My Little Pony Fan Fiction ❯ A Walk Among Spirits ❯ Chapter 8

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Skylines dream had changed. No longer was he near the battling snake and tiger. There was no pack of wolves stalking him. Instead, he stood in the long green hallway. The hallway seemed much larger than he remembered. Skyline quickly ran down the hallway, opposite of where the elevator was. Skyline felt that he wasn't running, but scurrying down the hallway. He stopped and laid flat on the white marble floor as a Pony walked by. It seemed the Pony didn't see him and when he felt the coast was clear. He continued down the hall. Skyline rounded a corner and found another long hallway with steel doors on either side. He scurried down the hallway and stopped at one of the doors. He squeezed under the door and popped out on the other side.


The room was pitch black, but somehow Skyline could see everything clearly. There was a stallion sleeping on one side of the room while a colt slept on the other side. Skyline quickly moved over to the colt and saw it was Pipsqueak. Pipsqueak had welts and bruises all over his body. Pipsqueak was crying in his sleep and Skyline slowly moved closer to hear what he was saying.


"Please stop. It hurts. Please stop. Mommy, daddy please help me," Pipsqueak cried as he shivered on the cold cement floor. Skyline felt a pit in his stomach form before he quickly ran for the door. He didn't want to be in the room anymore. He squeezed under the door and popped back into the hallway. He quickly scurried down the hall, only stopping to flatten himself on the floor when a Pony was near.


Skyline stopped in front of another steel door, but this door sent a chill through his whole body. Something in his gut was telling him not to go into this room, but he also felt a pair of eyes staring at him from behind the door. Daring him to venture into the room.


He quickly left the door behind and went further down the hallway. He rounded another corner and found another hallway. Something was pulling him down this way. He ventured down the hallway and only stopped when a Pony was near. As he rounded another corner he found a set of stairs. He began to climb the stairs. Each step felt like he was climbing a mountain. When he reached the top he stopped to catch his breath. After that, he scurried down the hallway, still being pulled by some force. He had to frequently stop and flatten himself to avoid being seen by the Ponies. It seemed there were more Ponies here, then downstairs.


As he lay flat and waited for a mare to walk by. He stared down the hall to a yellow door at the end. It was attracting him to it, pulling him towards it. When the mare was gone he ran down the hallway towards it. He squeezed under the door and popped out the others side. The room was much different than the room he shared with the three fillies. Its walls were painted in a rose pink color; there was furniture in this room and a thick white shag carpet on the floor. He traversed the room towards a door in the back. The door was cracked open and Skyline slipped through. This room looked like a bedroom with end tables and a large bed in the middle.


Skyline slowly walked to the bed. Whenever the Pony in the bed moved Skyline stopped and waited for a few seconds before proceeding closer to the bed. Skylines body was suddenly flung halfway across the room. He slammed into the wall as he gasped. All the air in his lungs felt like it had been sucked out. He was dazed and the world was blurry. He felt his body be flung again and he felt it bounce on the ground before finally coming to a stop. He tried to get up and escape, but whatever had flung him had picked him back up and slammed him to the ground.


In his blurry vision, he saw a figure standing over him. He could feel it pinning him to the ground before he felt it start to jab something sharp into his gut. It repeatedly jabbed the sharp object into his torso.




Skyline jolted awake and quickly checked his gut. There was no puncture wounds, no scars, no indication that whatever pinned him down had stabbed him. However, there was a burning pain in his gut. He figured it must have had something to do with the food and laid back down. Skyline lay there for a few more minutes before he fell back asleep.




Skyline swallowed hard as he stared at whatever was in the dust cloud. The blue eyes stared at him before they moved to focus on the wolves made of red mist. The wolves started to slowly back away. A roar erupted from the cloud that shook the ground Skyline was standing on. The wolves stopped and continued to watch whatever was inside the dust cloud. Suddenly a four-clawed hand reached out of the cloud and slammed into the ground. It pulled with it a ten-foot tall Dragon. The Dragon's body was made up of thick white fog while its wings were made up of pitch black smoke. Skyline watched in amazement as the Dragon walked over him, it's fog body casting a shadow.


The Dragon stood between the wolves and Skyline and roared again. The mist the wolves were made of frilled up before they burst into red mist. The mist suddenly swirled around together and formed into one large wolf. It was equal sized with the Dragon. The large wolf growled before it howled and charged the Dragon. The Dragon charged towards the wolf and the two beasts collided in a fury of teeth and claws. The Dragon bit into the back of the wolf's neck. The wolf let out a howl of pain before it began to push the Dragon. Both creatures collided and fell into the carousel.


Skyline watched the two giant monster fighting, aware of the red mist forming behind him. He suddenly felt his body be picked up and flung. He slammed onto the ground and bounced a few times before finally coming to a stop. He shook his head and stood up. His ears bent back as he watched the Pony-sized scorpion made of red mist charging towards him. Skyline turned tail and ran. The Dragon and tiger were still fighting the cobra and wolf. Skyline turned his head back and his heart leaped into his throat as the Scorpion started catching up. He was unaware of the ground ahead of him slowly rise up like something was waiting for him. He tripped over his own hooves and fell to the ground just as the Scorpion lunged for him.