Monster Rancher Fan Fiction ❯ Between Heaven and Hell ❯ The Alternative ( Chapter 1 )

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Chapter One: The Alternative
A loud roaring noise of an engine sounded as a black fortress sailed through the air as they headed north. Inside, many of them treaded, working on various tasks that needed to be done. One, however, sat on his throne and watched the sky; the floating castle separating the clouds with each of the points protruding from it.
Deep, dark red eyes gazed from his being, which was covered in golden armor that greatly contrasted against his dark throne. His clawed fingertips lightly scratched at the arm of the seat as he sat in silence; his giant figure sat almost impatiently as he continued this. Standing still beside him, was a purple plant like monster. The monster did turn questioning at him once in a while, knowing that the master saw his every move despite seeming like he was daydreaming.
Suddenly, a small, breathy laugh emerged from the dark figure, startling the purple monster that refused to move even the slightest when around him. After that brief expression of amusement, he began to chuckle softly which grew and became more menacing.
“M-master Moo?” the Weed asked cautiously.
“It is all coming together.” Moo answered as he finally stopped laughing and clenched the arm of the throne.
“It has finally come.”
`No… I've got to get to the shrine!'
That one thought was enough for the tired, sweaty girl to continue onward. They ran and dodged through trees and roots that stuck through the ground, panting and badly needed rest. The pair slid into a ditch and covered themselves the best they could in the shadows. He turned to her with a pained expression on his face.
“Holly…” he said softly, not willing to risk saying anything else. A loud stomping noise quieted the two as the stomping stopped above them.
“Where did they go?” one of them, similar in their dinosaur shape, except one who distinguished himself with a helmet fitted onto his head.
The leader sniffed the area and nearly gagged. “I can't track them anymore. We're moving on ahead. We'll catch them sooner. Then Master Moo will not have to waste his time on small fry. I'm sure he won't mind if we have a snack before we return.” He smirked as he licked his lips. They then trudged onward and soon their steps could not be heard.
Holly and her companion stayed deathly still for a few minutes before they relaxed. They panted, utterly exhausted, until their hearts calmed down. The brown haired girl then turned to her companion.
“Suezo…we have to keep moving.” She managed out as she began to stand. Suezo's shocked expression told her otherwise.
“Holly, we can't go the same direction! They'll kill us!” The eyed monster began to shout, but finished the rest of the sentence in a whisper, for fear of the dinos coming back. Holly stared at her childhood friend for a moment before she shook her head.
“No… we can't go back. We have to unlock this mystery disk.” Holly said determinedly. Suezo gaped at her.
Holly turned away from him. The young girl simply clutched the disk to her chest and stared at it.
“I have a feeling this disk will change everything…” she sighed before she continued. “It's the only hope I have left…”
Various horns sounded as the streets of Tokyo were trapped in traffic. None of that mattered to him, at least, not at the moment anyway. He was in deep trouble and he knew it.
“You really thought that you could get away with it?
He coughed as he walked on.
You're just a child. You can't do anything right.”
He decided to lean against a wall…just to rest a bit.
“You're responsible for all this.”
He was almost there. He waited patiently in the elevator. He reached his level and limped out. It was only a few doors away, so he made the distance easily. He slipped his keycard in and then out. The little red light turned to green and he entered into his home. When he entered, a sound of water rushing downward came to his ears. A chopping noise accompanied it, and he could assume his mother had started cooking dinner. Quietly, he closed the door so it locked shut and took off his shoes and snuck to his room.
He was finally in his room and sighed in relief. He dropped his bag down on the floor and fell onto his bed. He winced and turned onto his side and grasped his ankle lightly. It probably wasn't broken, but most likely sprained so he would have to go easy on it. He sighed and sat up. Pausing for a moment, he slid to the ground and picked up the controller to his Playstation and slid in his new game. He smiled as it started up. The story began to unfold but his mind subconsciously started to drift.
He blankly stared at the words on the screen as his hands tightened on the controller.
“No wonder they abandoned you.”
“Suezo, hurry up!” she called to her friend as the monster grumbled as he reached her side. They both kneeled behind the bushes as she peered through to see a shrine. They were there. The dinos surrounded the entrance. They seemed to be speaking, but Holly couldn't understand them. After a few moments, they ran off and seemed to disappear into the forest.
“Come on, let's go.” Holly said as she stood up and made her way to the shrine, Suezo in tow. They soon found themselves inside, welcomed with stone walls and growing vines that stuck to the wall. In the middle lay an area which Holly and Suezo quickly walked to, placing the disk in the center where it began to float in place. Holly went to stand by the stone panel set in front and began to concentrate. Slowly, the stone began to move around then spun faster and faster. A light emerged and grew brighter as it went.
`I must concentrate! I must…'
“Holly!” Holly's eyes snapped open as Suezo pushed her out of the way of a Dino's tail that slammed into the stone panel and broke it in half.
“No!” she shouted as she regained her thoughts. She looked up, only to find herself staring into the eyes of Captain Dino as he smirked at the girl.
“You and that one eyed blob had us going for a while human, but that wasn't enough. You can't fool us.” He looked at her dangerously.
“Well, what should I do with you? Slice your body up? Torture your little monster? Or should we just rip you two up and eat your delicious flesh?” He looked delighted at the idea. “Just hand over the mystery disk like a good little girl.”
Holly shook her head and grasped it closer to her. “No…No, I can't let you have it!” she finished, a glare on her face.
“You are a stubborn girl, aren't you?” he commented as he prepared to attack.
“Holly!” Suezo launched himself at the enemy with his tail attack but with a whip of the dino's tail, both of them were sent flying into the stone wall. Step by step, Holly heard her attacker coming slowly towards her as she struggled to get up. With an eye closed and clenched teeth, she managed to look up to see the dino holding the disk and staring insanely at her.
`This is it…this is all I can do…' The girl prepared herself for the end. `I…I failed…everyone…I'm sorry…'
The dinos launched at the two as Suezo wailed his goodbyes.
`I'm sorry!'
Suddenly, a bright glowing emitted from under her shirt as she briefly glanced down, until the light became too much that she was forced to close her eyes. It became brighter and brighter, the light surrounding the two, until they teleported away.
“WHAT!?” Captain Dino snarled as he looked around the dull, dim shrine, only to find his prey suddenly disappeared. “WHERE THE HELL ARE THEY?!”
His troops also looked around, just as dumbfounded as he was, until he growled.
“FIND THEM!” He roared to his troops. They were eager to obey, but stop when a figure stood in their way. Her pink outfit and red hair fit perfectly with her malevolent personality, also accompanied by horns, a tail and wings that were currently folded, adding to the image. She gave them a deep, beautiful smirk.
“You can kill that girl anyway you want, but give me the mystery disk before you do. Master Moo's is getting impatient. He's annoyed at the fact that little girl continuously slipped through your grasp.” The dino glared at her. He snorted in rebellion, but reluctantly handed over the disk to the red haired beauty anyway. She turned around and spread her wings and quickly flew into the air, leaving behind the disgruntled dino troop behind.
Pixie landed on one of the platforms of the floating fortress after a few good hours and kneeled to rest a bit. When she caught her breath, she marched in tall and proud as she passed the worthless minions without even a glance.
She finally reached her destination and carefully entered the room. She walked up to the figure, who stared at her from his seat. She could tell from his face that she would be awarded greatly for this, but kept herself composed and showed no emotion.
“Master Moo, I have brought another mystery disk. Although I had sent someone else on this mission, I felt that it would be best to bring it to you right away.” Unexpectedly to the pixie, Moo rose from his throne and walked towards her. She was struck with a stab of fear as he came closer and covered it up as best as she could. He swiftly took the disk from her hand and turned away from her.
“You may leave. I will award you at a later time.”
“Yes Master Moo.” The pixie turned and left the room. Moo looked down at the disk in his hand, then raised his right claws over it as he focused his energy.
“You shall be mine.”
Genki was interested in the game. This games started much differently from the other games. It was more of an RPG then the other games, so he supposed it would make sense. He watched as the evil monster concentrated.
`What's he…?”
He then felt a pull. It was weak at first, but rapidly became stronger, until he was pulled straight into the TV. Genki was falling forward as a swarm of color surrounded him. He held his arms in front of him, trying to protect himself because he knew he was soon going to land, and it probably wouldn't be pretty. Luckily he wouldn't have to worry about that as he blacked out.
Through the mass of colors, an unconscious figure fell gently to the floor, along with various other items such as a pack and strange looking shoes. Moo ignored all these and went straight to the boy. Claws drifted through his chocolate locks as a pale light surrounded the boy.
“Such raw power…” he said as he removed his hand. “Perfect for corrupting.”
“Mmmm… uh…” Genki murmured as he began to wake. He almost fell comfortably asleep again within the silk sheets, but snapped his eyes opened and sat straight up. Where was he?
“I see you have awakened.” The figure hidden in the shadows said to him. Genki jumped of course, by his sudden appearance, but was also shocked at the size of the person.
“Who-who are you?”
“I am Moo, the future ruler of this world and all who inhabit it.” The titan replied calmly as he watched the boy scan the room.
“Why did you bring me here?” Genki asked, glaring at his kidnapper.
“I need you to help me conquer this world.” He replied simply.
“What are you talking about?! That's crazy!” the boy argued as he got out of the bed.
“This world would fall apart without me. I will create the perfect world, a world that after centuries of war and famine, I will bring together into unity.” Genki inched a tad.
“No… there can't be a world like that. It's impossible. Especially under an evil monster like you!” Genki spat as he grabbed his bag of the nearby chair and tossed it straight at the titan, as he dashed out the door. The monsters at watch quickly called for his capture, but he punched, kicked and dodged his way out.
He soon saw a beautiful, bright light and smiled as he raced toward it. His eyes snapped open as he forced himself to abruptly stop, barely avoiding falling off the edge as he fell backward onto his butt. He crawled back, his hands gripping the edge as he looked down at the amount of feet they were from the ground. He heard light foot steps and was grabbed by the color of his shirt in the back and was turned to meet him. Moo cupped the boy's chin into his hand as forced him to look at him.
“It would be horribly unwise to kill yourself now. I have so many uses for you.”
Genki knew what Moo was saying was true. He was trapped, and would not be able to escape him.
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