Mega Man Fan Fiction ❯ The Light Proyect ❯ Chapter 7 ( Chapter 7 )

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This Fanfict it's based in Ranma 1/2 TV series, not the manga. Mega
Man it's based in all his games up to number 8 (NOT Mega Man X,
that's a whole other thing.)
Ranma Saotome
Mega Man
Written by Lucas Liso
PART 7: Robo wars.
It's almost night time, the Tendos and Saotomes are finishing
with dinner, at the same time, Mega Man, without the human clothes,
wearing his helmet, was just waiting, Rush at his side.
Inside, Roll was watching them trough a window.
"What's wrong Roll?" Akane asked, she was behind Roll, who didn't
hear her coming.
"Akane ... nothing ... I'm just worried ... I mean ... Mega Man ...
and that robot was so powerful ... I just ..."
Akane smiled, Roll may be a robot, but some of her feelings were as
human as she was. "Don't worry Roll, I'm sure he'll be fine."
Suddenly, the front door collapsed, when the dust cloud cleared
up, Fight Man was standing there.
"Mega Man, I finally found you, as soon as you are out of my way,
I'll be able to accomplish my mission on killing Dr. Light a week
from now."
"Not if I can stop you!" Mega Man said.
"Ha! So, you hadn't had enough this morning? Alright. But this time
I won't be so nice to you."
"I have a new trick up my sleeve." Mega Man smiled, he activated
the WCS and his armor changed color again, from blue to red and
As soon as the software from the WCS that had all of Ranma's fighting
techniques finishing in downloading, Mega Man assumed a battle ready
stance. "Shall we try this again?"
"So, you learned how to fight for real. Lets see if you have really
Mega Man began the fight with a flying kick, that Fight Man avoided.
Then Fight Man tried to hit Mega Man on the back with his elbow,
but Mega Man turned and covered himself with his left arm, with his
right arm Mega Man hit Fight Man fully on the face. Fight Man felt
that, and took a few steps back.
"You are good." Fight Man smiled.
"And I'm just warming up." Mega Man said, re-assuming his battle
ready stance.
In the house, the noise of the fight was heard, now a little crowd.
Namely, Ranma, Akane and Roll. Were watching the fight, behind them
were Nabika and Kasumi, and behind them Soun and Genma.
"Wow! I never tough Mega Man knew how martial arts." Roll said.
Ranma smiled. "He used something called ... WCS or something.
And now he knows all of the anything goes school of martial arts
"Well, that was pretty smart Ranma." Nabiki commented. "did he used
it on you and copied all of your techniques and skills?" She asked,
face neutral.
"Yeah, why it's there a problem?"
"Well, if that WCS copies all the skills from his opponents.
Does it also copy all of the characteristics from them?"
"I guess so." Ranma answered.
"Yes, it works all the way." Roll answered.
"Then, Mega Man must also had copied the Jusenkyo curse." Nabiki
said, face still neutral.
A minute of silence, then Ranma spoke. "No, I don't think that
something like that would be possible ... right?"
"Excuse me ... just what it's a 'Jusenkyo curse'?" Roll asked.
Meanwhile, Mega Man was still fighting with Fight Man, as he tried
a roundhouse kick, then a left hook, missing both. Then Fight Man
attempted an attack, three kicks and two punches, also missing.
He's to fast. Fight Man tough, then he saw how Mega Man was running
towards him, preparing some kind of sphere in his hands.
"He's going to do the Moko Takabisha!" Ranma said from his watching
Fight Man didn't care, all he knew was that Mega Man was going to do
something, and that he should try to stop him now. Then, Fight Man
saw an opening in Mega Man's attack.
"Got you!" With all his strength, Fight Man impacted his right fist
on Mega Man's face.
The punch connected fully, knocking his helmet off his head, and
making him fly towards the pond.
Mega Man fell in with full force. Of course, he didn't worry about
rusting, but something was different when he emerged.
"Oh, my." Kasumi was the only one that managed to say something.
Everybody had face faulted as they saw Mega Man.
"Who ... who are you?" Fight Man asked.
"What? Don't play games with me! I'm Mega Man!" Mega Man didn't
noticed his change.
Now his armor had changed shape, changed into a girl's shape, also
Mega Man's hair changed color, from black to red.
"You are Mega Man? How come?"
Then Mega Man looked at himself. "What! How can this be!? I'm a
"M ... Mega Man ..." Roll said.
"Mega Man ... I'm sorry ... it's my fault ... your WCS also copied
my Jusenkyo curse!" Ranma yelled.
"Jusenkyo curse? What's that?"
Suddenly Mega Man switched back to reality and dodged another punch
from Fight Man.
"I don't know what happened ... but I'm gonna tear you apart!" Fight
Man said.
"Alright! Let's finish this." Mega Man said, and was ready to
continue the fight.
I bet nobody expected this! Ha! The concept occurred to me and I
tough ... great!
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