My Little Pony Fan Fiction ❯ A Walk Among Spirits ❯ Chapter 17

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Skyline rushed over to the toilet and vomited whatever was left in his stomach as the chubby tan stallion laughed and slammed the window shut. Skyline continued to vomit until there was nothing more than yellow stomach acid coming out. After a while, he was simply dry-heaving since everything in his stomach was expelled. He spat into the toilet and flushed it a fifth time before he turned to look at the tray with the goop and bloodied bow. He walked over to the tray and carefully took the bow from the goop and washed it in the sink to clean off the blood and goop on it.


As he washed the bow, he felt disgusting. He had been eating other Ponies, but the more horrific thought came into his head and he began to gag. For the past two days. He'd been eating the remains of his friends. They literally killed his friends, just to feed them to him. He looked over at the goop and his sickness turned to rage. He turned off the faucet and let the bow dry in the sink. He walked over to the tray, his anger growing with every step. He picked up the tray and threw it at the steel door. It slammed into the door and goop splattered on the door and slid down to the floor while he screamed, "I swear to Celestia I'll make you pay you fucking son of a bitch! I'll make you suffer!"


The chubby tan stallion laughed at Skylines threat before he turned tail and walked towards the stairs. When he stood at the base of the stairs he sighed and began to climb up to the skybox. He stopped at the top of the stairs to the door that led to the hallway and took a few seconds to catch his breath. He then opened the door to find the two mares from earlier were not there. He walked up to the door and knocked.


"Come in, come in darling," Nip Tuck sang. When the tan stallion opened the door, Nip Tuck was sitting in her chair pouring wine into her glass. She smiled and asked, "How did Spirit Walker like his gift?"


"Vomited, cried, sobbed, refused to eat his meal. The usual response when Ponies find out what that stuff is made of," the tan stallion said. He figured he'd leave out Skylines empty threat. He'd heard the threat so many times it became laughable to him.


"Wonderful! I can feel his will, his spirit breaking. In a matter of days, I'll be able to scoop up the pieces and rebuild him," Nip Tuck said before she levitated an empty glass and poured wine into it before adding, "Why not celebrate with me?"


The stallion didn't object as he walked from the back of the sofa to the front and sat down. Nip Tuck got off from her chair and walked over to the sofa and sat next to the stallion. She levitated the glass with wine in it to the chubby stallion. He took the glass in his hooves and sipped it while Nip Tuck swirled around her wine in her glass. Her left front hoof was dangling over the edge of the sofa's arm.


"I'm very pleased with your loyalty to my cause," Nip Tuck said


"It's a very noble cause," the tan stallion said. In truth, he didn't care about her cause. All he cared about was the bits and the high he got when he saw others suffer.


"Loyalty like that deserves a reward," Nip Tuck said before she turned to the stallion and placed her front left hoof under his chin and added, "Most mares like a buff, strong stallion." She rubbed the bottom of his chin and continued, "I personally like some meat on my stallions. In more ways than one." She smiled as she removed her hoof from his chin and stood with her wine glass levitating in her magic.


"If you insist," the tan stallion said. Once she had gotten up, the chubby stallion would now and again look down at Nip Tuck's flank and image all the things he'd do to her.


"Before we begin, I'd like to know," Nip Tuck said before she turned around to face him and asked, "Did I ever instruct you to hit my child?" her seductive demeanor had switched to an angry and annoyed one.


"I never hit him," the chubby tan stallion quickly responded. Nip Tuck nodded before she levitated her glass to the table next to the chair.


"I think I'll enjoy the reward more than you," Nip Tuck said with a smile. The tan stallion sat up tall waiting for what was going to happen next. Her smile grew as she added; "Because it's also your punishment for lying to me." The chubby tan stallion looked at her in confusion before a large pincer made of red mist came from behind the sofa and grabbed the stallion by the neck. He yelped in surprise before the pincher dragged him over the back of the sofa and behind it. A tail with a stinger made of red mist rose up from behind the sofa and violently jabbed the stinger into the Pony's body. It continued to quickly jab its stinger into the underbelly of the chubby stallion


After the final jab, Nip Tuck walked behind the sofa to find the lifeless body of the tan stallion and a Pony-sized scorpion made of red mist. The scorpion backed away as Nip Tuck approached. The scorpion them dissipated into red mist as it seeped into her body. Her smile grew larger as she looked at the lifeless stallion and stated, "Your services are no longer needed."


"Ma'am, I got those documents you," the jet black stallion said as he walked in and saw the lifeless body of the chubby tan stallion on the floor and finished, "Wanted."


"Thank you, darling," Nip Tuck said as she levitated the documents from the stallion. As she looked through them she added, "Take this one to Vipers room. I'm sure she's still hungry."


"Yes ma'am," the jet black stallion said.


"Wait a moment," Nip Tuck said. The stallion stopped in the doorway and turned around as she added, "Prep Songbird for The Arena."


"Are you sure ma'am, the staff might not like that," the jet black stallion stated.


"They need to understand: I giveth, and taketh away," Nip Tuck stated.




Skyline sat in the middle of the room, glaring at the steel door. Apple Bloom's bow sat atop the faucet to dry. The only sound in the room was the water dripping from the bow into the sink. After what felt like hours, the light clicked off. However, he didn't move. He continued to sit in the darkness, glaring at the door. He wanted the tiger to manifest itself so he could break down the door, find Nip Tuck, and kill her. She would be the only one he wouldn't feel remorse about killing.


After a while, he sighed and lay down on the cold cement floor. The tiger wasn't manifesting itself and he knew simply glaring at the door wouldn't open it. He wished he was strong enough to break down the door himself, but he knew if he tried. The only thing breaking was him. The darkness seemed to envelop him. He was never afraid of the dark, but sitting in the dark room gave him the chills. It was like he was the only Pony in the world. That thought scared him. He wanted to be able to hear his friends again. Hear them sleeping. Hell, he'd even take the sound of Sweetie Belle snoring, but all there was, was the eerily silent darkness. The only thing that occasionally broke the silence was the water dripping from the bow. The room felt much colder than usual and for a time he just lay in the darkness hoping to hear the sound of his friends. After a while, he finally fell asleep.




Skyline found himself in front of the tree as its shadow loomed over him. The wails and roars of pain from the fog creatures being brutalized by the mist creatures were all around him. However, the sounds were pushed from his mind as he watched the new events unfold.


On the right side of the tree, Scootaloo stood on a branch with a vine wrapped around her neck. On the left side, Sweetie Belle stood on her branch with a vine also around her neck. Finally, in the middle of the tree, facing forward was Apple Bloom who also stood on a branch with a vine around her neck. The three started to walk towards the edge of their branches. Skyline tried to stop them, but his hooves were stuck in the ground. He used all his strength to free his hooves but to no avail. All he could do was watch the horror unfold.


Scootaloo was the first to reach the end of her branch. She walked off and fell to the ground, but before she could hit. Snap. Her lifeless body hung from the tree branch. Sweetie Belle was next. She walked off like Scootaloo and. Snap. Her lifeless body hung from the branch. Apple Bloom closed the gap between her and the edge of the branch.


"Stop!" Skyline cried as tears rolled down his cheeks and he cried again, "Please stop!" Apple Bloom didn't listen as she walked off the edge of the branch and. Snap. His tears stained the ground as he looked at his three friends hanging lifeless from tree branches. Their lifeless eyes staring directly at him as their bodies hung from branches with vines around their necks.


"It's magnificent," Nip Tuck marveled. Skyline looked down at the base of the tree where she was looking up at the three fillies hanging from the tree. She turned around and faced Skyline as she smiled and added, "It's such a work of art."


"You son of a bitch!" Skyline screamed as he tried to free his hooves, but they were still stuck in the ground. Nip Tuck laughed at his outburst and walked over to him.


"Oh my little Pony, I'm not to blame here," Nip Tuck said as she placed her left front hoof under his chin. He moved his head away from her hoof as she stated, "You did this to them and there's more suffering to come."


The ground shattered under Skyline and he found himself falling through the tunnel. He saw the outlines of the Unicorn, Pegasus, and Wolfpack. It was the same as last night. The Wolfpack attacked and all three erupted into a blood red mist as Skyline fell further down the tunnel.




Skyline jolted awake to find the light already on. He sat up and heard five clicks from the door. He quickly stood up just as he felt his body lock up. He waited for the chubby tan stallion to come through the door. He glared at the door as it slowly opened. However, instead of the tan stallion, a candy apple red mare walked into the room. She picked up Skyline and placed him under her arm before turning tail and walking back out. She placed Skyline on the cart and Skyline figured the tan stallion would be with the mare. Instead, there was a fern green mare next to the cart. The candy apple red mare pushed the cart towards the elevator.


"So where's the fat stallion?" Skyline growled. The mares didn't answer. Once they got to the elevator, the fern green mare picked up Skyline and placed him on the blue floor. The doors closed and Skyline felt his body unlock.


The elevator went up and Skyline waited to see what kind of Pony he'd be facing off this time. Once he reached the top, the audio of the crowd cheering echoed around The Arena. He looked across from him, but the other elevator hadn't reached The Arena yet.


"Welcome back fillies and gentlecolts! Today's event will be glorious! Our opening round will see two great Ponies fight to the death! So let's introduce the fighters," Jukebox said as he introduced Skyline, "In the blue square: he's the colt that walks among the spirits. This is Spirit Walker." The audio of the crowd erupted in cheers.


"And in the Blue Square," Jukebox said as Skyline heard the elevator get closer to the top. When the elevator reached the top, Jukebox introduced, "She's the mare of melody. This is Songbird!"


His eyes widened when he saw the Pony standing across from him and asked, "Mrs. Cheerilee?"