My Little Pony Fan Fiction ❯ A Walk Among Spirits ❯ Chapter 24

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

As Nip Tuck walked through the hallway, many of the Ponies she walked past were moving materials to various parts of the facility. Others were just waking up and heading to the café in The Lounge to get breakfast and start their day. Yet others headed to The Cell Block and Line to begin their workday.


The only reason she had so much staff on hoof was because she promised them enough Bits to live a carefree life, but they would only get it when her plan came to fruition. Until that time came, she gave them free room and board and free food. The stallions even got a toy to play with. She had thought about giving the mares a toy, but she didn't know if they'd use it as much as the stallions used theirs. A smile grew on Nip Tuck's face when she thought about why these Ponies worked for her. These idiots have no idea Nip Tuck thought. They have no idea that once my plan is in the final stage and my army is ready to storm the gates. These idiots will no longer be useful to me. When that time comes, they'll see first hoof how powerful my army is.


Nip Tuck ascended the stairs to the skybox. When she reached the top and walked through the hallway. She saw the two mares standing on either side of the door to the skybox. The candy apple red mare on the right quickly opened the door to the skybox for Nip Tuck.


"Thank you," Nip Tuck said before she walked into the skybox. The candy apple red mare closed the door behind her.


"She seems happier than usual," The fern green mare stated.


"The happier she is, the scarier she is," The candy apple red mare whispered.


Nip Tuck took a moment to examine the skybox. She was pleased that it looked the same as before. The staff did a fine job making the skybox look as though it was never damaged. However, they did clean up the blood stain on the carpet. Other than that, Nip Tuck was happy with the outcome. She nodded in approval before she walked over to her chair that sat in front of the window. The window showed the entire Arena below. As she got comfortable, a stallion walked into the skybox and presented her with a menu. She took the menu in her magic and examined it before giving the stallion her order. The stallion took the menu and nodded before he left the skybox.


Once the stallion left, Nip Tuck pressed the button next to the speakers and asked, "Jukebox darling, is everything ready?"


"Almost ma'am just got word that one of the combatants has been placed in the elevator. Just waiting for confirmation on the other," Jukebox answered.


"Wonderful," Nip Tuck said before she added, "Notify me when we can begin." She sat back in her chair and let out a satisfied sigh. Moments later, the stallion returned with her order. He placed the tray next to Nip Tuck's chair before leaving. Nip Tuck's horn illuminated as her magic wrapped around her wine glass. She took a sip of red wine as Jukebox's voice came from the speakers.


"The combatants are ready ma'am. Shall I begin?" Jukebox said.


"Let's begin," Nip Tuck said. For a while, nothing happened. Then two small trap doors opened in the dirt and two Ponies rose up from the floor.


"Hello, fillies and gentlecolts and welcome to another day at The Suicide Dome!" Jukebox announced. Nip Tuck pushed a blue button and the audio of the cheering crowd echoed throughout The Arena. When the audio died down, Jukebox continued, "Today's event will be the greatest ever! Especially today's main event! I won't spoil it, but it pits two Ponies who consider themselves indestructible!" the audio of the crowd cheered even louder.


"So let's not waste any time! Let's introduce our first match combatants! In the blue square: he's the blood-soaked stallion. This is Bloodforge!" Jukebox announced. Nip Tuck thought for a moment before a smile formed on her face and pressed a red button. Instead of a cheering crowd, the audio of a booing crowd went through the speaker system of the dome as Bloodforge was announced. Bloodforge was a coral orange stallion with a teal mane and tail. When the crowd booed him, he just rolled his eyes and sighed. When the audio faded, Jukebox continued, "And in the red square: He's a Pony with one nasty bite and will strike from anywhere. This is Frenzy!" the audio of the crowd cheering once again appeared. Frenzy was an ocean blue stallion with a moss green mane and tail.


"Bloodforge was it? Not too hard to figure out your power," Frenzy mocked.


"Oh yeah and Frenzy hides your power? Please, any foal with half a brain can see what your ability is," Bloodforge retorted.


"You have no idea what I'm capable of," Frenzy said before his eyes turned pitch black.


"Oh, it looks like our combatants have already started the trash talk. So let's not make them wait any longer! Blue square, are you ready?" Jukebox said.


"Yeah I'm ready," Bloodforge said before he lifted his right hoof towards his head and sliced open his skin with the jagged part of his broken horn. Blood slowly seeped from his open wound.


"Red square, are you ready?" Jukebox asked.


Frenzy didn't answer. Instead, the sound of his bones popping and shifted echoed. He opened his mouth and all his teeth fell out. From his gums came serrated, saw-like teeth. His back arched up and from the middle grew a dorsal fin. The hair on his tail all fell out and from his backside ripped out a three-foot shark's tail. His coat changed color to a metallic gray color. He smiled and laughed before he said; "Now I'm ready for my next meal."


"Alright, count with me! 3, 2, 1! Begin!" Jukebox yelled.


"Oh a half Pony, half shark hybrid. How scary," Bloodforge mocked.


"Keep it up," Frenzy said before he crouched down as his muscles tightened. He aimed himself at Bloodforge before he launched himself towards Bloodforge and yelled, "Shark Tooth Torpedo!" he soared through the air with such speed, Bloodforge had little time to react.


Bloodforge quickly put his right hoof up as the blood from his open wound quickly shot out and formed a large shield. The blood hardened like steel just before Frenzy slammed into it. The collision pushed Bloodforge back a few inches. Frenzy quickly slammed his tail on the ground and launched himself up and over the shield. He spun around and yelled, "Shark Tooth Sickle!" his tail sliced through the air and towards Bloodforge. The blood quickly morphed into a short sword just as Frenzy's tail made contact. Sparks flew from the collision and Frenzy quickly pushed away from Bloodforge. He flipped through the air before landing ten feet away.


"Are you for real with this?" Bloodforge asked. The sword made of blood quickly changed back into liquid and seeped back into his open wound.


"You don't have to be scared," Frenzy said before he crouched down again and aimed for Bloodforge. Frenzy smiled before he said, "I'll make this quick and painless!" he launched himself at Bloodforge again while screaming, "Shark Tooth Torpedo!"


Bloodforge quickly lifted his left hoof and sliced the flesh on his jagged broken horn. The blood from both wounds quickly seeped out and formed springs. Bloodforge quickly slammed his front hooves into the ground and bounced up and over Frenzy. He landed behind Frenzy and waited. The damn idiot will hit the wall Bloodforge thought.


To Bloodforge surprise, Frenzy began to spin like a vortex and yelled, "Shark Tooth Tornado!" Frenzy spun up into the air before he looped down and descended towards Bloodforge. Bloodforge shot blood from his right hoof towards the wall. It hit the wall and stuck before Bloodforge pulled himself towards the wall just before Frenzy slammed into the ground. The collision stirred up dirt and dust. The blood detached from the wall and slithered back into Bloodforge's open wound.


Frenzy stumbled from the dust cloud spitting out dirt. He stuck his tongue out and began scraping dirt from it. His tongue was serrated and on both sides of his tongue were two black spikes.


"For the record: I wasn't scared. I'm baffled you name your attacks," Bloodforge stated before he continued, "That's like announcing your presence when you're trying to sneak around."


"Hey, don't mock me! I'm just cool that way. My attack names are unique and throw off my opponent's guard," Frenzy boasted.


"Really, because I know you're using the modified Placoid Scales to swim through the air and cut down your opponents," Bloodforge said.


"Placoid Scales?" Frenzy questioned as he cocked his head to the side.


"Really?" Bloodforge sighed before he continued "You don't even know how your ability works?"


"I do know how my ability works!" Frenzy argued before he added, "my modified skin is riddled with shark's teeth, that's what I use to cut my opponent down to size. My shark's teeth allow me to bite through bone."


"Yeah, the Placoid Scales. That's what those teeth that cover your skin are called you idiot," Bloodforge said before he said, "Learn some basic biology you worthless mud Pony."


"Stop mocking me!" Frenzy screamed before he launched himself towards Bloodforge again and spun like a vortex while screaming, "Shark Tooth Tornado!"


"Idiot," Bloodforge said before the blood came from his two open wounds and once again formed the springs. He slammed his hooves into the ground and bounced up into the air. When Frenzy flew under him, Bloodforge would morph the blood into a spear and skewer the bastard. However, when Frenzy soared under Bloodforge Frenzy's tail slammed into the ground and he flew up towards Bloodforge.


"What!" Bloodforge yelled just before Frenzy sunk his teeth into Bloodforge's right arm. Frenzy lurched to the right and tore Bloodforge's arm clean off. Bloodforge screamed in both pain and surprise as the two fell to the ground.


Frenzy landed on his hooves while Bloodforge flopped to the ground he clutched his right shoulder where his arm was severed. Frenzy smiled before he threw Bloodforge's arm into the air and ate it in one bite.


"I've eaten better, but also eaten worse," Frenzy mocked before he turned to face Bloodforge who was still lying on the ground. He aimed himself at Bloodforge and added, "Where's your smart ass remarks now?" he launched himself at Bloodforge while yelling, "Shark Tooth Torpedo!"


Bloodforge lay on the ground clutching his shoulder. A smile formed on his face. Since you like naming your attacks. Here's a name you'll like Bloodforge thought before he said, "Bloody Frenzy."


Blood red spikes ripped and pierced out of Frenzy's body. His eyes widened as he soared right over Bloodforge and slammed into the ground behind him. He skidded to a stop as Bloodforge stood up on three hooves. The Blood-red spikes quickly changed to liquid and slithered back to Bloodforge. The bloodshot up in his right shoulder and morphed into his right arm. The blood changed color to match his coat. He moved his arm around until something popped and Bloodforge sighed, "There it is." Bloodforge turned to face Frenzy before he walked over to him.


Frenzy's body began to change back into his Pony form as his eyes questioned what just happened. Bloodforge saw his questioning eyes and laughed before he said, "What? You thought I cut myself and control the blood in my body? That's foals play." Bloodforge said before he lifted his left hoof. It changed to blood and morphed into a scythe as Bloodforge explained, "I can morph my body into blood and then morph the blood into anything I want. Then harden it like steel, but why am I telling you this? I guess I just want to mock you one last time."


Bloodforge swung his scythe down and decapitated Frenzy. The scythe morphed into blood and then back into his left hoof. The audio of the booing crowd appeared. Bloodforge just rolled his eyes before he felt electricity course through his body. It didn't knock him out but simply paralyze him. The wall opened and two stallions rushed in and placed Bloodforge onto the cart before wheeling him out. Seconds later the wall reopened and another set of stallions rushed in and placed Frenzy and his head on a cart before leaving.


"Well, that ended as expected," Nip Tuck said before she took another sip of her wine.