Mega Man Fan Fiction ❯ The Light Proyect ❯ Chapter 5 ( Chapter 5 )

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This Fanfict it's based in Ranma 1/2 TV series, not the manga. Mega
Man it's based in all his games up to number 8 (NOT Mega Man X,
that's a whole other thing.)
Ranma Saotome
Mega Man
Written by Lucas Liso
PART 5: The fight begins.
Bass was furious, how dared that robot interfere with his fight?
"Why are you here!?" Bass demanded.
"Bass, Bass, Bass, Bass." Fight Man slowly shook his head. "I'm here
to destroy Mega Man, and help you in your mission of killing Dr.
Light in the past. What else could it be?"
"Look, If you want to kill a human, then go and be my guest. But
nobody ... NOBODY ... interferes with a fight between Mega Man and
me! Got that?!"
"I'm sorry to hear that Bass." Fight Man said.
"Huh? Why?"
"Because now I'm gonna rip you apart."
With that, Fight Man leaped forward with an incredible speed, and
before Bass could react, he was being held from the throat, a few
inches off the ground, trying desperately to get loose with his
hands, but Fight Man was just too strong.
"You idiot ... If you aren't with me, you are against me!" Fight Man
Then, all of a sudden, Treble leaped from a side, jaws open, claws
in front. Fight Man saw it jut in time, and he thrown Bass towards
Treble, both of them crashed in mid air, and collapsed with a crunch
on the ground.
"That should do it." Fight Man said with a smile, neither Bass nor
Treble were moving.
"You are a ..." Mega Man ran towards Fight Man, charging up his
plasma shooter, and when he was close enough, he blasted a gigantic
plasma beam towards Fight Man. Who just jumped and dodged it, landing
with a kick, hitting Mega Man fully on the face, making him fly back
again, crashing on the floor.
"You are nothing compared to me." Fight Man smiled in triumph.
But Mega Man wasn't about to give up, using all the power he had left
he stood up again.
"You are either really brave or really stupid." Fight Man said, and
stood in a battle ready stance.
Mega Man just looked at his opponent, he had just finished with Bass
AND Treble. ALONE, and in just a few seconds. What could he do to
stop him? He tried to activate the Kendo techniques from his WCS. But
it failed, the first impact had damaged part of his software.
Suddenly, he heard a whistling tune. A tune that he knew well, but,
could it be, here in the past?
With a flip, a red and white robot, with dark shades and a big shield
fell with a stand between Mega Man and Fight Man.
"Hi there, brother."
"Proto Man! What are you doing here?" Mega Man asked, felling
"I followed Roll in the time machine when I found out what happened
to you, now for the important matter, I see that you are facing quite
an opponent. Mind if I help you?"
Mega Man smiled, and nodded.
"You, you are going to defeat me? HA! Now that's funny."
"We'll see about that." Proto Man Raised his shield in a defensive
position, and turned his head to Mega Man.
Speaking in a low voice he said, "He only wants to destroy you ...
try to run away while I entertain him."
Mega Man nodded, made a signal to Roll, who also nodded. And both of
them ran away.
"Hey you! Come back here!" Fight Man tried to follow them, but Proto
Man rammed him with his Proto Shield. Fight Man just lost his balance
a little, and regained it just in time to prevent to fall, turned
around an faced Proto Man.
"Your fight is with me." Proto Man said.
"You just signed your will." Fight Man said, Mega Man had escaped,
no matter he would find him later, now he was going to have a little
fun in beating up this idiot.
"HHHAAAA!!!" Jumping, Fight Man tried to kick Proto Man on the head,
but he managed to protect himself with his Proto Shield.
Wow! That was some kick! Proto Man tough, he charged up his plasma
shooter, and when ready discharged the beam on Fight Man, finally
a full hit.
But Fight Man didn't even flinch. Instead he just smiled, the shot
hadn't even made a tiny scratch.
"What are you made of?" Proto Man was surprised, that blast could
have penetrated a wall, but this robot had taken it without damage.
"Now, to finish this thing." Fight Man kicked Proto Man in the chest,
full and hard, Proto Man flew a few meters into a nearby wall, and
collapsed to the ground.
Fight Man smiled and looked around him, no witnesses, good, he didn't
want to waste time with that sort of thing. He just started to walk,
he would find Mega Man, and when he did, he was going to blast it
into pieces.
When Fight Man was gone, Proto Man raised his head and looked around,
Fight Man was nowhere in sight, good. He stood up, and walked towards
Smiling, he said, "Now, what about you."
Now, how many knew that the extra dot in the radar was Proto Man? Now
all robots know each other, things will start to heat up, as Mega Man
will try to learn a way to defeat Fight Man.
I know that this chapters are kind of short, but it's easier for me
this way, and it doesn't affect the story.
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