My Little Pony Fan Fiction ❯ A Walk Among Spirits ❯ Chapter 9

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Skyline jolted awake as he felt something hit his right back hoof. He looked around at the white padded room before he looked down at the yellow brick that had hit his hoof.


"Sorry about that. Didn't mean to wake you," Sweetie Belle apologized as Skyline sat up and yawned. The light hanging from the ceiling was already on and lighting up the room


"Yes, I win again," Scootaloo boasted


"No fair! Skyline's hoof moved and got in my way," Apple Bloom argued.


"It's not my fault he kicks in his sleep," Scootaloo said before she added, "Just admit it. I'm better at this than you." Apple Bloom was about to argue when they all heard a familiar sound. The sound of hooves and the squeaking cart outside their door. They all froze and waited to hear the sound of clicks come from the door and a Pony to walk in and take one of them away.


"Sweet Celestia, another one?" the first stallion asked.


"Yeah, looks like Pyro beat him up pretty badly. Guess he got bored and finally finished the poor colt off," the second stallion said. The four foals recognized the two stallions voices from a few nights ago when they were taking goods to The Clinic.


"He looks like he went through hell and back. He's only been here for a few days and already has this many bruises and welts," the first stallion said.


"Why does she put these kids in with such psychopaths? How does she expect them to survive?" the second stallion asked.


"Dude! Watch your mouth. You know full well she doesn't like any of us calling them that," the first stallion warned


"What else am I supposed to call them? Every time a foal is put in a cell with them. They end up like this poor colt or worse. By some miracle four out of the five fillies, we captured got their own cell. The one in Shadow Dancer's cell was an unfortunate turnabout, but he was tame compared to the other stallions in this place. It doesn't take a genius to know what happens when you put a filly into a cell with a stallion that's been here for years. I for one don't like thinking about it. That type of shit is the stuff of nightmares. So yes, I'm going to call the Ponies in this place monsters since that's what they are," the second stallion said.


"Is that what you think?" a mare asked. The second Pony yelped and the four could hear his hooves turn around and slowly back away. Skyline recognized the mare's voice. It was the one from the arena that asked Shadow Dancer to not kill his roommate.


"I-I was just voicing my opinion on where the rest of the staff puts the new captives. Mostly the foals we get in," the second stallion stuttered.


"Go on," the mare said.


"The fact that they put these kids with these monst-older captives without repercussions is Ludacris. We've lost so many young lives because of this," the second stallion said before he added, "I just think." Something hard slammed into the steel door which made the four foals jump.


"You're not paid to think! Nor are you getting paid to question the moral standards of this facility!" the mare screamed. There was another hard thud against the steel door before the mare continued; "I will not have some stallion call my children such foul names!" more hooves came from the end of the hall. There was a sense that the mare was smiling which sent shivers down all four foals' spines.


"Your services are no longer needed," the mare said before she added, "Bring him to Viper."


"Sweet Celestia no!" the second stallion cried as there was a commotion in the hallway as the stallion continued, "I didn't mean it. I take it all back, please don't put me in her room!" the second stallion continued to plead as his voice started to fade away. A shiver went through Skyline's body as he thought the mare was looking at him through the door.


"You there," the mare hissed.


"Ye-yes ma'am," the first stallion stuttered.


"Take this colt to The Line and have him processed," the mare ordered. The stallion didn't say a word and quickly pushed the cart, it's squeaking wheels soon faded away. The mare seemed to stand in front of the steel door for a while before trotting off.


"I hope that wasn't anyone we know," Sweetie Belle said. Skyline didn't say it, but something deep in his gut told him the colt on the cart was Pipsqueak.


"Geez, how many places does this place have?" Scootaloo sighed.


"I don't think we're meant to see The Line Scootaloo. It seems it's for those Ponies that," Sweetie Belle said before she paused like she didn't want to say it.


"Die," Skyline finished for her. Skylines dad had shared with him all the losses he experienced while he was out with the Royal Guard. When Skyline expressed he wanted to join the Royal Guard. His father sat him down and told him all the horror stories he went through while he was in the Royal Guard. All the fighting, all the deaths, the nights were no matter how clean your hooves are. They still feel like there's blood on them. Skyline saw that first hoof when he watched his father at one point wash his hooves raw. It almost felt like his father told him the horrors so he wouldn't join the Royal guard.


Skyline walked up to the steel door before he turned to the three fillies and said, "We're not going to The Line. We'll get out, whether we escape or get rescued. We'll get out." The three fillies seemed to agree with him. He turned back to the steel door and silently sighed. I just hope we get out before you all get put into The Arena Skyline thought.




Rarity uprooted a bush as she pulled it from the ground with her magic. She cried out in frustration as she threw the bush and continued looking. Her mane was disheveled and filled with sticks and leaves. Her tail was in a rats nest and her coat was covered in mud and clumps of dirt. Her hoof stepped in a mud puddle, but she paid it no mind as she cried out "Sweetie Belle! Sweetie Belle where are you?!" her voice was hoarse and her eyes were swollen and bloodshot.


Rainbow Dash flew through the skies looking for Scootaloo. Her wings burned as she soared through the sky. She saw something in the forest and darted down. She snorted in frustration at the misshapen rock before she shot back into the sky and yelled, "Scoots! Scootaloo where are you?!" she nervously looked around hoping to hear Scootaloo's voice calling out to her. When nothing happened, she soared through the air continuing her search.


Applejack ran through the forest and kicked each tree. Hoping Apple Bloom would fall from the tree and she could scold her and her friends on this horrible prank. She knew deep down this wasn't a prank, but she prayed they were hiding or at least stuck in a tree in the forest. She kicked another tree and winced. Her back legs burned and her hooves had dried blood on them. When she started, each tree she kicked nearly toppled over, but now they didn't even flinch. She winced again as she started to cry out, "Apple Bloom! Apple Bloom, please answer me!" she darted towards a clearing where she met Rarity and Rainbow Dash. Twilight, Fluttershy, and Pinkie soon joined them.


"Anything?" Dash asked. The others shook their heads.


"Where are they," Rarity cried.


"We'll just keep searching till we find them," Applejack said.


"I think we should call it a night," Twilight said. She was concerned they were running themselves ragged.


"Are you insane!" Rarity hoarsely cried before she continued, "I'm not going to have Sweetie Belle spend another night out here."


"I understand your concern Rarity. I really do, but you're pushing yourselves to the breaking point. Applejack’s about to collapse," Twilight said.


"Are you kidding? I can go another day," Applejack said. Her back legs shook as they tried to keep her up.


"Dash can't fly forever," Twilight said.


"Sure I can," Dash protested as she extended her wings only to wince as pain shot through them.


"And you're on the verge of losing your voice," Twilight told Rarity as she continued, "There's going to be another search party coming to search the rest of the night. Even Celestia sent a group of Royal Guards to help. We can start again tomorrow."


"I don't care if I lose my voice forever. I'm not letting Sweetie Belle spend another night alone," Rarity argued.


"Yeah, I'll continue searching for Apple Bloom even if I have to drag myself through the mud," Applejack said.


"If I can't fly, I'll race through the forest until I find Scoots. I'm not giving up until I find her," Dash said matter-of-factly. Twilight sighed in defeat.


"Alright, but let's meet up with the search party at the south end of the forest," Twilight said. They all nodded and raced to the southern entrance of the Everfree forest. A few minutes after they left a silver Pegasus and gold Unicorn met each other in the middle of the clearing.


"Did you find him?" the gold Unicorn asked. The silver Pegasus shook his head before the unicorn cried out, "Where can he be? Skyline! Skyline answer me!" tears rolled down her face as she continued to call his name.


"Hey, Hey," the silver Pegasus said as he wiped away her tears and reassured her, "We'll find him. We're going to bring our son home. I've got my buddies from the Royal Guard out looking. We'll find him." The gold Unicorn nodded before they raced to the east entrance of the forest. Unaware of the group of eyes watching them.