Mega Man Fan Fiction ❯ The Light Proyect ❯ Chapter 9 ( Chapter 9 )

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This Fanfict it's based in Ranma 1/2 TV series, not the manga. Mega
Man it's based in all his games up to number 8 (NOT Mega Man X,
that's a whole other thing.)
Ranma Saotome
Mega Man
Written by Lucas Liso
PART 9: The final battle.
Fight Man was very confident, even if he was almost surrounded.
Mega Man, still in girl form, Proto Man, Bass, wearing the
Treble-armor, Rush, ready to fight again, and that stupid human,
Ranma. All of them were ready to fight.
Fight Man assumed a battle ready stance, smiling, he was stronger,
faster, and his weapons were more destructive than the others. And he
also knew about every martial art that existed.
"I'm going to enjoy destroying you." Fight Man said.
"Easier said than done." Proto Man said, as he shoot a plasma beam
towards Fight Man, Fight Man dodged, and leaped towards Proto Man,
who covered from the attack using his Proto Shield.
Bass used that distraction, and rammed into Fight Man, using his
armor's wings to fly. The impact sent Fight Man a few feet to the
side, but he regained balance just in time.
In time to get hit by both, Mega Man's and Ranma's attack. While
Ranma used his chi energy, Mega Man's attack was formed by electric
energy (robots don't have chi).
"Rush, now!" Mega Man commanded.
Rush nodded, and began the transformation process. Turning into a
battle armor, Rush joined with Mega Man, with no trouble even if Mega
Man's body wasn't the same. Now the red armor surrounded Mega Man's
upper body and arms. For the uniform to be completed Mega Man was
supposed to wear his helmet, but that wasn't important at this time.
"POWER MEGA MAN ARM!" The missile arm went flying towards a stunned
Fight Man, impacting fully on his head.
"He ... he's still OK!" Roll said, she and everybody else was
standing at the door.
"HA! You think that a couple of attacks are going to get me! My armor
it's made from compressed carbon and titanium. It's the strongest
alloy ever!"
Then an energy sphere began forming in Fight Man's right hand.
"And my energy blasts are powered by an atomic battery! DIE!" The
sphere flew towards Ranma and Mega Man.
"Watch out!" Mega Man screamed, as she activated the jets on the
armor's back, lifting Ranma also out of the blast, the sphere
connected to the ground, leaving a big hole after an explosion.
"We have to think up a plan!" Ranma said.
"Any ideas?" Mega Man asked while landing between Proto Man and Bass.
"Actually, yes I do ... listen ..."
Fight Man waited for the smoke to clear up, and saw nothing. I
missed, damn! He tough, then turned to see that Mega Man and the
human had escaped the blast, and were now next to Proto Man and Bass.
The human was saying something he couldn't hear, and then Mega Man,
Proto Man and Bass nodded in answer.
"Enjoy your talking, while you can do it!" Fight Man said, ran
towards them, and kicked the ground were they were standing. The
three robots and Ranma leaped out of the way, different directions,
and Mega Man said, "NOW, REMEMBER RANMA'S IDEA!!"
When he landed, Bass flew towards Fight Man, but didn't attack him
with the plasma shooter, instead he used his legs and fists to kick
and punch Fight Man, that smiled and easily stopped all of Bass
"You don't know any style of fighting, I could defeat you
"Who said anything about me defeating you?" Bass said, smiling.
Fight Man didn't understand this, but was stunned when he felt a
completely charged blast in the middle of his back.
"Bull's eye!" Proto Man said, he was standing a few inches from were
Fight Man was. The blast was fired at very close range.
Fight Man stood up after he landed face first. He was pissed off.
"Why you ..." He didn't notice that the blast had produced a hole 6
inches wide, in his back.
Fight Man tried to attack Proto Man, but he covered again with his
Proto Shield.
"Got ya!" Fight Man felt how Mega Man was pinned at his back. And
tried to shake him off.
"Let go! You stupid blue pest!" Fight Man said.
"Get ready for the big boom!" Mega Man placed his plasma shooter
in the hole in Fight Man's back, and fired a fully charged blast
inside him.
Fight Man felt how the blast was INSIDE him, and his mechanical
body didn't hold. Exploding into a billion smoking pieces.
"Huf!" Mega Man landed with a thud.
"Hey! We did it!" Mega Man screamed.
"We did? We did!" Proto Man peeked from behind the shield.
"I could have taken care of him myself." Bass said, looking away.
"Well done!" Mega Man saw how Ranma offered his hand.
Mega Man smiled, "No, it was your plan that helped us defeat him."
Mega Man took Ranma's hand and stood up.
"What do I do about this?" Mega Man said, pointing at his chest.
"The curse? It'll go away temporarily with some hot water, or you can
erase my info from your WCS."
Mega Man nodded. As Rush turned back to dog form, Mega Man deleted
all the info that involved Ranma's fighting from his software.
His armor going back to blue color, and his body going back to male
"Mega Man! You are OK!" Roll had ran towards Mega Man and hugged
"Why Roll, were you worried about me?"
Roll didn't answer she was happy that it had finally ended and that
Mega Man was back to normal.
"Can we go back now?" Proto Man asked.
Roll turned around, and looked at him. "Oh, sure ... we have to
synchronize Bass with the machine first."
"I already did that, while he was unconscious." Proto Man answered
"What!?" Bass said, he had heard him talking.
"Did you think that I was going to let you stay here to kill father
when we were gone?"
"Why, you dirty cheater ..."
Proto Man and Bass entered a little discussion.
"Well, Mega Man, good bye, and good luck." Ranma offered Mega Man to
shake his hand.
Mega Man smiled and took Ranma's hand, "Good bye Ranma. Good luck to
you too."
Mega Man turned to Roll. "Now, Roll, activate the remote."
Roll nodded and produced the remote she had showed last time,
pressing the button. Suddenly, Mega Man, Roll, and everything
else that didn't belong to this time disappeared. Even Mega Man's
helmet, and Roll's briefcase.
"Were did they go?" Akane asked as she walked towards Ranma.
"Back to the future I guess." Ranma said. Both, Akane and him looking
at the spot were Roll and Mega Man were standing.
Meanwhile, back at the year 20XX.
Mega Man and the others re-appeared in the middle of the roof of a
"It seems that we are back." Mega Man said.
"Damn!" Bass said, "Dr. Wily it's going to kill me for not finishing
the mission ... then again, it's his fault for sending that stupid
Fight Man to make sure." Then he turned to Mega Man. "Since you
helped me, I will spare your stupid existence this time, but I wont
be this nice next time."
"I know that." Mega Man said.
Bass just turned around, took a few steps and turned into a beam of
energy, transporting back to Wily's castle.
"Well, I'll leave you too, good bye, brother." Proto Man said, and he
also turned into a beam.
Mega Man, Roll and Rush were alone in the roof top, Rush went to
fetch Mega Man's helmet.
"Well, Roll, now what? ..." Mega Man asked.
Roll smiled, "Let's go back to the lab, silly."
Mega Man smiled, and placed his helmet back on his head.
"You looked nice as a girl." Roll said.
"Humf." Mega Man said.
Roll smiled, and the three turned into beams, going back to the lab.
It's over. I hope you liked it. I guess that Ranma and the rest
didn't have a big part. But after all, Fight Man was VERY strong,
and way out of Ranma's league.
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