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This Fanfict it's based in Ranma 1/2 TV series, not the manga. Mega
Man it's based in all his games up to number 8 (NOT Mega Man X,
that's a whole other thing.)
Ranma Saotome
Mega Man
Written by Lucas Liso
PART 8: Mega Girl.
Mega Man noticed that bhe was weaker, but a lot faster in this form,
and was using that advantage to the max. Dodging every single attack
from Fight Man, and hitting him when he saw an opening.
"It seems that Mega Man its faster in his girl form ... just like
Ranma." Nabiki said.
"But ... but ... what happened to Mega Man ... why did he change
like that?" Roll still didn't understand what had happened.
"Let me explain Roll." Ranma said, "I once traveled to China, and
fell into a cursed spring in a place called Jusenkyo. Now if I get
wet with cold water I turn into a girl, and I go back to normal with
warm water."
"I see ... so when Mega Man's WCS copied all of your attributes
... it also copied ... that." Roll said.
"Seems like that." Ranma finished as he was watching the fight.
Mega Man was wining! And a lot! Every single punch he connected
had a lot of impact, and Fight Man was too slow for him. Mega Man
didn't really care at this point if he was male or female. He was
kicking robot butt, and that was the important issue.
He ... She ... whatever ... its not going to beat me! Fight Man
Suddenly, Fight Man activated his secret weapon system. As a massive
plasma sphere was forming in each of his hands, he waited for the
right moment and ...
Fight Man yelled as Mega Man was about to fall on him with a kick,
and fired both spheres at the same time, they connected on Mega Man
full force. Mega Man flew back and crashed against one of the dojo
walls, breaking it, and falling inside the dojo.
Rush tried to attack Fight Man, Mega Man had said to him not to
interfere, but he saw how Mega Man was tossed in the dojo and didn't
care anymore. But it was useless, Fight Man just kicked it, Rush fell
to the ground with a crunch, and didn't seem like getting up.
"He, he ... too easy." Fight Man said, and suddenly he was hit on the
side of his head with a laser beam. He didn't even flinch at it, but
turned to see who had attacked him.
Roll was standing at the door of the house, her laser gun in one
hand, if she had been human, she would have been crying.
"Another idiot. Don't you see that I'm a lot stronger that all of
you?" Fight Man said, and walked towards Roll.
But Ranma jumped in front of him, with battle ready stance.
"You want to fight me? Human?"
"Yes." Ranma said, looking very determined.
"You are all idiots, you know that I'm stronger. Why do you keep
challenging me? Do you want to die?"
"No, I don't ... its just the act of a coward to stand around looking
how someone ... or something ... tries to kill my friends."
"Whatever." Fight Man was ready to impact Ranma out of the way with
a plasma sphere, when he felt a sharp impact on his back, and fell
face first to the ground. As he got up and turned around he saw Proto
Man and Bass, with Treble, standing on the outer walls of the dojo.
Proto Man's plasma shooter was smoking.
"You again!?" Fight Man said. "And what are you doing with him
"As much as I don't like him." Bass said, "I have agreed to fight
"Do what you please, but you will also be destroyed, I don't care who
made you, I will destroy everything that stands in my way."
Proto Man jumped down, shield in hand, and kicked Fight Man on the
face, when Fight Man's face turned to a side from the impact Proto
Man fired a fully charged blast into Fight Man's head at close range.
This only stunned Fight Man for a second.
"Now Bass! Do it!" Proto Man yelled.
"Treble! Join!" Bass said, Treble jumped and transformed into some
kind of armor, that fell on Bass, joining him.
"Now ... I'll show you what I'm capable of!" Armored Bass produced
a pair of bat-like wings from the back of the armor, and flew right
into Fight Man.
Fight Man fell to the ground, but quickly stood up, and fired a
plasma sphere from his right hand. The sphere flew upwards and hit
Bass full on the chest, making him fall.
"You ..." Bass slowly got up, the impact was a lot stronger that he
had tough, if he weren't using an armor, he was sure it had destroyed
"You are all stupid! You can't win! Can't you see that! I'm the
newest model! I can't be defeated by you!" Fight Man said.
That came from Ranma, he just couldn't just watch anymore, the chi
sphere impacted on Fight Man's side, but he didn't flinch.
"You stupid human!" Fight Man said, and was walking towards Ranma,
who wasn't scared, to Fight Man's surprise.
"MOKO TAKABISHA!" That came from the dojo, the even bigger energy
sphere impacted Fight Man on the other side, pushing him a few feet
away, he didn't fell to the ground. But he felt the impact.
"Mega Man! HA! You look better that way!"
"Shut up, Bass." Mega Man, still in girl form, held his hands in
front of him.
"You again!?" Fight Man assumed another battle ready stance, "No
matter. I can defeat all of you if I feel like it!"
"Ready?" Proto Man asked Bass, Bass nodded.
"Let's get him!" Mega Man said from the dojo, walking towards the
other two robots.
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Mega Man, Proto Man, Bass & Treble, Ranma and Rush.
Fight Man.
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