My Little Pony Fan Fiction ❯ A Walk Among Spirits ❯ Chapter 16

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

The chubby tan stallion placed Apple Bloom in the elevator and before the doors closed he laughed, "Good luck." The doors closed and he turned around to push the cart down the hallway.


"Don't you think you kind of overdid it?" the caramel stallion with him said.


"What? No," the chubby tan stallion stated before he continued, "I was ordered to take the fillies from the room to break him. The professor said it was to break his spirit or some shit."


"Yeah, but it seemed you were adding insult to injury by mocking him at every step," the caramel stallion said before he added, "I don't think she'd like the fact that you hit him."


"Oh yeah, she calls them her children and doesn't like the staff to lay a hoof on them or belittle them. However, she loves to watch them kill each other. Figure that one out," the chubby tan stallion said.


"I just think you might have overdone it," the caramel stallion said.


"Let me give you some advice," the chubby tan stallion said before he continued, "Leave all your morals and ethics at the door. It will make this job a hell of a lot easier."


They stopped in front of a steel door and the tan stallion pushed a green button on the wall to the right of the door. Five clicks came from the door before the tan stallion took the handle in his hoof and opened the door. In the middle of the room was a purple mare with an ash grey mane and tail. Her eyes were emerald green and slanted like snakes. Her forked tongue flickered out of her mouth when she saw the chubby tan stallion.


"And how is my chubby wubby doing today?" Viper flirtatiously said.


The caramel stallion snickered at her remake before the chubby tan stallion said, "Shut it and help me." The caramel stallion held his laughter in as he helped lift Viper and bring her to the cart. Once on the cart, the tan stallion began to push the cart towards the other elevator.


"Who's your cute friend?" Viper asked the tan stallion. Her remark made the caramel stallion blush before he nearly tripped over his own hooves.


"Don't flirt with the staff Viper," the chubby tan stallion said.


"But he looks so cute when he's flustered. Look how red his face is getting." Viper said as the caramel stallions face grew redder. Viper laughed and added, "Oh I could just eat you up." the caramel stallion tried to ignore her, but he could feel her eyes on him.


Once they got to the other elevator, the two placed Viper in the elevator with the red floor and just before the doors closed. Viper winked at the caramel stallion. Once the doors closed, the chubby tan stallion sighed.


"Don't let her flirtatious manner fool you. When she said she could eat you up, she meant it. she's the professors go to when she needs a Pony taken care of," the chubby tan stallion warned before he added, "So where you off to now?"


"I'm done after this, so I'm heading back to my room," the caramel stallion said before he asked, "You?"


"I have to head to The Line and prep for the new arrivals," the chubby tan stallion said. The two parted ways as the caramel stallion went upstairs to The Lounge while the tan stallion went downstairs to The Line.


On either side of the steel door leading into The Line were two buff stallions. A jet black stallion with an ocean blue mane and the other was a coffee brown stallion with a cream-colored mane. The jet-black stallion lifted up his front hoof and stopped the tan stallion.


"Excuse me, I have to get into The Line to prep it for the new arrivals from The Arena," the chubby tan stallion said before he added, "So could you kindly remove your disgusting hoof from my face." the tan stallion was visibly annoyed. He took pride in his work and didn't like falling behind.


"There is another staff member preparing The Line as we speak," the coffee brown stallion stated before he added, "The professor wishes to speak to you about your assignment."


"Oh, well ok then," the chubby tan stallion said before he turned tail and walked back to the stairs. Once he was far enough from the two stallions he muttered to himself, "Wish she would have told me sooner. Now I've got to climb all these stairs." He started climbing the stairs and stopped at the top where The Cell Block was to catch his breath. He then climbed the next set of stairs and once again stopped to catch his breath. He nodded to anyone who walked past him in The Lounge. He then climbed three more flights of stairs and stopped multiple times to catch his breath. At one point he wheezed, "Why the fuck didn't they build a damn elevator in this part of the facility?"


Once he reached the top, he took a few minutes to catch his breath and wipe the sweat from his face. He opened the door and walked into a long hallway. At the end of the hallway was a candy apple red mare on the right side of the steel door and a fern green mare on the left. The two mares glared at the tan stallion, but he paid them no mind.


"Ladies," the chubby tan stallion greeted, but both stuck their noses in the air. He opened the door and walked past them into the skybox. Bunch of bitches. The stallion thought.


"Aah, you've arrived," Nip Tuck said as papers floated around her in her magic. She examined a few of the papers before levitating them onto the table next to her and added, "I'm pleased with your progress on the assignment I gave you."


"Thank you, ma'am. I do my best," the chubby tan stallion boasted


"I know, which is why I have one more assignment for you," Nip Tuck said before she continued, "When the meals are prepared. I want you to take Spirit Walker's meal to him. After that, you are to report back to me. Trust me; you'll know which one it is. It will be gift wrapped." A smile formed on her face.




Skyline had been on the cold cement floor the entire day. After he felt his body unlock. He attempted to get up, but the pain in his ribs stopped him from moving. Each breath he took shot pain through his ribs and down his spine. Each time he heard the sound of hooves and squeaky cart. He hoped Apple Bloom survived The Arena and the staff was bringing her back. His hopes shattered each time the hooves and cart passed by the door.


After a while, the window opened and the chubby tan stallion mocked, "Alright my little Ponies. Oh wait, there's just one little Pony here. What a shame, I brought three other trays with me to this room. Guess I'll just need the one." He laughed and slid a single tray into the room. Skyline ignored the stallion's words and got up to grab the tray. He suddenly skipped back as he saw what was on the tray. There was a dinner roll, yellow brick, and a mound of pinkish gray goop. It was what was on the goop that made him jump back. Sitting on top of the mound was a bloody pink bow.


"Where's Apple Bloom!" Skyline screamed.


"Why, she's right there in front of you," the chubby tan stallion answered.


"No, that's just the nasty shit you've been feeding us!" Skyline protested as he pointed to the goop.


"True, it it's what we've been feeding you, but let me ask you," The tan stallion said before he continued, "ever wondered what that shit is made of?" Skyline looked at the goop and his eyes widened as he began to hyperventilate. The chubby stallion laughed as he added; "Now you're getting it. That shits your friend. Well, to be honest, it's her mixed in with the other Ponies that died in The Arena. Have to grind their corpses together to make enough to feed all the Ponies in The Cell Block."