My Little Pony Fan Fiction ❯ A Walk Among Spirits ❯ Chapter 20

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Skyline felt his body lock up as the door slowly opened. A caramel stallion walked in and gently picked him up before turning tail and walking back towards the doorway. The stallion placed Skyline on the cart before he was pushed down the hall.


"So where's the other one?" Skyline asked. The caramel stallion looked at Skyline in confusion before Skyline added, "you know, the chunky one. The one who ate too many hayburgers."


"He's been," the stallion said before he added, "Terminated." Skylines right eye twitched at the news. They went down the hallway in silence and when they got to the elevator. The stallion picked up Skyline and placed him in the elevator. The elevator doors closed and Skyline felt his body unlock. He stretched and joints in his legs popped. When he felt the elevator move, a smile formed on his face.


The elevator reached the top and Skyline scanned The Arena. The audio of a cheering crowd echoed around him. He looked up at the skybox. He couldn't see into the window but knew Nip Tuck was watching.


"Hello, fillies and gentlecolts and welcome back to another day at The Suicide Dome," Jukebox announced. The audio of the cheering crowd exploded as Jukebox continued, "Today we have a very special treat. We have a returning mare coming back into action after nine long months. She'll be facing off against a recent rising star." The crowd went wild.


"So without further ado. Let me introduce them. In the blue square: he's the colt the walks among the spirits. This is Spirit Walker," Jukebox announced. The crowd cheered and when the audio lowered, Jukebox continued, "and in the red square: She's the queen of the hive. This is Honeycomb." The audio of the crowd exploded into cheers. So much so, it started to become distorted.


Across from Skyline was a cherry red mare with butterscotch colored mane and tail. Skyline was immediately drawn to the mare's face. Her eyes and mouth were sewn shut. Must have upset the wrong Pony Skyline thought as a smirk formed on his face.


"Red square, are you ready?" Jukebox asked. Honeycomb simply nodded before Jukebox continued, "Blue square, are you ready?"


"Yeah," Skyline simply said.


"Alright, say it with me!" Jukebox said before he added, "3, 2, 1. Begin!"


Black smoke seeped out of Skyline's body. As it did, Nip Tuck moved to the edge of her seat and questioned, "What are you doing my little Pony?" the black smoke morphed and took the shape of the saber-toothed panther. It roared to announce its presence. Skyline looked at the panther and smiled before he looked at Honeycomb. She seemed unmoved by the panther's roar.


Blisters started to form on her back. They grew bigger and bigger until they ruptured. From each blister came six blood red hornets. Within seconds there was a swarm of hornets around Honeycomb.


"Queen of the hive, more like the hive itself," Skyline joked before he nodded to the panther. It roared and part of the swarm was diced into little pieces like invisible blades cut through the swarm. Honeycomb seemed to not care as more blisters formed and popped replacing the Hornets that were lost. Skyline sighed, "Guess we'll just have to destroy the Hive itself." The panther suddenly bounded towards Honeycomb. The Hornets quickly swarmed around the panther and it cried in pain as the swarm began to jab their stingers into the Panther's thick smoke body. Should have known one of you couldn't get the job done. Skyline thought.


More black smoke poured out of his body and quickly formed into the nine snake-tailed fox. Honeycomb seemed to know he had summoned another creature because more blisters formed on her back and the second swarm of hornets surrounded her. Alright, let's see your bumble bees handle this Skyline thought. The swarm flew towards the fox as the Copperhead snake tail reared back and breathed flames into the swarm.  Hornets fell to the ground engulfed in flames. The Copperhead then turned its attention to the swarm around the panther. It breathed flames at the swarm. The panther leaped out of the flames and rolled around on the ground to extinguish the flames on it. Both swarms were eradicated in the flames as the panther got up and growled at the fox.


"Hey, it was the only way to kill the Hornets. So just be grateful," Skyline told the panther. It snarled at him before the panther turned its attention to Honeycomb. Honeycomb tilted her head to the side before she shook her head. She began to open her mouth. The stitches pulled against her lips before they tore the skin. After a while, she tore apart the stitches as blood dripped from the large cuts. She let out a sigh as the smell of mold and mildew came from her mouth.


Suddenly, insect wings ripped out of her back. They began to buzz and lift her off the ground. After that, her body began to violently shake as it began to morph into a vile, twisted mess of Pony and insect. Ant-like mandibles grew from her cheeks as the sound of ripping flesh and bones breaking emanated from her body. Her front hooves began to change into eagle-like talons with red claws at the end. Her back hooves began to move closer to each other and morphed into one appendage with a red stinger. Her eyes tore opened as blood dripped from the torn eyelids. They were emerald green and slanted as six more eyes appeared around them. She let out a scream that sounded like evil mixed with the mournful screams of damned souls.


Blisters quickly grew all over her body and popped letting out a huge swarm of blood red hornets. In a matter of seconds, the swarm was so massive. It was hard to see Honeycomb inside the massive swarm.


"Well, if you're going to invite your friends, I'll invite mine," Skyline said as even more black smoke seeped from his body. It formed into the fiddler crab and the Minotaur. The fiddler crabs small pincer began smacking its much larger pincer until it morphed into a Minigun. The Minotaur lifted one of its battleaxes and let it rest on its shoulder. Skyline looked at all the creatures he summoned and smiled as he looked towards the swarm and added, "Let's rock."


Honeycomb let out another scream and the swarm flew forward towards Skyline and the smoke creatures. The fiddler crab's Minigun began to spin before it rapidly shot out small spheres of green mist. The sphere's hit the swarm and any Hornet hit disintegrated within seconds. The panther roared and part of the swarm was diced up. The fox lowered its body as its copperhead snake tail and rattlesnake tail rose up and reared back. The copperhead breathed out flames while the rattlesnake quickly shot out bolts of lightning at the swarm. The Minotaur swung one of its battle axes and part of the swarm was crushed into the ground like an invisible weight had slammed into them.


The creatures kept the swarm at bay, but no matter how much of the Swarm they took out. It seemed they couldn't make a dent in the swarm's sheer size. Skyline rolled his eyes and sighed, "This is getting us nowhere." while the creatures kept the swarm occupied he looked around at the dome he was in. He figured it was at least three hoofball fields long and three stories tall. That alone made him smile and he looked back at the creatures and added, "Time to tag out."


More smoke poured out of Skyline and slithered towards the creatures. Each creature suddenly exploded into black smoke and combined with each other before creating a two-story tall tornado of black smoke and white fog. Part of the swarm was caught up in the tornado and disintegrated when it touched the smoke and fog. The tornado expanded before it exploded and standing between the swarm and Skyline was a two-story creature with a reptilian visage, a robust build, an upright posture, a long tail and rows of serrated fins along its back made of thick white fog. It reared back and roared. The sheer force of the roar shook the dome and dirt floor.


The window looking out into The Arena from the skybox cracked and Nip Tuck jumped at the sight and sound of the creature. She had been on the edge of her seat throughout the battle. The sight of the massive creature frightened her and for the first time since starting this project. She feared she had created a monster.