My Little Pony Fan Fiction ❯ A Walk Among Spirits ❯ Chapter 19

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Skyline waited in the middle of the room for the five clicks to come from the door and a Pony from the other side to walk in to take him to The Arena. However, the sound of hooves and the squeaky cart went past his room. For the rest of the day, it was the same: He would pace back and forth waiting for the door to open, but the sound of hooves and cart went right past his room. Hours later, a tray slid through the doggy door. He rolled his eyes and sighed before walking over to the tray and taking the roll from it. Even after he ate the roll, his stomach growled for more. Instead of eating the goop, he took the yellow brick and began to slam it into the cement floor until it broke to pieces. He popped one of the pieces into his mouth and sucked on it like hard candy.


After a while, the light clicked off. Skyline sighed, "Seriously." He lay down on the cold cement and tried to fall asleep. He tossed and turned, but couldn't fall asleep. The deathly quiet room somehow made it hard for him to sleep. He got up and went in the direction of the sink. He kept his right hoof in front of him so he wouldn't smack into it. His hoof hit the sink and he felt around until he found the knob. He slightly turned it and water began to drip from the faucet. He turned tail and walked back to the middle of the room. With the water dripping from the faucet, he found it much easier to fall asleep.




Skyline found himself sitting atop a throne made of the burnt remains of the tree. All around him the red mist creatures fought the black smoke creatures. He sat back and sighed before he placed his left arm on the arm of the throne and rested his head on his hoof.


The frills of the cobra extended as it hissed and lunged towards the panther. Its body wrapped around the panther, but before it could constrict. White blades made of thick fog pierced out of the panther's thick smoke body and stabbed the cobra's red mist body. The snake hissed and unwrapped from the panther's body. It slithered away before it turned to face the panther again. The blades slowly sank into the panther's body as it growled and charged at the cobra.


The cobra slithered towards the panther and once again lunged at its body. The panther didn't change its course and continued to charge. The blades once again pierced from the panther's body. The cobra slithered on top of the panther and dodged the blades that came from its body. It jumped from the panther and slithered away. However, the panther skidded to a halt and turned tail to give chase. The panther roared and the ground near the cobra was riddled with scars like invisible blades slashed at the ground.


The wolf jumped back as one of the snake tails of the Fox breathed fire at it. The Copperhead spat a plume of fire before it hissed at the wolf. Along with the Copperhead, the other snakes making up the fox's tails were: A red-bellied black snake, a pit viper, a black mamba, a banded cat-eyed snake, a ball python, a rattlesnake, a tiger snake, and a horned desert viper.


The wolf howled and more red mist seeped from the ground and formed the pack of wolves. The fox looked around at the pack of wolves surrounding it before a smile formed on its face. It spun and the black mamba vomited green gas to create a smokescreen. The wolves stepped back as the gas cloud grew large. The lead wolf howled and the rest of the wolves did the same before the pack charged into the gas except for the lead wolf. The fox jumped from the gas into the sky before the Copperhead breathed fire into the gas. It ignited and exploded causing the ground to shake.


The fox landed back on the ground and growled at the wolf while its snake tails hissed. The wolf howled again and charged towards the fox. The fox charged as well and the two collided with a flurry of fangs and claws. The snake tails lunged towards the wolf, but it dodged their attacks while trying to find an opening. It jumped back again as lightning slammed into the ground in front of it. The rattlesnake danced in the air as it slowly opened its mouth as sparks danced around its mouth before it shot another bolt of lightning at the wolf. The wolf jumped back a third time before the two creatures charged at one another again.


The scorpion lunged it's stinger at the fiddler crab, but the crab lowered its head and the stinger bounced off its hard shell. The fiddler crab lunged its large right pincer towards the Scorpion. It jumped back as the pincer dug into the ground. It removed its pincer from the ground and its smaller pincer began beating on its larger pincer until it morphed into a cannon. The fiddler crab pointed the cannon at the scorpion and fired a sphere of green mist at it.


The scorpion jumped to the side just as the sphere flew past it. The sphere hit the ground and began to eat away at the ground like acid. The scorpion's pincers morphed into canons and shot black mud at the crab. The crab's canon morphed again and changed into a shield. It slammed the shield to the ground and deflected the black mud. The crab's smaller pincer morphed into a revolver and began to rapidly fire small green spheres of mist. The Scorpion quickly scurried away as it serpentine to dodge the green spheres.


The Minotaur slashed through a pillar of earth that rose up in front of it. The bull slammed its front hooves to the ground and more pillars shot up around it to keep the Minotaur away from it. The Minotaur snarled before it shucked one of the battleaxes. It spun like a disk and chopped through all the pillars before boomeranging back. The bull snorted and charged the Minotaur. The Minotaur slammed one of its axes to the ground and lifted up his right fist. It drove its fist towards the bull. The bull's head and Minotaur's fist collided and created a shockwave.


The hydra shot four bolts of lightning at the reptilian creature. It roared before spinning around and having its tail slammed into the side of the hydra. The hydra wailed in pain as it fell to the ground. One of the hydra's heads shot out a bolt of lightning to push back the reptilian creature. The hydra stood back up and charged the reptilian creature. It slammed its body into the reptilian creature's chest and pushed it to the ground. Dust and debris flew in the air. The hydra came out of the dust cloud glaring straight at Skyline. Skyline simply smiled as a blue glow emanated from the dust cloud.


The reptilian creatures' tail flung up from the dust cloud as the serrated fins on its tail glowed blue. The glowing started to climb up the reptilian creature's back. It stepped out of the dust cloud and took a deep breath as the glowing reached the serrated fins on the back of its head. The reptilian creature let loose a stream of blue flames that burned the hydras red mist body. The hydra wailed in pain as it stepped back. The stream stopped and the reptilian creature took in another breath before letting out another stream of blue flames. The hydra fell to the ground as the reptilian creature slammed its foot on top of the Hydra's back. The reptilian creature reared back and roared. The sound of a leather glove being pulled down a stringed instrument echoed through the air.




Skyline slowly opened his eyes and yawned as he stood up and stretched. He had a nasty taste in his mouth so he walked over to the sink and turned on the faucet and took a few gulps of water before he turned it off and wiped the water from his mouth. When he turned around he heard five clicks from the door and a smile formed on his face as he said, "Well it's about damn time.