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On the last chapter, Chapter 11: Shocking Twist:
Tears streamed down Tima's cheeks as she hears the gunshots on the elevator. When they reached the first floor, they began to steadily walk towards the automatic doors. Tima could hear the elevator dinking as it began to pass each floor back up to where Kenichi was. She tried to quicken their pass as the elevator began to come back down. They reached the doors as they slid open to let them pass.
The made it outside - to be surrounded by Mardukes. A helicopter flew overhead as Tima looked about her. Beyond the Mardukes was a limousine, which Duke Red stepped out of. She began to walk slowly down the stairs outside as he approached her. She knew they couldn't possible escape now.
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Chapter 12: Childhood
Tima sat on the bed, looking at the ground. She had been at Duke Red's mansion for three days now, but still kept to herself, minus her visits to Rock's room.
-Three Days Earlier-
Tima stopped and looked up at Duke Red, the tears on her face drying from the cold air. She knew she had to go back with him, whether she wanted to or not. Two Mardukes ran to either side of her, each grabbing a shoulder of Rock, neither making another movement. “As long as you do nothing to him but hospitalize him in your home, I will do what you want willingly.” Tima said firmly as she looked Duke Red in the eyes. He nodded first to her, then to the Mardukes on either side of her, who took hold of Rock and took him to a car behind the limo. Tima then walked towards Duke Red's limo, and went inside.
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Kenichi caught up with Tima only to find the entire Marduke force and Duke Red before him. Tima had already gotten into the limo, and Duke Red approached Kenichi. Kenichi had three or four bullet wounds, but he could control pain so it didn't really matter. “I had a feeling this would happen, so I decided to wait outside the hospital. Good thing I did; if I hadn't, Tima would have gotten away.” Duke Red said to angry Kenichi. Fortunate for Kenichi he knew how to look expressionless. “The girl betrayed us sir, that is the-” “That is not the only reason it failed you fool!! The reason it failed is because you weren't ready for anything!!! You almost let a half dead boy and a girl no older than yourself escape AGAIN!!” Duke Red shouted at him as Kenichi tried to explain. “ I will not allow something like this to happen again.” Duke Red stated as he reached over and ripped the Marduke armband off Kenichi. “You are no longer lead commander of the Mardukes. You're through!!” Two Marduke soldiers stood next to Kenichi as Duke Red continued to release his anger on him. “If I see you in this town again, I will have you arrested for murder in the first degree for that little girl upstairs!!” The Marduke soldiers on either side of Kenichi grabbed an arm; Kenichi forced their grip off him and walked away. “You will regret this Red…you'll regret making a fool of me!! I will reduce your precious city to nothing but ruble!!” Kenichi shouted over his shoulder.
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A newspaper lay on the floor of Tima's room. She never read them, but the maid kept bringing them anyway hoping that Tima would respond. Tima glanced over at it, then her eyes widened as she read the headline of the main page. “Detective Found Murdered in Alley” she whispered as she picked up the newspaper. She read the article, and new right away that it was Kenichi's uncle. She dropped the paper as she finished the article. “Kenichi couldn't have killed his own flesh and blood…” she thought to herself.
Tima got up from the bed and walked out of the bedroom, which led to another room that Rock was in. The two rooms, hers and Rock's, were exactly identical. Both were much taller than they were wide, the walls a peachy color and tan marble floors. It had a bed, one big window looking over the city, and a nightstand with a lamp on it. Rock completely regained consciousness the night that Rock and Tima settled into the mansion. Apparently he was currently sleeping, it being 8AM or so. She glanced at him, and then closed the door.
“You know you can't sneak up on me…” She tensed as she looked over her shoulder and sheepishly smiled at Rock. He now sat up in his bed slowly, his expression turning from good humor to pain. “Rock don't…you might open it back up again.” Tima was referring to Rock's wounded stomach; she sat at the foot of the bed. “I'm fine, I'm restless anyway, and you'd be too if you were bedridden like I am.” “Hey, at least I've come to talk to you for the past three days, doesn't that help at all?” Tima remarked.
She knew it could be a lot worse for him; he could still be in the hospital, awake, and not talking to anyone. She kept this thought to herself of course. “I guess you help.” Rock said. A moment later a pillow collided with his head. “Thanks” she crossed her arms and looked away from him, a pout taking place on her face. “Well if that's the case, I will leave you to wallow in your self pity.” She got up. He laughed. “Aww come on Tima you know I was kidding, don't leave.” She stopped and looked at him. “Oh…all right” she said as she sat down next to him on his bed.
They were both silent for the moment. Rock looked at Tima and could tell she was dwelling on something. “What's on your mind…?” Rock asked. Tima looked at him, “Well, I remember everything now, before the illness I mean. I remember when you first started living here, I was very young, but I do remember. You looked so distant, and didn't talk very much…I didn't get to know you very well before I got sick…” Tima stopped, not sure if she should continue.
“I was only their a few months before your illness, so I suppose there wasn't much time.” Rock finally said. “But-” Tima started, but grew quiet again for a moment. “We met again a little over a month ago, and I've gotten to know you a lot better now, and back then I was lucky to get a sentence out of you.” Rock didn't know if he should tell her or not…tell her of his horrible past. He thought about it, it never left his mind, even now. He still wasn't sure if he wanted to tell her. If he told the story, then their lives would be intertwined forever. He never really opened his heart to anyone before; afraid that the person might end up getting killed like everyone else he ever clung to, his family for instants. He let out his breath before he licked his lips to moisten them.
“The truth is…before fa-…Duke Red adopted me; my life wasn't much different than the average nine year old. I had a mother, a father, and an older brother, Christopher. Life was going so well, father was a big business man that partnered with Duke Red. Mother was a house wife that would always cook the greatest things…to this day; nothing can compete to her cooking…” Rock stopped for a moment, looking away from Tima. He took another deep breath, and stayed facing away from her, and then he continued his story. “One night father took all of us out to a parade for New Years Eve. It was amazing, the fire works and all the dancers, along with a marching band and floats of all shapes and sizes…we didn't leave the parade till very late. We lived about 3 blocks from the parade, so we decided to walk there. On the way back though…on the way back…” Rock grabbed a hold of the bed sheet tight, as if it were the only thing that helped him to go on.
“A crazed robot came out of no where…he quickly killed mother and father…their…their blood staining the sidewalk…Christopher grabbed me and ran as fast as he could, but the robot caught up to him, and knocked him over. I can still remember his last words to me…'Rock, never give up on life, fight to live, now ran as fast as you can!!' So I did…and I heard him screaming all the while…I ended up at Duke Red's house that night, the rain pouring down as his servant opened the door and let me in…and that's how I came to be here…” His voice broke, and he brought one of his hands to his face.
Tima hugged him then, hugged him gently, but held him close. He clung to her, sobbing into the side of her neck. “Oh Rock…” she murmured, as silent tears rolled down her cheeks while he sobbed. The very thought of this happening to Rock made Tima cry. She knew Rock never cried for his family, he only hardened himself and decided to kill robots for a living to avenge his family.
She held him as he let out seven years of tears and pain, and stroked his hair softly to soothe him. His sobbing didn't last very long though, after about 10 minutes, Rock cried himself to sleep. Tima held him while he slept, afraid if she let go he too would disappear like his family had.
To Be Continued…
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