My Little Pony Fan Fiction ❯ A Walk Among Spirits ❯ Chapter 23

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

A wave of ecstasy washed over Nip Tuck as she felt and heard the horn snap off. She let out a satisfied sigh before her horn glowed and her magic wrapped around the orange gem. She lifted the gem over the Unicorn's body and her magic began to crush the gem. The gem imploded and became an organ mist of magic that mixed with Nip Tuck's red magic before the combination of magic seeped into the Unicorn's body. The Unicorn twitched violently before his twitching began to slow and finally stop. Once the magic was fully in the Unicorn's body, Nip Tuck waited and watched. When nothing happened and the Unicorns breathing went back to normal. Nip Tuck moved to the next Pony, which was the second Unicorn.


The platinum blonde stallion walked over to Nip Tuck with a lime green gem that was slightly bigger than the orange gem. Nip Tuck took the gem in her magic and placed it on the table next to the Unicorn. She wiped away the drool from the corner of her mouth before she proceeded to break off the Unicorn's horn. When she finally snapped the horn off she nearly fell to the floor in ecstasy. She then crushed the gem in her magic before the combination of the gem's magic and her magic seeped into the Unicorn.


She moved onto the next Pony which was a mare. Chains descended from the ceiling with hooks at their tips. The hooks pierced into the wings of the mare, keeping them up straight and extended. Nip Tuck's magic wrapped around a bone-saw and the blade whirled to life before she slowly moved it towards the base of the Pegasus's wings. The saw cut through the flesh of the wings until it hit the bone and skipped. Her tongue was sticking out of the corner of her mouth as the saw carved through the bone. After skipping several times the saw soon severed the bone before it reentered the flesh. Once Nip Tuck severed the right wing, she then mimicked the process again to severed the left wing. After both wings had been severed from the body, she then sewed the open wounds shut before she infused the mare with magic.


Once she had finished with the Pegasus mare, Nip Tuck moved on to the rest of the Ponies in The Clinic. It took a total of six hours before she had finished infusing all the Ponies in the Clinic with magic. She had to stop three hours in after snapping off the final Unicorn's horn. The ecstasy was so overwhelming she needed to find one of her staff to quell the rising pleasure.

Once all the Ponies had been infused with magic. The staff came in and placed them in their assigned rooms in The Cell Block. Once the final Pony was wheeled out, Nip Tuck let out a satisfied sigh. Electronica was right. All she needed was to infuse the new arrivals with magic to clear her head.


She trotted out of The Clinic humming to herself. Every Pony she passed in the hall she greeted with a smile and a sing-song voice. She even flirted with a few of her staff. Once she reached the door to her room, she placed her hoof on the scanner. It took a single scan before ten clicks came from the door and it automatically opened as Electronica's voice greeted, "Welcome home Nip Tuck." Nip Tuck walked into her room and closed the door as the lights automatically turned on. She skipped over to the couch and hopped on it as she let out another satisfied sigh. Electronica appeared in the middle of the room with a smile on her face as she said, "Someone's feeling good."


"It was wonderful! The feeling of snapping their horns filled me with so much pleasure!" Nip Tuck raved before she continued, "It got so overwhelming that I needed one of the mares walking by The Clinic to calm myself down." Electronica shook her head and laughed.


"What did I tell you?" Electronica said before she added, "I know how to get you out of your depression."


"Well, yeah. I programmed that into your A.I., but I don't have time to get into that. I have to get The Arena duels ready for tomorrow" Nip Tuck said. Electronica nodded before she disappeared.


Nip Tuck spent several hours going through files of the Ponies in The Cell Block to choose who would fight who tomorrow. She could have a member of her staff sort through the files and choose the fighters, but she knew they'd simply pick who they'd want to see fight. While also giving their favorites an easy pass. Her picks were more based on getting the Ponies ready for war, ready to storm the gates of the castle to allow her to rule over Equestria and make it great again. She needed to weed out the weak so her army would be unstoppable.


Once she finished, she sat back on the couch and took one final look at tomorrow's matches. She nodded in approval before she took the Ponies files and placed them in a folder. Each Pony's file was stapled to their opponent. She would deliver them tomorrow to Jukebox so he'd know who was fighting and he could instruct the staff to get the Ponies from The Cell Block. She yawned and stretched before she got up and walked over to the back room.


When she walked into the back room, the lights automatically turned on to show the master bedroom with a large king sized four-poster bed. Just like the living room, the walls were painted in a rose pink color and there was a shag carpet on the floor. Her magic pulled the covered down and she crawled into bed. She pulled the sheets up to her neck and let out a satisfied sigh as she slowly drifted off to sleep.




Nip Tuck found herself standing on the balcony of the castle as she looked down at the sea of Ponies watching her. To her left was Celestia, her coat was matted and disheveled. Her body was riddled with bruises, cuts, and scars. Her wings were gone and replaced with stumps and her horn had been broken off. Celestia's appearance put a smile on Nip Tuck's face. To Nip Tuck's right was Princess Luna who suffered the same appearance as her sister. Each princess had a noose around their neck. The noose was attached to a rope that was attached to the edge of the balcony. Nip Tuck cleared her throat before she began to speak.


"Ponies of Equestria! Before you are your false Gods. Before you are the two who have failed to protect you and your families. Before you are two mares that dare to call themselves your princesses!" Nip Tuck preached. The sea of Ponies booed whenever Nip Tuck mentioned Celestia and Luna. Nip Tuck lifted her right front hoof to quiet the crowd before she continued," Now on paper, I'm your ruler, but I'm here to tell you that I'm not your ruler and you are not my subjects. Because we all are equal! You all became equal to me and one another after you went through The Magical Infusion Process. "The sea of Ponies cheered as Nip Tuck scanned the massive crowd.


Her smile grew when she saw that the Pegasi in the crowd had stumps instead of wings and the Unicorn's horns had been broken off. Every Pony was now truly equal. Her intentions were to infuse Ponies with magic so they could protect their homes, their families, their kingdom. However, there was another reason she started this plan: to destroy the Class System of Equestria. She hated the fact that Unicorns were renowned as the better race than their peers. She hated that Earth Ponies were considered the lowest class in Equestria. By taking away the Pegasus's wings and Unicorn's horns, everypony would truly be equal.


"These two used to use The Class System to belittle you to make some of you inferior to one another. They held themselves in the highest regard. They saw themselves as not your equals, but they felt they were better than you because they were alicorns. Now, look at them!" Nip Tuck stated as she pointed to Celestia and Luna before she continued, "They have no wings, no horns, no reason to think they're better than you. However, they still think they're better than you!" the crowd booed, but also cheered.


"But as of this moment, their reign is over. Their Class System has been broken. So as of this moment: they are no longer needed," Nip Tuck preached. Two stallions walked up behind Luna and Celestia and pushed them off the edge of the balcony. The two mares fell before. Snap. Their necks broke as the noose pulled up. Celestia and Luna's bodies hung lifeless on the side of the castle. The crowd cheered as Nip Tuck's smile grew even bigger.


"With this, Equestria in now on the final stretch to becoming the only nation in the world!" Nip Tuck raved. The crowd cheered even louder. Nip Tuck lifted her hoof to silence the crowd before she continued, "You all possess the skills needed to protect this kingdom, but I will not just wait for the threat to come knocking. We will conquer the other nations until Equestria is the only nation on this planet!" the crowd exploded in cheers


"Long live Equestria!" Nip Tuck screamed. The crowd cheered even louder and chanted, "Long live Equestria!" Nip Tuck turned tail and walked back into the castle. She walked into the throne room and took her place on the throne. A smile formed on her face as she said, "Let the fun begin."




Nip Tuck slowly opened her eyes before she let out a long yawn. She moved her head from her pillow and wiped the saliva from the corner of her mouth. Electronica appeared by her bedside and said, "Good morning Nip Tuck. I take it you had a wonderful dream."


Nip Tuck smacked her lips and squinted at Electronica until her eyes adjusted. Once they did she asked, "What makes you say that?"


"Well, you were talking in your sleep. It sounded like you were giving a speech," Electronica said before she pointed out, "Also, you started drooling on your pillow." Nip Tuck looked down at her pillow to see a large stain on it. She sighed before she removed the sheets and crawled out of bed.


"What time is it?" Nip Tuck asked as she stretched and walked towards the living room.


"It's twenty past eight," Electronica stated.


"Shit, I've got to get those files to Jukebox," Nip Tuck cursed.


"Not to worry. I scanned the files and sent them to Jukebox. He's already confirmed he's gotten them," Electronica said.


"What would I do without you?" Nip Tuck praised. When she walked out into the living room she smelled the aroma of pancakes. When she walked to the coffee table she saw a large stack of pancakes with a large cup of coffee next to it on the coffee table.


Electronica appeared in the middle of the room and smiled as she said, "Strawberry banana pancakes with butter toffee espresso. Your favorite."


"I knew I kept you around for a reason," Nip Tuck joked before she took a seat on the couch and dug into the stack of pancakes. Using her magic she turned on the TV. On the screen was a rouge red mare behind a desk.


"It's been two weeks since the incident at the schoolhouse in Ponyville. Authorities have yet to find the missing foals and their teacher. A search party was sent out, but had to return after being attacked by a pack of Timberwolves," the mare said before she continued, "and late last night, several Pony's homes were broken into. The residents of those homes were taken in the darkness of the night. Authorities believe the same Ponies that attacked the schoolhouse are the culprits. We now go live to a press conference where police chief Side Arm will make a statement."


The screen changed from the mare to a gunmetal gray stallion that stood behind a podium. He looked like he hadn't slept in days. He cleared his throat and began, "we have yet to find the culprits who attacked and took the children and their teacher. However, we believe that these criminals are the same criminals who recently took fifteen Ponies from their homes. Our first search party ended in tragedy when our search parties were attacked by Timberwolves. We still mourn the loss of Heavy Artillery and Amethyst. However, their deaths will not be in vain. We'll continue to search for the kidnapped Ponies and bring them home. Canterlot has sent more Royal Guards to help with the search. This should help if the Timberwolves or some other Everfree beast decides to attack."


"Nip Tuck shut the TV off before Side Arm could finish. She took a big gulp of her coffee before she laughed, "Those idiots! They'll never find them. They have no idea they're right under their noses." Nip Tuck finished her coffee before she got up and walked towards the door.


"Have a wonderful day," Electronica said.


"Oh, I will. I will," Nip Tuck said before she opened the door, walked out into the hallway, and the door closed behind her.