on this school." Mega Man said, "No telling when Bass
could attack."
"Does this Bass guy fight with you very often?" Ranma asked.
Mega Man was surprised at Ranma's question, he turned his head and
looked at him. "Well, yes, we had fight so many times that I lost
count. I win every time ... sometimes we just left it as a tie. He
was never evil, he just wants to prove himself something."
At that moment, Furinkan High School was on sight. And the four of
them walked inside.
"We have to go to class now, you two do whatever you have to do, and
we'll met you back at the dojo." Akane said.
As they were just to enter the building, someone cut they way.
"Oh, my beautiful Akane, I see that you can't forget about me, always
coming back to see me."
"Back off Kuno." Akane said.
"Yo, Kuno, why don't you take a hike." Ranma said, in his usual 'I'm
better that you tone'.
Kuno turned to look at Ranma, "Ranma Saotome! You filthy fiend, I
shall beat you and free my two loves!" Kuno pulled out his wooden
"Who's this person?" Mega Man asked.
"He, he's just a stupid guy that loves being hit." Ranma said.
"Who are you? That speaks that way with Ranma? Are you his friend?"
Kuno asked Mega Man.
"Huh? Well, I'm just passing by and he ..." Mega Man couldn't
continue as he was cut off by Kuno.
"Ant friend of Ranma its my enemy. Prepare to meet your doom!"
Kuno ran towards Mega Man. Who just stood there unmoving, as a robot,
he could not hurt humans, so he didn't do any move to defend himself.
Kuno swung his wooden sword at Mega Man's side, and it broke on
impact. Kuno took a step back in surprise.
"What ... how could this happen?"
"I'm a little harder than you tough ... now can you drop this stupid
argument, I have better things to that to ..."
"Shut up! You dared to brake my mighty blade! You will pay for that!"
Then, Kuno produced another sword, but this was metallic, it wasn't
a REAL sword, but it was harder that a wooden one.
"Now ... fell my strength! AAAHHH!!" Kuno swung his sword again at
Mega Man's side.
Of course, being of titanium, Mega Man was harder that any metal in
the 20th century, so when Kuno hit him, the wood sword just bounced
off him, and Kuno felt the impact.
"I woooont beeee deeeefeeeaaateeeed byyyyy youuuuu." Kuno said this,
and collapsed on the floor.
"Does he have a mental problem?" Mega Man asked.
"Some times, I think yes, good by guys." Ranma said, as he and Akane
walked into the school to attend class.
Inside Mega Man, his software started to work, namely his WCS, as he
copied all of Kuno's techniques. When he was finished, he picked
up, Kuno's metal sword and swung it around, with a lot of ease, like
if he always had known how to do that.
"Interesting ... I never knew that my WCS worked on humans ... but
then, I never 'fought' a human before."
"Yeah, very interesting, now drop that thing and help me find a good
spot to place this detectors, you can tell Dr. Light everything
when we get back." Roll said, and walked to one side of the school.
Meanwhile, away from them, and up the sky, Bass, riding Treble like
a skate board, was cruising Nerima's sky space. And looking into a
small screen that he was carrying in his right hand.
"Well, those old 20th century electric pieces work ... this radar
will do fine, we can follow Mega Man's steps, and he doesn't even
know about it."
Bass had made the small radar in the electric factory. On the little
screen, you could see the entire city of Nerima. Withe flashing
spots in different parts of it, each one representing a robot in the
area. Bass and Treble were the two dots in the middle of the screen.
There were five more dots in the screen, so Bass knew that he and
Mega Man weren't the only robots here. There was one spot in that
dojo he had arrived when he time-traveled, that was probably Rush.
Then there were two more dots in a building that looked like a high
school. Bass was sure that one of them was Mega Man, the other he
wasn't sure. Then there were the last two dots; one of them looked
like it was walking aimlessly through the city, the last one was in a
building, near the two dots that were in the high school, in fact,
that last dot had been following the other two dots since it appeared
on the screen.
"Could it be ...?" Bass asked himself, then his attention was turned
to the dot that was wondering aimlessly through the city.
"Now, what could this one be?" Bass asked himself again, "Well,
whatever it is, I don't care. I'm going to that high school there
and destroy Mega Man."
Bass wanted a rematch, he knew that the fight they held when they got
here wasn't finished, he had choused to leave when he saw that Mega
Man wasn't going to fight for real, with all those humans around.
"Stupid humans ... always getting in the way. But be ready Mega Man,
as soon as I find you, we'll resume our fight, and this time there
won't be any excuses!" Bass said, as Treble increased speed.
"Wait Treble! Stop!" Bass ordered his robot partner to stop when he
noticed that the two dots that were in the high school moved out of
it, and now were on the move again, the other dot following them.
"Mega Man had changed his route? No matter, Treble follow them!"
When it heard the order Treble flew towards the new targeted place.
In one of the streets of Nerima, Mega Man and Roll were walking
again; Roll had placed two detectors, one inside the school, one
outside the school, that was going to be enough to detect any
abnormal activity.
"Were now Roll?"
"Let me see." Roll answered, looking at the map. "The nearest one
it's Seinan High School, lets go there first."
Suddenly, Mega Man jumped and pulled Roll to the ground as a plasma
beam blasted the ground where they were standing just a few seconds
"What was that?" Roll asked, but she knew the answer. Who else could
it be?
"Bass!" Mega Man said as he looked up. Bass was still on Treble,
smiling, his plasma shooter arm smoking from the beam it just fired.
"Mega Man ... I didn't recognize you with that clothing. Are going
to a fashion show?" He asked sarcastically.
"Roll get back." Mega Man said, his eyes locked on Bass, Roll just
nodded and took a few steps back. Mega Man reached for the backpack
he was carrying, and picked up his helmet, placing it on his head.
He also took of the clothes Ranma leant him. He didn't want to return
them with plasma burns all over. Mega Man's blue body armor shined
at the mid-morning sun. By now, Treble had landed and Bass had jumped
to ground.
"I see that Rush isn't with you. No matter," He turned to face
Treble, "Treble, don't interfere it wouldn't be fair that way."
Mega Man smiled, as his eyes were still locked in a fight stare at
Bass. He knew Bass was going to order Treble to that.
Both combatants stared at each other, like in old west movies. Both
plasma shooters ready to fire, waiting for the right moment.
"We don't have to do this Bass ... it's not even the right time."
"Wrong Mega Man, it's always the right time"
Bass fired first, the plasma burst passed close to Mega Man's head,
as he dodged to a side, and fired himself, Bass also dodged the
plasma blast, jumping up.
As Mega Man looked up he saw how Bass was droping on him, right leg
first as he attempted a flying kick. Mega Man jumped back, dodging
it. Bass' kick impacted on the pavement, making a hole in it. Then
Mega Man activated his special software, as he loaded some software
from the WCS recent database.
"Mega Kendo sword!" As Mega Man activated his software, a light sword
(You know, like the one Luke uses in Star Wars) emerged from the
canon of his plasma shooter. His armor changed color from blue to
white and grey.
"What?" Bass dodged as best as he could when Mega Man rushed towards
him, slashing away with the light sword.
Bass began to charge up his plasma shooter, Mega Man was fighting
like if he were a experimented Kendoist. He was ready to fire.
"Eat this! Mega idiot!" The big plasma beam came out of Bass plasma
shooter, right towards Mega Man.
Mega Man impacted the beam with his light sword, and the beam changed
its course high and into the sky.
"How ... how do you do that!"
"I'm surprised myself ... my WCS picked up the techniques from that
"Huh? Human?" Bass was in deep trouble, nothing was working, and that
sword, added to Mega Man's sudden skill, had added up into one major
opponent, suddenly, a yell came the right side.
"I found Mega Man ... Energy Fist!"
Mega Man turned just in time to see how a big energy ball, shaped
like a fist, impacted him full on the chest, making him fly into a
wall, and dropping on his back. The impact had even deactivated
the light sword. With a lot of effort, Mega Man stood up, and watched
his attacker.
By now, Roll, Bass and Treble were looking at Mega Man's attacker
also. Roll had a worried look, Bass and Treble had an angry stare.
"Why did you interfere in my fight!" Bass screamed.
The light green and white robot smiled. "I' was sent here two weeks
after you departure Bass, as soon as Dr. Wily was done in building
"Dr. Wily! You are one of his robots?" Mega Man asked, getting ready
for round two.
"Yes ... I'm ..."
The new robot took a battle ready stand, like martial artists do.
"Fight Man!"
Whoa now, things are getting ugly now, Mega Man had used Kuno's Kendo
skills in his fight with Bass, and all of a sudden, Fight Man shows
up. Who will win?
I had some trouble coming up with stuff for this part, I know that
Ranma and the rest hadn't appeared much till now, but they will
eventually, just keep reading.
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